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Mario Kart 8 has sold over 41 million copies
VioletMassacre2205.09.2021 4:00pm0 + 0
For those that want to know what my face looks like.
HornedLion805.09.2021 4:00pm0 + 0
Is Survivor still a thing? I used to love that show
FatalAccident505.09.2021 3:59pm0 + 0
Would you rather work longer hours & fewer days, or more days/shorter hours?
captpackrat4605.09.2021 3:54pm0 + 0
I still don't get circumcision.
THEGODDAMNBATMA9305.09.2021 3:52pm0 + 0
Anyone else want to be gifted a Steam game?
DeltaBladeX1805.09.2021 3:52pm0 + 0
pretty sure whiskey is one of those involuntary celibate boys
helIy1705.09.2021 3:46pm0 + 0
banging a big titty cougar milf tonight
knightoffire55105.09.2021 3:41pm0 + 0
What was the most recent thing you ordered online?
captpackrat5305.09.2021 3:41pm0 + 0
IronBornCorps Lounge: Thirty Thursday Edition
IronBornCorps3205.09.2021 3:40pm0 + 0
In your opinion, what is the best standalone action movie?
hypnox705.09.2021 3:24pm0 + 0
Rooney Mara is not a real person.
JigsawTDC505.09.2021 3:23pm0 + 0
One more day till RE Village
CinderLock6805.09.2021 3:20pm0 + 0
Crypto Channel (for traders, miners, and enthusiasts)
IronBornCorps16505.09.2021 3:17pm0 + 0
No one smiles in the Bible
Mead805.09.2021 3:16pm0 + 0
ok whats a good movie that is not disney
Cotton_Eye_Joe1105.09.2021 3:15pm0 + 0
Why would someone smoke marijuana to begin with while its illegal?
thedeerzord1605.09.2021 3:08pm0 + 0
One time, I was helping my sisters friend move into a different apartment.
thedeerzord905.09.2021 3:06pm0 + 0
Teacher says Floyd would be ALIVE if he just COMPLIED and Dressed APPROPRIATELY
mrduckbear6805.09.2021 3:02pm0 + 0
Gamefaqs Beta message board display
blu4805.09.2021 2:57pm0 + 0
A 10 story, 23 ton Chinese rocket is going to crash on Earth in the next 2-3 day
papercup3805.09.2021 2:55pm0 + 0
what are you plans this mothers day?
DMX992005.09.2021 2:45pm0 + 0
I'm thinking about getting a gym membership.
blu1105.09.2021 2:38pm0 + 0
Finally got the KFC crisps my mum won, and....
Kimbos_Egg2505.09.2021 2:36pm0 + 0
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance surprise re-release tomorrow
HelIWithoutSin5405.09.2021 2:35pm0 + 0
Which game had more hype in the community? MGSV, or Resident Evil: Village?
ItsKaljinyuTime1505.09.2021 2:26pm0 + 0
Potato man
Ogurisama205.09.2021 2:25pm0 + 0
Remember when people said that anti-vaxx was neither left wing or right wing?
faramir773205.09.2021 1:51pm0 + 0
Costco in Red Deer
zebatov405.09.2021 1:49pm0 + 0
So why does everyone have such a hard on for Jen?
thedeerzord1605.09.2021 1:47pm0 + 0
Do you prefer playing video games while sitting on a CHAIR or on the GROUND??
mrduckbear1405.09.2021 1:38pm0 + 0
Which of these exoplanets would you like to visit?
captpackrat1205.09.2021 1:32pm0 + 0
A 5fth topic of memes
Mead31905.09.2021 1:26pm0 + 0
Would you ever want to own a motorcycle?
KazGT61705.09.2021 1:04pm0 + 0
hey, stop being useless and do something nice for your mom, ok?
Aculo605.09.2021 12:09pm0 + 0
you ppl have stood in my way too long. im joining the revachol citizens militia
PunishedOni1105.09.2021 12:01pm0 + 0
If everyone found out that the new message board display was made by a hot chic
MartianManchild405.09.2021 12:00pm0 + 0
Xenogears is great.
jonathonbrad705.09.2021 11:53am0 + 0
Now I... I finally have time to do what I've always wanted:
Ogurisama905.09.2021 11:40am0 + 0
Why didn't anyone tell me Skyfall was so good? Not only the best Bond movie...
FrozenBananas905.09.2021 11:35am0 + 0
It's Time to D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-
LeetCheet2905.09.2021 8:57am0 + 0
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic XCV
dragon50422105.09.2021 8:32am0 + 0
Stephen Bean topic S7E4 "Regret....."
Kimbos_Egg43305.09.2021 7:58am0 + 0
Does Yahoo! have any services besides e-mail and commenting on articles?
ItsKaljinyuTime1805.09.2021 7:42am0 + 0
The Late Night Topic with Delta (I'm just posting the usual filth here)
DeltaBladeX33805.09.2021 6:34am0 + 0
My son loved the Speed Racer movie from the Wachowski sisters
FrozenBananas105.09.2021 6:22am0 + 0
Good Songs: Episode 4
Sarcasthma23205.09.2021 6:06am0 + 0
JC Denton from Deus Ex talking to a girl
Ferarri619105.09.2021 5:55am0 + 0
Controversial Opinion #4: Automation
LinkPizza17505.09.2021 4:24am0 + 0
look at my checking account
DirtBasedSoap6205.09.2021 2:15am0 + 0
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