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Do you have beef with what she did? - Results (3 votes) Yes. this is seriously messed up and authorities should investigate! 0% (0 votes) 0 No. these crybabies are b****ing and crying over nothing 100% (3 votes) 3 26 y/o Bobbi Rylant from Oklahoma is a part time photographer and mother of 2 who created a seasonal Halloween fun involving her 2 young children as she didn't get the response she wanted when conservative TROLLS had BLASTED her "Horrifying" pictures that were compared to ABORTION and CHILD ENDANGERMENT as they called on her children being taken away!!...

She's a huge fan of the holiday and took gruesome zombie photos with her children in their backyard and posted it on her FB page.

Although the feedback was "mostly" positive, many other upset internet trolls who said her children were unsafe with someone like her and who'd let her kids be involved in zombie dress up and have called on social services to investigate!!

She said "My photos are just my kiddos dressed up as zombies for Halloween.I wanted to do something fun in a photo shoot for the kids for Halloween. I got a few ideas from Pininterest but i wanted to put my own spin on it with the bath. I was originally going to put milk bath with pumpkins for fall buti thought i would try this instead. I do want to convey that my children are very very well taken care of. This was just for fun. Many people have said that my children should be taken from me and i know that is not true. There are some people that do not like the images and i knew there would be which is why i stated in my post that it's not everyone's cup of tea but most people love this idea. My son was in the bucket for maybe 10 minutes tops. He gets distracted easily and i never force anyone to stay where they are for photos. I never expected this to blow up like it has as it was only for family and friends"

The post has gotten over 200,000 views with a spanided comments section as people say it's a scene of an ABORTION clinic and think these dress up scenes will screw the kids minds and find it very inappropriate for minors to participate in and demand authorities to take her children away!!

But Bobbi isnt letting it get to her because her kids found it a hit and they are actually going as zombies for trick or treating so nothing better than to practice being one!

Do you have beef with what she did?

The pictures -








2019 will likely be the last year for random news..

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