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This will also be the LAST topic i'll be posting on here. To answer someone's message, No i did not say i was being modded for insulting conservatives. I said i was being modded for using insults that insult people that happen to be conservative. I knew it was coming when i started getting a flood of modded messages in a week that started with calling a certain someone a tramp which got overturned the first time i said it and then a week later when i used it again it gets modded and upheld. And to top it off they slapped another warning on it AFTER i just got off the warning to put the cherry on top of that.

The big kicker was because i was so offensive to Ethan Crumbley that my clickbait style writing of the article of him getting fanmail was seen as making light of his atrocities. But it said i was making light of it AND i was offensive so the offensive part must be the opening insult i said of him or it was because i asked if he was a future serial killer.

Either way, the admins seem to think my clickbait style writing is now seen as offensive even though i've written it this way for 10+ years so now it's suddenly overly offensive. I've only been suspended 4 times since then but this 180 day time out seals the deal so this topic will serve as the last news story i'll being posting on here.

If you're curious on what's happening in the world you can look it up yourself including an invasive worm that JUMPS and is attacking American gardens. Handmaid's Tale Star Elizabeth Moss DEFENDS being a Scientologist. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert HATE because Greene is a white supremacist supporter. A 14 y/o boy was KILLED after falling off a Park Drop Tower in Florida of 430FT. Derek Chauvin is APPEALING his 25+ Year murder conviction. Marjorie Taylor Greene is inviting Elon Musk and other right wing conservatives banned from Twitter after his buyout of Twitter. and the Fat Merrill Lynch Man who threw a smoothie at teen girls is ordered to go to REHAB and pay 500 smackers to EACH teen victim after dodging criminal convictions for his racist tirade.

No More Everyday News. Goodbye
The LAST News Topic To Come..

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