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Almost all rapists are men. Clearly that means all men can't be trusted. <- your logic

No, that's SJW logic

So simple group judgement makes sense to you unless it doesn't. The whole point of that example was how dumb it was, same as yours.

Either you're a troll or a bigot, and this really isn't worth biting further.

Now you are applying labels to detract from conversation. Rephrase your initial statement. ISIS has claimed to speak for all Islam, is that or is that not accurate?

Secondly, this topic is more about how the media is burying these stories because it goes against their narrative.

So just because an extremist group claims something, it has to be true? So the KKK claims that they're acting on the word of God. So does that mean they're all prophets and God wants white people to rule over the minorities?

It's not that kind of claim >.<
If the KKK claimed that they lynched someone that would mean the KKK probably lynched someone, not that the very concept of lynching is true (which doesn't even make sense)

You guys are getting too emotionally charged and are ignoring the point.

You're saying just because ISIL claims something, it must be true. The KKK claims that they're acting on the word of God. So why does everything that ISIL claims have to be true, but not the KKK? Just because one makes a religion you follow look bad and another doesn't?
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