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Anagram Ranks 145 Waifus

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115. Nami

Series: One Piece
Nominator: RyoCaliente (3/4 remaining)
Personal Familiarity: Yes
Attractiveness: 59 (95/145 tie)
Personality: 65 (43/145 tie)
Girlfriendness: 30 (127/145 tie)
Overall Waifu Score:
Hair: Red (21/24 remaining)
Eyes: Brown (22/27 remaining)
Race: White (52/61 remaining)
Age: 20-29 (47/58 remaining)
Medium: Anime (25/38 remaining)

Jesus of Christ, Nami, what is wrong with your torso? You look like one of those Victorian-era photographs of women who spent their entire lives wearing corsets. But since I said Id use whatever official art is most attractive, I will keep to that promise yours just happens to be your episode 1 art, when your body looked like a human body.

So, Nami. Like Robin, she has the advantage of not being an idiot. By One Piece standards, shes an absolute genius, which means by normal life standards shes around average. Like, how do you factor only person who doesnt want to visit obviously the deadly islands of super death? I know that her love for money is supposed to be a drawback, but, like, again in the context of the world she lives in, that makes total sense. Who doesnt want a sensible waifu whos good with money, has a sense of humor and fun, and makes reasonable decisions (even if she gets overruled a lot)? And while she is sort of a thief, shes not like a Yuffie thief where shell completely leave you high and dry.

But, once again, she has the exact same problem as Robin. Shes not even just an adventurer, shes specifically a pirate. For all of the same reasons, this is like the worst possible job for your waifu to have. Hell, at least Robin is also an archeologist, which is like a real, normal job, Nami is just a navigator, so even in the best-case scenario where shes not wanted by the world government, shes still going to be sailing around the world all the time.

Again, what we ultimately are left with is the definition of high attractiveness and personality, low girlfriendness, sorry.

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Started: July 6, 2005

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Dammit and I had the perfect response.

I was going to ask "Really?"
Not changing this sig until I decide to change this sig.
Started: July 6, 2005