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foolm0r0n posted...
1. The part of American nationalism that makes you reject it
2. You reject it

That's not an answer. Thanks for putting so much importance on me in your head. But I'm hardly the definer of such a widely-used word's meaning.
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hi Vlado!

Hi! I had already posted in this topic, you know.

Yeah, thanks for the screenshots of the information that was already posted. Good contribution, Vlado.

A picture says more than a thousand words. A post might get deleted for "stalking", a picture stays on my account on ImageShack, independent from GameFAQs. :)

Oh, and W_C, don't regret losing that board too much. This is an excellent topic, first entertaining thing outside of my own topics that I read on this board since L-Block's victory. I like your style. Liars must be exposed, and people must know the truth about internet personas they get infatuated with. This is far more dangerous that it would initially seem, I would know. A lot of the people on this board are extremely psychologically fragile anyway, and if you add some ******* toying around with their emotions, it could have severe negative effect on them. Of course, I don't excuse them for being gullible, but, having been in their shoes, I know what they'd been thinking. You get an A+ from me for this, W_C. Cheers.

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