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The SephG Top 250 [movies] - Topic II: the top 75

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- the ewoks f***ing suck. i'm tired of people defending them. they're extremely annoying little bundles of fur and they're totally a precursor of jar jar.

The ewoks don't bother me that much, as they really are sort of just a side fantasy element. I get it though.

- the great danger in this one is... another death star? seriously? i respect george lucas but the fact that he couldn't think of something better than this reveals that he's not one of the great, endlessly imaginative fantasy writers. (it's funny because the people who go "TFA IS JUST A REHASH OF ANH" typically give RotJ a total pass for rehashing one of the key plot points in ANH.)

To me, this was more "if we don't stop them now, they're just going to keep rebuilding and this cycle of war and rebellion will go on ad infinitum. Which was actually kind of a cool way to show how incredibly powerful the Empire is.

- i really disliked boba fett dying early in the movie after the way he was hyped up in ESB. granted, this is a minor complaint, and i think they retconned that he didn't actually die? i dunno, i don't follow star wars news anymore. but it's still a negative.

Eh, I never really cared about Boba Fett and I still don't get why people like him so much.

(- then, of course, there's the atrocious changes lucas made for the 1997 special edition [which is the one i grew up with]. but that's a separate issue. i can't fault the original movie for that.)

No you can't! I have a VHS player hooked up to my living room TV almost exclusively for watching the OT ;)
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