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wolfy42 posted...
Seriously, but the 1.99 pizza dough from Safeway.

Cut it into 3rds.

Make 3 calzones with em (not all at once unless there are 3 people).

You can just do cheese if you want, not even adding sauce.

But you could ALSO add pepporoni + onions + bell peppers + mushrooms + salami + olives + mozz + parm + provolone + muenster + pizza sauce (The sauce has ground beef and sausage in it hehe).

For the sauce, just put 1 jar of prego garlic herb sauce in a pot. 1/2 a pound of browned ground beef and 1/4th a pound of italian sausage. Add 2 bay leaves + oregano + a bit of pepper (I like red pepper flakes but black pepper works as well).

Heat the sauce on the stove for a good 30 mins stirring every so often. You have enough sauce for all 3 calzones with plenty left over.

WAAAAAY freaking better then hot pockets.

Dough is 2$ for 3 servings meals (for someone who eats a decent amount).

Cheese is equivalent to about 1/2 a pound per calzone (of diff types), which is about $2 per serving.

Other toppings are about 1$ per serving.

Total for your own super yummy delicious calzone you can make any time....less than 5$ a pop.

Also you want to top the calzone with a bit of butter (melted) when you put it in the oven (at 425). I'd sprinkle a bit more parm cheese on top as well.
If I'm eating a hot pocket, do you really think I'm in the mood for all of that?


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