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Help! I'm addicted to apple juice!
-Komaiko54-2808.02.2017 9:37am0 + 0
Apparently forcing alligators to smoke and drink booze is "abusive"...
Solid Sonic308.02.2017 9:00am0 + 0
This Blonde Republican is DIVORCING her Husband because she HATES DEMOCRATS!!!
Full Throttle1108.02.2017 7:35am0 + 0
So why do user tags have to be censored?
Xeowulf2608.02.2017 5:18am0 + 0
This 16 y/o Blonde Texas Girl was Viciously ATTACKED on the Street by a MONKEY!
Full Throttle1408.02.2017 5:06am0 + 0
Do you like the new changes to the look of this site, at the top?
UT19991308.02.2017 3:53am0 + 0
i like zeus tbh
Nade Duck7108.02.2017 3:51am0 + 0
No weapon in Dark Souls really has the feeling of impact like the Dragon Bone
acesxhigh308.02.2017 3:40am0 + 0
123pizza2408.02.2017 3:38am0 + 0
Donald Trump makes Boy Scouts chant for him, regales them with yacht sex story
Doctor Foxx7008.02.2017 3:19am0 + 0
I am the pull out merchant king. Aint nobody gonna leech my soul or my money
AC_Dragonfire408.02.2017 2:47am0 + 0
Happy birthday to me!
Cleric_Carlisle2308.02.2017 2:40am0 + 0
A British person is telling me there are 120 minutes in an hour in Britain.
Currant_Kaiser2508.02.2017 2:38am0 + 0
Is PotD your "family"?
darcandkharg312208.02.2017 2:17am0 + 0
I just had an undeniable urge for McDonalds right now...
Snuggletoof108.02.2017 2:16am0 + 0
If all ancestors of a species are the same species as its offspring...
Lokarin708.02.2017 2:14am0 + 0
If someone likes you, do you have to like them back?
darcandkharg311608.02.2017 2:11am0 + 0
Ally my older systems and games are in a closet. Should I sell them?
FellWolf1308.02.2017 1:20am0 + 0
Any Magic the Gathering players here? Is there a MTG board on this site?
KishinZephrite5608.02.2017 1:16am0 + 0
Thats a football manager first
argonautweakend108.02.2017 12:59am0 + 0
are you going to be married with kids and live happily ever after?
lolamericans3908.02.2017 12:59am0 + 0
The most evil character in all of fiction
Mead2308.02.2017 12:43am0 + 0
Pro-Trump Poll Rasmussen shows Trump Numbers are HORRENDOUS at 39%!!!
mrduckbear808.02.2017 12:36am0 + 0
(POLL) Is Internet website www.gamefaqs.com ''looking out for the little guy?''
McSame_as_Bush708.02.2017 12:23am0 + 0
This 19 y/o Kid lost his SCHOLARSHIP because he chose YOUTUBE over FOOTBALL!!!
Full Throttle308.02.2017 12:08am0 + 0
metallica singing the pokemon theme song
helly208.02.2017 12:05am0 + 0
I think i am going to order a Hawaiian pizza tonight
Ogurisama1608.01.2017 11:55pm0 + 0
my coffee machine broke
helly908.01.2017 11:52pm0 + 0
Free Patapon theme for PS4
DeltaBladeX208.01.2017 11:45pm0 + 0
Why wasn't Firefly The Animated Series a thing that existed?
Cotton_Eye_Joe508.01.2017 11:33pm0 + 0
WHAT, is she wearing?
saspa1108.01.2017 11:29pm0 + 0
Yo momma so fat
TheWorstPoster308.01.2017 11:20pm0 + 0
I noticed that my tibalis anterior muscle has grown to cover half of my shin.
SunWuKung420508.01.2017 11:16pm0 + 0
Battle of the ages
DeltaBladeX108.01.2017 11:15pm0 + 0
This woman was arching her back on a paddle board and every dude stared at her
mastermix3000708.01.2017 10:45pm0 + 0
if the emoji movie is the number one movie larry frag owes me a drink
knightoffire55508.01.2017 10:36pm0 + 0
Go directly to jail
TheWorstPoster1008.01.2017 10:22pm0 + 0
Best food from this list?
Slayer1308.01.2017 9:58pm0 + 0
rhode island slut
LaggnFragnLarry108.01.2017 9:56pm0 + 0
Well, that was stupid
TheWorstPoster408.01.2017 9:38pm0 + 0
my son is really enjoying slime rancher for the xbox1
LaggnFragnLarry708.01.2017 9:25pm0 + 0
to prevent someone from hacking the Switch, nintendo uses fuses.
helly2208.01.2017 8:56pm0 + 0
Lawsuit alleges the White House "concocted" news story with Fox News
Jen01254808.01.2017 8:55pm0 + 0
What's the best pizza meat?
Lokarin708.01.2017 8:49pm0 + 0
It's time for Xenosaga on Switch
ObligatoryFate1408.01.2017 8:42pm0 + 0
should i watch the emoji movie again?
knightoffire552108.01.2017 8:17pm0 + 0
RIP Robin Williams
Tifas_Revenge2008.01.2017 8:02pm0 + 0
I feel like I'm the only one who likes Iron Man 2 the best of the series
FrozenBananas608.01.2017 7:59pm0 + 0
Sonic isn't the fastest thing alive
TheWorstPoster508.01.2017 7:57pm0 + 0
How can we be thrown into another Cold War
TheWorstPoster108.01.2017 7:37pm0 + 0
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