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God damn it, he got me.

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adjl posted...
Eh, I'd be surprised if that much dough cost more than a dollar or so to make. Unless you're getting into rich doughs made with butter and eggs (which fast food doughs generally are not because shortening and soy lecithin are so much cheaper), dough is really very cheap. Most of the cost of making bread on-site is in the labour and space requirements, since shaping loaves manually can take a while and whatever space you use for proofing will be occupied for a while (anywhere from half an hour to 24+, depending on what kind of fermentation you're going for).
It's more about the attitude than the dough they were caught wasting. Just because something is cheap doesn't mean you should be wasting it playing inappropriate games at work. I wouldn't want my fast food workers having a pickle throwing fight either.

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