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all of north texas is under a severe wind advisory today
NightMareBunny3412/13 9:02pm
Don't play Fortnite if you have a girlfriend, mate.
Lobomoon6912/13 9:01pm
Would you ever want to be a broadcaster on your local news?
DoubleOSnake1112/13 9:00pm
who was the last person to see you completely naked?
Aculo3412/13 8:59pm
Things fall apart
-Komaiko54-612/13 8:55pm
Egyptian actress sued for wearing dress that "invites debauchery"
DoubleOSnake16312/13 8:54pm
Post here, i will give a pokemon team
Ogurisama1212/13 8:53pm
16 y/o New York VIRGIN will go to SEX ISLAND where he'll have UNLIMITED SEX!!!
Full Throttle9412/13 8:53pm
sun wukung
Aculo3012/13 8:47pm
I felt completely soulless this morning... went back to bed.
Lokarin412/13 8:45pm
Face ID doesnt work in the dark
FatalAccident8212/13 8:42pm
I watched Crazy Rich Asians
Mead1612/13 8:42pm
Unpopular opinion: the world would be a more professional and better place if...
Greenfox1111912/13 8:38pm
Have you pee'd in the shower?
BigOlePappy1012/13 8:36pm
Gris came out today. I'm currently downloading it.
Pus_N_Pecans412/13 8:36pm
Who wants to fly to the Windy city?
Ogurisama212/13 8:35pm
I don't know what to do with my life
eating4fun612/13 8:35pm
Robot turns out to be man in suit
Mike_24_7612/13 8:34pm
I can't remember where I sent Dogmeat in fallout 4
Action532512/13 8:34pm
Are there any civilizations in history where WOMEN oppressed MEN?
shipwreckers2012/13 8:31pm
who was the last person YOU saw completely naked?
Aculo712/13 8:29pm
I wanna get Katamari Demacy reroll. Switch or PC?
green dragon712/13 8:27pm
Would You Live With This User No 13
Audweeb1712/13 8:11pm
This INBRED Heffer locked her son in a harry potter cupboard ard and fed him ONE
Kimbos_Egg212/13 8:08pm
I have a huge bag of dried mango
Mead512/13 8:07pm
What's for supper/dinner/evening sustenance?
Dynalo15512/13 7:43pm
Delaware Boy is CHANGING his Awful Last Name of TRUMP to avoid BULLYING!!!
Full Throttle2112/13 7:40pm
This is one of my all time favorite Office scenes lol
FrozenBananas812/13 7:25pm
Dang the hot weather girl in my area killed herself.
I'm want to buy this, but it's like $350 which is a lot of money...
Lobomoon1612/13 7:13pm
45 y/o Pennsylvania Dad who ran away with 16 y/o Asian Girl gets 5 YEARS PRISON
Full Throttle1112/13 6:57pm
They are still updating cookie clicker
Ogurisama1512/13 6:54pm
On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me
TheWorstPoster412/13 6:38pm
Friendship & Protect
NeoSioType112/13 6:38pm
Arm Wrestling Contest: Match 2
SunWuKung4201912/13 6:32pm
what song should larry bang his tinder slut to tonight?
knightoffire55412/13 5:51pm
Do you think you would hate working in retail?
DoubleOSnake5812/13 5:31pm
PotD Arrowverse Pic Dump/Discussion Topic #2
keyblader19858812/13 5:29pm
RIP Internet
TheWorstPoster512/13 5:15pm
Super Sports Discussion Topic Ultimate (#189)
CaptainHammer2812/13 5:10pm
Stephen Bean topic Series 5, Episode 3:OOH YOU DIDN'T KNOOOW?
Kimbos_Egg32412/13 5:09pm
Wrapping up school today.
MrMelodramatic1412/13 5:07pm
What's the deal with American school lunches?
Lokarin5912/13 5:00pm
remember when knightoffire55 rushed for 4 touchdowns to win the city championshp
LaggnFragnLarry312/13 4:57pm
I hate when people complain about "PC" stuff like it's a new thing
Chewster4012/13 3:54pm
are you into busting cheeks?
Aculo712/13 3:49pm
19 y/o Girl gets DEATH THREATS because she has a SKINNY BOYFRIEND!! Is She Hot?
Full Throttle2112/13 3:25pm
Is it rude for me to go into work knowing Im sick?
DrPrimemaster2712/13 3:21pm
Friends don't let friends post dumb crap on Gfaqs when drunk or high!
knightoffire55212/13 3:16pm
What will be the best movie released this month?
knightoffire55312/13 3:16pm
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