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I used to think that Reddit killed forums

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I was so close. I thought I had another weekend to catch up. 2 episodes of Deaimon left (and a few manga chapters). Really like this anime. Very rare to have a protagonist in his 30s.

Anime for this season (two start airing today):
Love Live Superstar S2
Kanojo S2
Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Moto Kano datta

I will likely have time this weekend to finish Deaimon and possibly watch some of Aharen. Monday is new Elite Dungeon in Runescape and the first big content update since I started playing again. Trying to get in early as it's likely to be a good money maker if I can get a static group.

Whenever someone sings fansa and they don't input their name instead of mona at the mona-beam part I'm like "Are you even a real aidoru?".

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