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Blitzball fan? Try Captain Tsubasa II (in English) for NES!
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hi Vlado!

Hi! I had already posted in this topic, you know.

Yeah, thanks for the screenshots of the information that was already posted. Good contribution, Vlado.

A picture says more than a thousand words. A post might get deleted for "stalking", a picture stays on my account on ImageShack, independent from GameFAQs. :)

Oh, and W_C, don't regret losing that board too much. This is an excellent topic, first entertaining thing outside of my own topics that I read on this board since L-Block's victory. I like your style. Liars must be exposed, and people must know the truth about internet personas they get infatuated with. This is far more dangerous that it would initially seem, I would know. A lot of the people on this board are extremely psychologically fragile anyway, and if you add some ******* toying around with their emotions, it could have severe negative effect on them. Of course, I don't excuse them for being gullible, but, having been in their shoes, I know what they'd been thinking. You get an A+ from me for this, W_C. Cheers.

Cyclo and whoever else still believes Pikaness disappoints severely.
My detailed analysis of L-Block's stunning victory:'s_victory_-_a_detailed_explanation