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Every year, I secretly hope RFTM will do well. It was a legend before I arrived, the original Id Purpose and the banner-carrier for Touhou, and it's sad to see it get in each year and ultimately get drowned by the competition. However, Heading Back to Town was my pet pick this year, the only one of my original nominations from (effective) post #1 in the nom thread, and I thought it would be really well received by the current VGMC zeitgeist. RFTM has a very non-zero chance of winning the wild card still.

Second match is also really good. Zadok got mired in the endless tiebreaker last round with To the Distant Sky, but unless people decide that it shouldn't be eligible and anti-vote it, I expect it to put up a pretty good fight against Confronting Myself...which was one of the strongest songs from last year to not retire, and my favorite of the tracks I had heard from Celeste until Magic Mirror Mix came along.

Heading Back to Town

Congratulations to all the gurus, past and present, participating in the contest.
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