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Best Versions of Final Fantasy Games?

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BlAcK TuRtLe posted...

The bonus stuff in FF4 was really cool because you could use other party members in the end game. It just makes no sense to cut this content in what they're trying to market as the definitive versions of these games, unless they're planning to do another release in a couple of years, or some paid DLC

Yeah, IV is really my only drawback from the Steam remasters.

That said, I did purchase the pack anyway since I feel like those versions will be fine for the other games. I do feel like IV's bonus content is worth perhaps doing something different when it comes time to play it, but we'll see.

Despite buying the pack, I will still probably opt to play 3's 3D remake version since it names the characters and has a more cohesive storyline you can follow. Excited to start playing the first game some time soon!
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