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Anime of the Decade - Results

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Best Story

Honourable Mentions: A Place Further than the Universe.and a whole lot of other shows

Tbh, after A Place Further than the Universe there was no real consensus as to which series had the best storyline. Im the guy who threw one of his votes at Your Name, but what ended up happening was we got a three way race to the top.

3rd Place: From the New World!d

Runner Up: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Winner: Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate, among one of the best videogame adaptations ever? Its certainly better than the Mortal Kombat or Prince of Persia movies. And one of the reasons why this series did so well was on the strength of its story. (ok it also had a really good pair of leads). Tbh I dont know how much Steins;Gate 0 affected the voting here.
The premise though is all about time travel and how a quirky scientist is trying to achieve it. His work will go slowly go down a darker path and itll be up to him to save everyone who got caught up in this mess. Steins;Gate moves along at a very deliberate pace, it takes its time establishing core concepts while also giving you more backstory on the characters and their motivations.

Madoka, Ive seen it being compared to Evangelion, in the sense that it deconstructs the magical girl genre the way Evangelion deconstructed the mecha genre. Like with Steins;Gate, Im not sure how much the Rebellion movie played a factor in the voting, but Im sure it made just enough of a difference. Madokas one of the darker and more dramatic storylines out there, with the girls finding out that being a Magical Girl just isnt all it was cracked up to be. To make matters worse, youve got a looming impending doom to add to the drama. Add a little character instability and some major shocks and youre left wondering how on earth can they possibly defeat the coming evil. Then when you think shits as bad as can be, the show will just drop another bomb on you. Lot of despair was felt watching this one.

Though the same can apply to From the New World, set in a future where much of humanity has changed, we now all have psychic powers! Only it then shows why thats not necessarily a good thing. A seemingly utopic society, everyone has to follow a lot of rules to keep the peace, so of course every rule gets broken and disaster strikes.

Since all three of these shows were pretty close, the order might differ here.

Which of these 3 shows had the best climax?

Congrats to Eli Ayase's #1 fan BK_Sheikah00 on winning the BYIG Guru Contest.

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