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To be quite honest, this pandemic isn't a GOP or Dem issue. It's an American issue and as such our elected officials should do the right thing and assist those who have lost their jobs due to Covid but a few weeks ago Steve Mnuchin told people to stop waiting on the Government for help and go find a job and that to me is uncaring.

In my opinion a Government's role is protecting a country's borders against foreign invaders and protecting its citizens in any way possible and sadly America hasn't been doing that the past 4 decades.

FDR way back in the 1930s after witnessing the devastation of the Great Depression, decided to put safety nets in place in case of an economic downturn which is where SS, Unemployment Insurance, and Workman's Comp came from.

Remember prior to the Great Depression and the FDRs New Deal, working-class people had no safety nets or retirement plans etc and the New Deal and Labor Unions pushed for healthcare benefits , retirement benefits, better and safer working conditions, 40 hour work week with weekends off, better pay etc and that has all been eroded since the 1970s sadly. People don't know this but men like Andrew Carnegie abused the workers in his steel mills and those workers were White men which tells me Carnegie cared nothing about them as many men who worked for Carnegie ended up permanently disabled due to workplace injuries and those people weren't compensated at all which means they lived the rest of their lives in some cases dependent on fam members for their survival and that's why the New Deal was created along with Labor Unions which fought against corporate abuse of its workers but we're inching back to those days again in 2020.

Prior to the New Deal, no working-class people owned their own home simply because most people had no collateral and most banks feared people would default and not repay so the banks simply wouldn't loan money but FDR under the New Deal created the FHA home loans in which the US Government using taxpayer money would underwrite all home loans against default and the banks then were willing to lend money which made it possible for some of grandparents etc to purchase a family home and by allowing working people to buy homes, that put wealth at the fingertips of people who otherwise wouldn't have been able to a buy a home. One of my grandfathers actually used the G.I. Bill to attend college becoming the only one in his immediate family to earn a college degree and that would not have been possible without the G.I. Bill.


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