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So I started watching Hunter X Hunter

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Some interesting developments in these episodes. For one thing, I learned the finer points of forgery identification. Then I learned that for an elite groups of killers, this phantom troupe likes to keep it casual. I mean they weren't even going to kill Gon and Killua, the only reason they had to stay was because one of them wanted to nominate Gon as a member?? You'd think these assassins would kill anyone who were after them and now knew where theyre secret hideout was. Maybe that just goes to show how condifent they are.

I'm a little excited to see Big Daddy Zoldyck might be entering the story, that could be an interesting wrinkle I think.

ALSO, I continue to be highly suspicious of Leorio's continued non-combat and non-nen prowress. Every part of this story, even the OP and EDs, have been constructed to keep him out of fighting. But what is he hiding.....?


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