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Over all I liked the season, few parts I got bored with, even skipped a bit here and there, but over all it was good. Two main chars were both great and did an excellent job with their characters.

Spoilers ahead.

I really don't like the final episode and the way the resolved the initial story (never did, but it even comes off worse in the show). IF they had asked Ellie about the surgery, given her a choice, she would have been down for it almost certainly, and also there was no rush, they didn't need to do it right away, they could have given her time to live a bit and get prepared for it. It didn't make sense that they knocked them out when they appeared either, they were freaking waiting for them, and especially for a kid (who they freaking found first).

If Ellie was awake, and especially if she already knew about what would happen and accepted it, then Joel would have had to accept her decision and go along with it.

But it's worse than just that.

So Marlene even tells Joel that she can't believe he made it because she came with a bunch of fireflies and even lost 5 of them on the way etc, yet she sends him off with just 2 guards, and there are like no other guards around at all. Also it was a freaking firefly base before Marlene got there with her guards, where the heck is everyone.

But it's worse than that, why did she even tell him about the surgery, or for that matter let him wake up before it was performed, they could have easily kept him sedated. They were not even letting him say goodbye to her or anything, so there was no reason at all for him to be awake/released before the surgery. If nothing else, keep him locked up till it's done.

Then the final scene with her where she is alone with a gun in the garage....there were literally no other guards/people she could bring with her to cover him? They don't have tranq guns or any other means of taking him out without endangering Ellie? The whole thing didn't make sense to be honest.

Also she was prepped for surgery (Ellie) and in most such cases you have them on oxegeon support, you can't just take them out of the surgery room and jet, good chance she would die, or go into a coma etc.

Finally, they needed the freaking mushroom in her brain, but who says they needed all of her brain, just do minor brain surgery, remove a bit to get the spores, and use that. No reason she has to die, you don't have to remove the whole brain....maybe there would be a chance of death or ..well obviously brain damage, but it was a medical facility. If nothing else tell Joel that she is in surgery already but don't tell him she is def gonna die, just tell him that she didn't make it AFTER the surgery. He might be mad but if he didn't know there was no chance for her to survive, he wouldn't go around killing everyone and you would have your cure.

Anyway really don't like the ending, and the second part of the last of us didn't ever really settle matters or make the ending better (didn't really like it). I hope if they do a season 2, they drastically change what happened in last of us 2 and make it a good story with some form of conclusion from the first part.

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