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Pokemon that you forget the type(s) of

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Ah yes, with more than 898 species now (and probably a few more coming with Legends of Arceus: Breath of the Wild), sometimes there are a few Pokmon whose type eludes me.

That goes double for mythicals/event legendaries, Megas, and UBs...

Eelektross - For some reason I thought it has Dark type as well but apparently it's just Electric.
The Tapus - Well, at least at first. But now I can remember their types better.
Stakataka and Pheromosa - I tend to remember them as pure Rock and pure Bug, respectively.
Turtonator - Initially I thought it was just Fire.
Azurill - It's now both Normal and Fairy instead of just Normal.
Zeraora - I thought it's a dual Electric/Fighting, but it's actually pure Electric
Lunala - I played Sun so I have a hard time remembering the exact type of Lunala (it's Psychic/Ghost).
Lugia - For many gens, it was hard for me to remember it's Psychic/Flying despite being the guardian of the sea or w/e.

What about you?

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