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19 y/o Black Kid gets 5 YEARS in Prison for Murdering a POLICE DOG!!!
mrduckbear1610.30.2020 12:00pm0 + 0
Will the USA have a Civil War Soon?
St_Kevin1110.30.2020 11:59am0 + 0
Vtuber Gawr Gura, who debuted a little over a month ago, reached 1 million subs.
DarkKirby25005910.30.2020 11:41am0 + 0
One of the cops that killed Breonna Taylor is suing her boyfriend
Jen0125610.30.2020 11:32am0 + 0
Trump's time in office
BUMPED20023410.30.2020 11:31am0 + 0
Energy drink warning
Revelation341910.30.2020 11:31am0 + 0
BUMPED2002610.30.2020 11:23am0 + 0
Do you find yourself more tired these days than you did five years ago?
blu4010.30.2020 11:23am0 + 0
Anyone here that has the new VR quest?
woody71410.30.2020 11:11am0 + 0
Do you usually accept moderations that you get on this site?
DoubleOSnake5110.30.2020 11:00am0 + 0
Thousands stranded in freezing weather after attending Nebraska Trump rally
IronBornCorps1910.30.2020 10:52am0 + 0
My skin is extremely soft...
Lokarin210.30.2020 10:44am0 + 0
Got some component cables for PS2 and PS3 - Pick some PS2 games to try
DeltaBladeX910.30.2020 10:43am0 + 0
Which is your favorite chocolate candy bar?
DoubleOSnake3710.30.2020 10:43am0 + 0
last movie/show that you watched that made you say WHAT A TWIST
DMX992310.30.2020 10:36am0 + 0
Anime, Manga, VN, JRPG, Related Things Discussion Topic XCII
Zeus16010.30.2020 10:28am0 + 0
Guess the line from the show or movie above you
JoanOfArcade710.30.2020 10:17am0 + 0
Don't mail in your ballot
Mead2310.30.2020 9:57am0 + 0
Do you know the definition de jure of Fascism?
Lokarin910.30.2020 9:53am0 + 0
PotD, advise me.
Jen01258710.30.2020 9:32am0 + 0
Good Songs: Episode 3 Thank you edition.
SunWuKung4206310.30.2020 9:08am0 + 0
Play NES in VR?
Lokarin510.30.2020 8:58am0 + 0
I have fallen in love with Boomer memes on Facebook.
MasterChiefer3210.30.2020 8:26am0 + 0
I wish I knew how many of these topics I've done now
DeltaBladeX46710.30.2020 7:12am0 + 0
This is such a dumb article (Kingdom Hearts: MoM):
JigsawTDC510.30.2020 5:28am0 + 0
Anyone eat sandwiches with butter?
hypnox7610.30.2020 5:07am0 + 0
and the fuckening for voting begins
likehelly310.30.2020 4:56am0 + 0
A topic of memes
Mead33510.30.2020 4:41am0 + 0
So that debate that happened in Georgia was interesting.
BlackScythe0210.30.2020 4:22am0 + 0
brb gonna go piil
DirtBasedSoap810.30.2020 3:51am0 + 0
Are you married?
IAmNowGone6210.30.2020 3:44am0 + 0
GeekHouse of Horror LXXII
The Wave Master24210.30.2020 3:39am0 + 0
Tucker Carlson lost only "evidence" of "Biden's corruption"
papercup13210.30.2020 3:34am0 + 0
Had an argument with my co-worker. Not putting up with it any more.
KogaSteelfang8210.30.2020 2:24am0 + 0
Pick a number from 1-10 before entering... (Trick or Treat Edition)
Smiffwilm410.30.2020 2:21am0 + 0
Crown Tundra is out!
papercup11610.30.2020 1:40am0 + 0
I wonder how long before they unban Tiktok in USA
DiduXD4210.30.2020 1:34am0 + 0
Memes Topic
Wanded4410.30.2020 1:22am0 + 0
Hollywood Actress wants to run for US SENATE in the FUTURE!! Is She a MILF???
Full Throttle710.30.2020 1:21am0 + 0
My bf did my makeup today
IronBornCorps610.30.2020 1:20am0 + 0
What do you think of Google's new App Logos?
DarkKirby25001310.30.2020 1:11am0 + 0
Stephen Bean topic S7E1 "Ride Wife, Life Good."
Kimbos_Egg14010.30.2020 1:05am0 + 0
penis inspection day
DirtBasedSoap710.30.2020 1:03am0 + 0
Black Batwoman will AXE the RED WIG and use her NATURAL AFRO HAIR!! Good idea???
Full Throttle2210.30.2020 1:00am0 + 0
god damn, i miss WoW, ok?
Aculo1310.30.2020 12:38am0 + 0
Have you noticed any change in Bart?
Ogurisama1110.30.2020 12:26am0 + 0
Pikmin 3 comes out tomorrow
blu610.30.2020 12:06am0 + 0
Sometimes I need people to talk into my ears in order for to understand what
thedeerzord610.29.2020 11:47pm0 + 0
Conservative Moms form a PACT to NOT get Tested for COVID-19 to OPEN SCHOOLS!!!
mrduckbear1410.29.2020 11:25pm0 + 0
Donald Trump is spreading COVID: Part 2
Jen012548610.29.2020 11:20pm0 + 0
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