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Effective in topic pages and the posts page, click the Quote button and the post will be added to your clipboard and just-in-case (*cough*and also out of necessity on my end*cough*) in a textfield in the copy and paste form.

Quotes contain the topic title and I think I'll include the post ID... maybe later making an add-on that translates the pid/tid tag into a LFAQs link.
... Welp some time after posting I went into making said userscript and stayed up the rest of the night.


If you have the Tampermonkey add-on just click the link and install. I only just made it up now on Firefox but should be good to go... this is the first I've publicly made one though so who knows.

- Occurences of [t:{tid}] where {tid} is a topic ID will become links to the corresponding LogFAQs archive page
- E.g. Posting '[t:77711004]' becomes a link to *lfaqs*/topic.php?id=77711004
- Ditto goes for [p:{pid}] where {pid} is a post ID.
- As mentioned, quoting posts on LFAQs is already set up to use these tag links.
- Tags are coloured red for post tags and purple for topic tags... kinda just based on my own custom GFAQs css I use so feel free to tweak that value of the script in Tampermonkey - Ctrl+F 'darkred' and you can figure out the rest, it's not a large script!
- On GameFAQS, the topic list will have an added button on that "Post New Message" bar that links to the board's LFAQs archive. Similar button appears within GameFAQs topics themselves linking to their LFAQs topic, and of course a GFAQs post page to the LFAQs post page.

Now to try and get some sleep!


This version adds Yeah! counts to posts/topics on the Topic and Post pages, similar to how they appear on this site without the button to actually add/remove a Yeah! since that requires being logged in here - but with the easy to use links to LogFAQs pages it's a simple enough task to pop in and do it anyways.

Think I'm done for now, until I come across any problems myself with this script.



Added quote tags for the manual-board (handling mt for manual-topic, mp for manual-post)
Okay this is probably the last update for a while since there's nothing more I can think of adding ... barring bug fixes, but right now testing all functions quickly seems good.

LogFAQs Link 1.51

- The Yeah! count display is now a button you can click to add/remove a Yeah if you're signed in on LFAQs.

yep. also I cleaned up some bugs on the whole Best Posts / Topics pages (topics/posts list by most Yeah!s)

ver 1.53

dammit little thing was annoying me, update to retain page information (return to the same page when liking a post, and go to equivalent log page when clicking the LogFAQs button)
Oh hey took long enough - noticed another bug, I *believe* has to do with if there's an ignored post the topic page it might break the script on that page.

ver 1.54

DilloFAQs » Quote button added to posts