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Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel & General Topic 2 [yugioh] [ygo]

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end of the month so updated personal (doubled) watchtimes

Rosemi 148:50:37 (12.56% Collab)
Enna 113:49:12 (27.80% Collab)
Elira 54:12:12 (12.84% Collab)
Selen 52:24:00 (7.33% Collab)
Finana 40:41:22 (4.09% Collab)
Mysta 29:27:59 (44.23% Collab)
Millie 25:02:23 (43.79% Collab)
Pomu 23:23:08 (6.68% Collab)
Nina 21:05:14 (57.61% Collab)
Vox 12:30:46
Reimu 5:43:15 (71.92% Collab)
Uki 4:36:10 (79.93% Collab)
Luca 3:00:41
Shu 2:47:39 (12.38%)
Alban 2:19:05 (100% Collab)
Ike 1:18:27 (74.51% Collab)
Sonny 0:49:55
Fulgur 0:25:00
Petra 0:20:23

Approximate month tallies:
Rosemi +56
Enna +33
Finana +23
Millie +12
Nina +11
Mysta +10
Selen +8
Vox +6
Elira +5
Pomu +4

Finana up because of Yakuza, a game i've had for at least two years and still never played. at this point i've become one of those people who would rather watch someone play a game than play a game themselves. Nina up because of the offcollab stuff. don't think the watchtimes for those two will increase like this next month though. on the other hand, i could see times for Mysta and Millie going up at a similar rate. was pretty impressed with how much they both managed to draw me in with their ideas/vods. still working my way through the backlog of Rosemi/Enna content from the beginning so they have the most gains like usual.

also after like three months of just constant vods in the background, i finally started feeling the burnout. even listened to regular music a couple of times.

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