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Once you have a kid, you can't be a dick to authority figures anymore...
Solid Sonic212.31.2019 11:49pm0 + 0
Did you like the movie Vanilla Sky?
JebronLames512.31.2019 11:44pm0 + 0
toss a coin to the witcher
NightMareBunny612.31.2019 11:44pm0 + 0
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (spoilers - duh)
WastelandCowboy1812.31.2019 11:38pm0 + 0
Hindsight is 2020
Judgmenl212.31.2019 11:11pm0 + 0
name some games you were playing in 2009
Dmess853612.31.2019 10:57pm0 + 0
C/D: food should be hot, drinks should be cold
MrMelodramatic2412.31.2019 9:34pm0 + 0
Dumbest menu item
BUMPED2002512.31.2019 9:29pm0 + 0
I ate'd some onion rings and now my tum tum is angry at me
Lokarin812.31.2019 9:24pm0 + 0
Oooooh boy. There's a certain type of person that...
HornedLion312.31.2019 9:20pm0 + 0
Remember when we used to spend New Year's Eve here making a big STP at midnight?
keyblader1985612.31.2019 8:54pm0 + 0
VIDEO: When your camera shutter rate matches helicopter rotor speed!
SrRd_RacinG2012.31.2019 7:46pm0 + 0
Are vaccines sorcery?
Lokarin612.31.2019 7:44pm0 + 0
Ok so Rise of Skywalker wasn't total crap.
LeetCheet3912.31.2019 7:43pm0 + 0
is no man's soy worth 20 bucks
weeb981812.31.2019 6:57pm0 + 0
What is the best starter
Frokie3512.31.2019 6:56pm0 + 0
If you could pick one IP to play forever - Day 9: XBox Game Studios
pionear1012.31.2019 6:02pm0 + 0
My housemate thinks Spider-Man Far from Home is an indie movie
PK_Spam512.31.2019 5:47pm0 + 0
If you could pick one IP to play forever Day 8: Konami
pionear2612.31.2019 5:17pm0 + 0
The moderation on this site seems hugely relaxed recently.
TerranceC1912.31.2019 4:50pm0 + 0
captpackrat512.31.2019 4:49pm0 + 0
happy new year from the future ya degenerates
redwingsbabe401912.31.2019 4:47pm0 + 0
Does PotD still do stp at midnight?
party_animal071312.31.2019 4:40pm0 + 0
How come on this site when you want to block someone you have to type in every
JebronLames612.31.2019 4:30pm0 + 0
my son says the rock has more action than con air
knightoffire55312.31.2019 4:26pm0 + 0
I found a great secret way to lose weight! Doctors hate me~!
Lokarin512.31.2019 4:12pm0 + 0
Cash or plastic
BUMPED20023812.31.2019 4:09pm0 + 0
nathan for you
DirtBasedSoap312.31.2019 4:02pm0 + 0
United States Postal Service
BUMPED2002712.31.2019 3:55pm0 + 0
Who is going to be your starter?
HornedLion2712.31.2019 3:44pm0 + 0
Darkwing Duck was a great dad.
slacker03150812.31.2019 3:43pm0 + 0
If you take a dump at midnight
TheWorstPoster512.31.2019 3:38pm0 + 0
What is Batman's favorite non-stick cooking spray?
captpackrat312.31.2019 3:29pm0 + 0
Pastor gets 65 YEARS for RAPING 2 Girls at his KARATE PIZZA RESTAURANT!!!
mrduckbear1712.31.2019 3:25pm0 + 0
Trivia: When did Columbus discover the Americas?
MrMelodramatic4212.31.2019 3:05pm0 + 0
Bout to just quit when I see the opponent has Zacian
RedPixel1012.31.2019 3:04pm0 + 0
Does your phone only accept songs in mp3 format?
JebronLames412.31.2019 2:30pm0 + 0
Wow... Iggy Pop is older than Bill Nighy.
HornedLion912.31.2019 1:46pm0 + 0
Shiny Magikarp event going on right now in Pokemon SwSh.
Judgmenl1112.31.2019 1:46pm0 + 0
PS5, coming out this year! I'm thinking of going all digital for my video games.
blu1012.31.2019 1:06pm0 + 0
What's the stupidest thing you've done recently?
captpackrat2812.31.2019 12:49pm0 + 0
Cola Cola is an evil corporation.
SunWuKung4204412.31.2019 12:44pm0 + 0
12 y/o Texas Kid got a MAGNIFYING GLASS for CHRISTMAS and BURNED their LAWN!!!
Full Throttle1212.31.2019 12:27pm0 + 0
To tell you the truth, I rage quit Dota today.
Judgmenl912.31.2019 12:06pm0 + 0
Looking for a reasonably priced laptop with a dedicated graphics card
man101112.31.2019 10:47am0 + 0
Happy New Year 2020 from New Zealand
DeltaBladeX612.31.2019 10:30am0 + 0
It's already 2020 in Samoa
TheWorstPoster312.31.2019 6:27am0 + 0
New Years Eve plans
captpackrat2112.31.2019 5:39am0 + 0
It's too late now, but I kinda wish they had ended TWD with rick waking up from
wolfy42812.31.2019 1:20am0 + 0
Which of these options are best?
WastelandCowboy512.31.2019 12:44am0 + 0
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