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Should I buy Lawbreakers as a joke Xmas gift?
pipebomb_phil1112/11 9:00pm
What Religion are you?
kislev3612/11 8:59pm
Roy Moore said Jewish People are going to HELL..as well as ALL NON-CHRISTIANS!!!
Full Throttle5512/11 8:57pm
Is our school system effective?
LittleRoyal1812/11 8:54pm
Do you recognize the above poster?
Ogurisama31012/11 8:54pm
Ash Vs Evil Dead was stealthily added to Netflix
TheOrangeMisfit412/11 8:50pm
Which bathroom do I use... ?
Lokarin1512/11 8:50pm
Rumor is that Ethereum futures will be announced by end of month.
CiIantro1212/11 8:49pm
It can't really be 12 diet cokes a day can it?
knivesX20043112/11 8:49pm
Stephen Bean topic Series 4, Episode 3: The Return Of The Bean.
Kimbos_Egg33212/11 8:48pm
Tomorrow, Republicans will become the party of child molesters.
CiIantro112/11 8:48pm
What are some good games that ruined a series?
Anisoptera1312/11 8:48pm
There's too many numbers when looking to buy a cpu....
AllstarSniper324212/11 8:47pm
Sports Discussion Topic #167: No Sports Discussion Allowed
Rockies48112/11 8:47pm
So the sex harassment phase was just a plot or remove Trump
OmegaTomHank412/11 8:44pm
I want to fuck her
ssj3vegeta2412/11 8:40pm
So... did we learn anything from the JFK assassination declassification?
Lokarin312/11 8:34pm
Moderators are now required to leave notes on all messages they delete.
LanHikari105312/11 8:30pm
When was the last time you went and unsubscribed to youtube channels you don't..
AllstarSniper32312/11 8:30pm
The G.O.P. Is Rotting
FrndNhbrHdCEman1112/11 8:28pm
Does anybody here think internet porn is bad?
XBoner3012/11 8:26pm
I just found out my fiancee was cheating on me
Tropic_Sunset5612/11 8:20pm
The offical PotDer Appreciation topic
EvilMegas5512/11 8:09pm
Sometimes, while playing Horizon:Zero Dawn...
SunWuKung4202612/11 7:58pm
tinder slut said looks don't matter and then started sending me a bunch of nudes
knightoffire55112/11 7:55pm
How accurate is "The Crown" in its depiction of JFK?
Nichtcrawler X212/11 7:52pm
Mandatory schooling should be illegal
minervo3512/11 7:50pm
Rate the nation: Day 3: Algeria
Unbridled91312/11 7:46pm
Do you believe CNN is a reliable source of information?
thedeerzord6212/11 7:45pm
16 of Trump's Accusers Demand Congressional Investigation
Doctor Foxx3312/11 7:39pm
Official Animal Crossing for the 3DS FC Sharing Topic - Part 3
Melon_Master32212/11 7:38pm
What is the tamest R-rated movie? The Matrix comes to mind for me
SteamedHams2312/11 7:36pm
i think i'm gonna try to help with the democrat campaigns in AZ coming up
Jen01252912/11 7:34pm
MSNBC fires Sam Seder for making a questionable rape joke 8 years ago
Far-Queue4912/11 7:26pm
How long is Jim Power?
Lokarin912/11 7:26pm
Video Game Music!
AbsoluteDenial1212/11 7:19pm
Trump declares Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
WastelandCowboy4712/11 7:09pm
Someone explain "omni-empathy" to me.
Dreaming_King512/11 7:01pm
What's the longest you've ever spent customizing your character's appearance?
GreenKnight1273212/11 7:00pm
Trump Supporter is FIRED for wishing Hispanic People would LEAVE America!!!
Full Throttle712/11 6:53pm
30th anniversary Street Fighter collection revealed for may 2018
Zikten1112/11 6:53pm
i hate people who call the game pubg out loud, ok?
ZiggiStardust2112/11 6:41pm
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic LXXX
dragon50426312/11 6:34pm
Why the hell did Gamechamp3k beat Super Mario Odyssey without jumping?
TheWorstPoster7112/11 6:31pm
favorite nintendo?
Krazy_Kirby1612/11 6:30pm
Can you start a fire without a spark?
SaikyoStyle912/11 6:23pm
Do you think it will be hard to avoid spoilers for the last jedi?
XBoner912/11 6:08pm
Ogurisama512/11 5:53pm
Walking Dead Star bought a HOUSE when they found out they were FIRED! SPOILERS!
mrduckbear1812/11 5:49pm
PSX conference discussion topic.
Kimbos_Egg3112/11 5:38pm
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