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Mortal 11 Kombat
ninkendo412/07 12:44am
Who is the greatest Gamefaqs champion?
red sox 777412/07 12:34am
My internet went down 7 minutes ago.
Leafeon13N412/07 12:07am
Favorite current-gen JRPG out of these...
plasmabeam7712/06 11:31pm
What'll it take for somebody to compete with Link?
Logience3912/06 11:17pm
He come to town
FBike1412/06 11:12pm
I've seen 44 movies that released in 2018
Johnbobb7212/06 10:48pm
will anyone pay me to play final fantasy xiii
MariaTaylor212/06 10:38pm
With FF tanking this year, will they ever release FF16?
Squellvine312/06 10:30pm
Oh look its Link vs Cloud # 10002393
DrYuya412/06 10:25pm
Should Link be tired of GameFAQs Contests?
Paratroopa11512/06 9:35pm
Cloud is a Fraud
Evillordexdeath412/06 9:09pm
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 462: /BeckyLynchWWE
STElNER39312/06 8:22pm
social media is the problem
Metal_DK312/06 8:11pm
Smash Ultimate Mafia Topic 8: FREE FOR ALL
eaedwards640045312/06 8:10pm
Do I have to wait till midnight to put in the download code for Smash?
FinaIFantasy412/06 7:47pm
ertyu 0078 video game contest Metal gear soild 3 vs Grand theft auto VC
ertyu00781612/06 7:36pm
Save My Hamlet Scene - Day 18 (RULE CHANGE)
PumpkinCoach2912/06 7:33pm
smash bros ultimate special edition in stock at gamestop.
SlugSh0t1012/06 6:58pm
are there any big games coming out in the next few months?
MoogleKupo1411512/06 6:25pm
Link vs Zelda
ertyu0078612/06 5:50pm
Poor Tifa...will need to face Samus again, lol
ElSofoque1812/06 5:49pm
If It Were Up to Board 8: Sonic vs. Magus and Amaterasu vs. Edgeworth
NowItsAngeTime4812/06 5:44pm
AVGN #163 - The Town With No Name
ninkendo612/06 5:01pm
Picked up Dragon Quest XI today. *spoilers*
TheRock15256512/06 4:35pm
"Well if the title is undisputed then what's all the fighting about
KazGT6112/06 4:28pm
Why did they lose? Pikachu, Bowser
Anagram2912/06 4:12pm
Idea for contest: Best Item Ever
ZeldaTPLink4012/06 4:07pm
The actual CBX Losers Bracket! Round 6 Day 3
Oxbridge2412/06 4:02pm
theyve been slowly rereleasing the Smash Amiibo line
Heroic Bigpun2412/06 3:24pm
Nier Automata Shipments+Digital Downloads reach 3.5 Million.
KamikazePotato912/06 3:13pm
any authentic oem ps3 controllers out there on ebay?
SlugSh0t312/06 2:59pm
link wins
ertyu0078612/06 12:43pm
Contest Stats and Discussion - Part 1316
AxemRedRanger50012/06 12:43pm
Steiner ranks Scrubs episodes
NFUN1412/06 12:34pm
It's time we talk about the anti-animal words/phrases we use in everyday life.
LameJokeAlt2612/06 11:54am
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Review Zone
ninkendo812/06 11:47am
Anyone following the Fallout 76 fiasco?
Raka_Putra7812/06 11:08am
Who Will Win the 2018 Guru Contest?
SuperNiceDog712/06 10:32am
Cheesecake tastes disgusting with whiskey.
FBike1212/06 10:27am
This deserves a separate topic: Bethesda leaked sensitive customer info.
KamikazePotato3112/06 10:24am
What is SFF or rSFF?
Waluigi12212/06 8:36am
This 22 y/o Asian California Girl got a new KIDNEY from her TINDER DATE!!!!
Full Throttle912/06 5:15am
So if mega man wins, which character is actually stronger?
imthestuntman2812/06 2:54am
Strongest B-Tier Nintendo Character
KamikazePotato2812/06 2:43am
11 y/o Illinois Kid sticks his TONGUE on a METAL POLE and PANICS!!!!
mrduckbear112/06 12:44am
A list of all 1v1 matches that have flipped
TsunamiXXVIII812/06 12:19am
49 y/o Tennessee Employee faces 3 YEARS for PEEING on KELLOG'S CEREAL!!!!
Full Throttle112/05 11:57pm
Who is the current top nine, in order?
PoIl61772212/05 10:23pm
Jaden Smith - Goku
LapisLazuli1512/05 10:18pm
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