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SHINE GET 64908/08 5:26pm
I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay
DeathChicken608/08 5:23pm
Best DS Game Contest - Final Four: (2) Phoenix Wright: T&T vs. TWEWY
transience7508/08 5:20pm
~*~ Best Playstation 2 Game Ever - JRPG Division ~*~
Ayvuir3308/08 5:17pm
Does anybody here really appreciate classic art?
Silvercross1608/08 5:12pm
Time to start Just Cause 2.
Silvercross1708/08 5:00pm
gotspork1208/08 4:53pm
Someone should revive the Name A Flaw topic series
Raka_Putra1308/08 4:53pm
Okay guys, explain this **** to me.
Ayuyu408/08 4:51pm
Hey remember when the Dixie Chicks' careers were ruined because they bashed Bush
KimPilgrim108/08 4:49pm
Eddv shows up LinktheMidgit and posts his own Anime Top 10
edwardsdv2708/08 4:45pm
Chlorophyll? MORE LIKE
Procrastinater908/08 4:39pm
Koholint is the best Zelda location.
FFaddict1313608/08 4:27pm
_stingers_1108/08 4:26pm
Just checked out the 3DS's 3D effects for the first time, and MAN
PartOfYourWorld1608/08 4:20pm
Wait, WHAT. Deus Ex: HR has alphas, betas, and omegas?
Icehawk608/08 4:19pm
So what are some of the more sought after games this generation?
BIGPUN9999808/08 4:09pm
Can someone read this and reassure me that it is mostly ridiculous?
XIII_rocks1508/08 3:57pm
Ermine says Hi from Amsterdam
Silver_Ermine10908/08 3:42pm
Save my 'Green Eggs and Ham' words, Nine Topics, Nine Days, Nine Doors
Raka_Putra1908/08 3:17pm
Amidst the eternal waves of time, from a ripple of change shall the storm rise
BlackMageJawa108/08 2:58pm
Lord Moldy Butt?
MarvelousGerbil208/08 2:57pm
Watch The Throne hype topic
TheConductorSix108/08 2:52pm
ITT XiC, Voltch, and others swim to america to escape certain death
Icehawk408/08 2:35pm
so I watched The Poughkeepsie Tapes last night.
Mer_Mer_Yes_Mer508/08 2:34pm
this is a really silly setup
FFaddict1313108/08 2:34pm
If you post on b8, you're no better than any other b8er
BIGPUN99991808/08 2:18pm
Duck season
Tornadoman78408/08 2:11pm
I'm watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
abiggeebabigee1208/08 2:08pm
anime sucks
Blairville408/08 2:06pm
Nintendo's Zelda Anniversary Flipnote is awesome
GuessMyUserName408/08 2:05pm
attn VincentLauw
Tornadoman782708/08 1:54pm
My Immortal ranks all the anime's he has seen.
My Immortal908/08 1:43pm
Plum's top 8 anime list because its all the rage (The correct answers) and notes
masterplum608/08 1:43pm
People still defend the 3DS?
The Real Truth6808/08 1:42pm
Happy Board 8 Celebration Day!
_stingers_108/08 1:39pm
Results for your search using the string "anime":
Biolizard28908/08 1:32pm
ITT: I post a top 10 anime list that is far better than everyone else's.
LillySatou2608/08 1:31pm
my Backloggiversary day does this mean I need to beat a game today
GuessMyUserName908/08 1:29pm
So what happens after you open a case against someone in Ebay?
BIGPUN9999708/08 1:29pm
Save My DC Character Contest Day 93
crazyisgood6208/08 1:28pm
Anime Twitter Boobs
SovietOmega308/08 1:27pm
"Barackalypse Now"
Mershaaay108/08 1:26pm
Board 8 determines the Top 100 Pokemon! {Round 4, Day 18}
Da_J4408/08 1:25pm
The correct anime top 10
PurpleMonkDish1208/08 1:25pm
If you'd play Ace Combat 5, you'd probably love it
The Real Truth1008/08 1:24pm
What was up with Disney and the U.K. in the 60's/70's?
LOLContests608/08 1:22pm
Huh... so apparently Rare Candy Treatment is porn <_<
MarvelousGerbil408/08 1:21pm
Ctes' top 25 characters from his eight favorite animated series!
ctesjbuvf1008/08 1:19pm
Who would win? Real Madrid or 100 kids?
bospsychopaat1008/08 1:16pm
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