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i took a laxative last night and nothing's happened

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madadude posted...
I completely get why there is so much doubt about China's numbers considering the authoritarian nature of Xi's regime, but at the same time, its well documented that they implemented heavy quarantine measures that would effectively stop the spread, at around the time the numbers began to decrease. Plus the hospitals they built for the crisis have been close to empty for a couple weeks now. Everything tracks, so I believe a lot of it.

Alright to clarify, I don't really believe the overall numbers, but I totally believe that the virus is almost completely gone from the region and isn't spreading anymore, that seems to be apparent.
aside from the around 40,000 burial urns they ordered, sure

wolfy42 posted...
Get back to me when we pass Italy's numbers, which we will, easily.

Those are far more real, and they have done a WAY better job of self isolating then us, have more medical supplies etc per capita and they took it VERY seriously right from the start (onll a few deaths reported before then started quarantine).

So yeah, we'll get there, but this has just started.


italy pretty wholly ignored all quarantine orders. they didn't take it seriously, at all, until it was far, far too late.


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