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I don't how to really rank the freaking Death Star as a contest combatant. It's extremely recognizable but definitely not a character, and it doesn't have any sort of popular joke or meme to lean on - it's just the Death Star. I will say Low Fodder but note that it is probably at the high end based purely on recognizability.

Mid Fodder for Hitmonchan. I think it's a bit less popular than Lee, but its design stands out more so I think it will have similar strength.

Micaiah is close for me but I will go with Low Fodder. She will get some waifu votes, but I just don't think Radiant Dawn is a popular enough game here to elevate her, despite being a main protagonist. That said I'm surprised that RD seems to have gotten little attention on Gfaqs compared to PoR. It must be because its a Wii game.

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