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Calling out to car experts on here. Thinking of buying this.
wolfy425210/18 5:00am
My top 10 anime so far
scubasteve423210/18 4:54am
Which Job is more difficult: Stand-up comedian or POTUS
ungubby510/18 4:48am
remember that time mcdonald's closed early?
Nade Duck4210/18 4:47am
I made a SteamGifts giveaway for Dragon Quest XI to celebrate my birthday
DeltaBladeX6610/18 4:45am
Don't forget to buy your Mega Millions tickets
Jen0125910/18 4:42am
Which of the following is the SHAPE of your HEAD???
Full Throttle610/18 4:14am
If Germany started World War 3
TheWorstPoster410/18 4:13am
We should make a Bill and Teds PoTD day, where we all watch the shows.
wolfy42110/18 4:09am
15 y/o Tennessee Girl who Ran Away with her TEACHER is now getting MARRIED!!!
Full Throttle1410/18 3:48am
I'm in a little bit of a pickle right now
Lokarin1910/18 3:41am
DeltaBladeX plays Dragon Quest XI and tells quigonzel about it
DeltaBladeX10110/18 3:37am
There was a second Johnny English film.
Cotton_Eye_Joe610/18 3:23am
Thinking about buying a ps4 pro for RDR2: What's the best option?
JanwayDaahl5610/18 3:13am
Would you kill the messenger?
Dmess852510/18 3:11am
This is the only game I know of that 's officially endorsed by a U.S. President.
TheWorstPoster710/18 3:07am
Do you think I'm a monster for yelling at my own mother?
EclairReturns810/18 3:04am
What would happen if a gay man was magically turned into a woman?
Lobomoon3310/18 2:57am
How do I skip past the first four stages of grief
TheWorstPoster4310/18 2:51am
Remember that time helly ate pizza with hard-boiled egg on it?
SkynyrdRocker910/18 2:11am
You guys may hate me
TheWorstPoster410/18 2:08am
This is the 35 y/o Woman who OUTRAGED Melania Trump by STRIPPING!! Is She Hot???
mrduckbear610/18 2:01am
It still sucks that The O.C (2003-2007) got such a short run
Cotton_Eye_Joe410/18 1:46am
After 50 years on 'Sesame Street,' the voice of Big Bird and Oscar is retiring.
WastelandCowboy210/18 1:41am
People who come into stores a couple minutes before closing
Impavid543610/18 1:36am
Are pumpkin spice flavored items an American thing?
Johnny Eagle1910/18 1:27am
Rate that thing ~ Day 1801 ~ Snow
Slayer210/18 1:18am
E-Sports Discussion Topic #185: Hot Stove in the Overwatch League
CaptainHammer38910/18 1:13am
Police release SHOCKING Audio of Woman Suspicious of Black Man with White KIDS!
mrduckbear2710/18 1:12am
If you could be either...
Lobomoon1810/18 1:05am
Republican QUITS his Top Job after he KILLED a FAMILY of BABOONS!!!
mrduckbear610/18 1:01am
Black Man BABYSITTING 2 White Kids had the COPS Called on him by a White Woman!
mrduckbear4510/18 12:56am
Oh no! Only 29 more days to Halloween!
Zeus4710/18 12:51am
Families of recent mass shooting victims in Russia to be compensated
minervo710/18 12:50am
Ramen every day
pedro458510/18 12:48am
Choose a superpower.
BigOlePappy7210/18 12:45am
What's a something good to eat the night before a run?
LinkPizza1610/18 12:31am
I guess youtube is now "themtube"
NeoSioType4910/18 12:30am
accidentally show my aunt & uncle my dong
I_Always_Die9010/18 12:26am
21 y/o Kid found INNOCENT of MURDER of his PREGNANT Step Mom Speaks Out!!!
Full Throttle210/18 12:13am
The Last Jedi is the best Star Wars movie ever.
Cotton_Eye_Joe3710/18 12:03am
MFW people sign up for the College Board SAT
Impavid54410/18 12:01am
just got skyrim, what are your favorite mods
Sefrig1310/17 11:55pm
Can I sue over spoilers?
Philoktetes410/17 11:33pm
Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has donated over 2 MILLION to DEMOCRATS!!!
Full Throttle210/17 11:23pm
This 19 y/o Kid SHOT his COUSIN for going near his SALT and VINEGAR CHIPS!!!
Full Throttle3310/17 11:18pm
So, I made this girl quit her job today
Muffinz0rz3310/17 11:03pm
Yo America, you jelly of our Legal Weed?
St_Kevin7910/17 10:59pm
I'm gonna dress up as a slutty mailbox for Halloween
Andromicus1210/17 10:49pm
Why don't y'all 'muricans lower the drinking age to 18?
Lokarin6310/17 10:45pm
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