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Reminder -- Smash Bros has THE WORST fanbase in gaming and it isn't close.
UltimaterializerX5002/12 9:50pm
NBIceman2402/12 9:32pm
~*Save My Persona Character*~ MMXIX FINAL Results [per][so][na]
kateee2902/12 8:58pm
Why haven't we had a Metroid vs Castlevania match yet?
Logience402/12 8:17pm
Aww Yeah Platinum #181 GET! - Grand Theft Auto III (Pick my next PS2 game)
ninkendo1002/12 7:41pm
Best of the Trope Season 2: Day 56 - Big Damn Heroes
GavsEvans1232302/12 4:34pm
Best Mario Party minigame?
LiquidOshawott2902/12 4:05pm
CW renews pretty much its entire line-up
scarletspeed74502/12 3:57pm
Everyone making these lame Kingdom Hearts timeline videos are lame
PrivateBiscuit1202/12 2:13pm
Pokemon go topic purged
ScareChan2502/12 1:56pm
garbage topic 11
Steiner1802/12 1:44pm
so did the mods ever say what's up with the mobile site and if
Johnbobb3202/12 1:19pm
Save My Disney Character X Round 54.5 [SMDC]
GenesisSaga15402/12 1:15pm
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 470: Stone Cold Steve
Steiner50002/12 11:47am
so what is it with aggressively terrible characters in anime?
Johnbobb3402/12 10:53am
Best indie games for the Switch
Nelson_Mandela3202/12 10:21am
Best Simpsons One Off Character Day 1
Whiskey_Nick1902/12 9:57am
What is your least favorite minigame of all time in video games?
Emeraldegg5802/12 9:21am
Rock tries to finally finish Xenoblade Chronicles on the 3DS (spoilers)
TheRock15252102/12 7:19am
Best Movie Of 2018 - Day 11 - feat. Roma vs. Mission Impossible: Fallout
RySenkari1902/12 6:47am
(+ ) SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE: Ultimate League // S1 - THE PLAYOFFS PT.2 ( +)
3DSRage20102/12 6:19am
Board 8 Rumble Topic 2
Tom Bombadil27702/12 2:35am
Where can I find a good KH3 playthrough on Youtube?
Logience1402/12 12:29am
ATTN: Bdiddy in Pokemon Go
Mitochondriagon302/11 11:10pm
Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon so good.
UltimaterializerX2702/11 10:27pm
^King of the Mountain^ - Save My Princess - Day 39
v_charon6502/11 9:18pm
~*Save My Persona Character*~ MMXIX FINALS - Koromaru vs. Makoto Niijima
kateee11902/11 9:00pm
do y'all have a phone recommendation?
SeabassDebeste1802/11 8:27pm
Live Action Aladdin trailer
Lightning Strikes2502/11 7:27pm
Do you like this character? Day 1147: Peppermint Patty (Peanuts)
Underleveled3502/11 6:29pm
Charlie Work
Snrkiko702/11 5:32pm
Best Game of 2018 FINAL RESULTS
ZeroSignal6202602/11 5:03pm
Best Star Wars Movie Day 9 FINALS
Whiskey_Nick1302/11 3:54pm
oh ya English hardcover JoJo books continuing even though JoJonium is completed
ninkendo302/11 1:48pm
Since there are some Disney fans here I thought I'd drop this here.
DoomTheGyarados102/11 9:03am
SteinsGate or Utawarerumono?
Snrkiko2302/11 9:01am
Best Movie Of 2018 - Day 10 - feat. Isle Of Dogs vs. Won't You Be My Neighbor?
RySenkari2202/11 7:45am
How many years have you been on the INTERNET?
SirPollsALot1302/11 4:18am
Best of the Trope Season 2: Day 55 - Green Hill Zone
GavsEvans1231502/11 2:59am
Nickelodeon Actress who was 15 on a HIT SHOW is ALL GROWN UP!! Is She Hot????
mrduckbear102/11 1:52am
Do you wear SHOES in the HOUSE????
Full Throttle102/11 1:11am
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Topic 5: Pichu Edition
Anagram1002/11 12:03am
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance Miss rates
StealThisSheen2402/10 11:39pm
Almost 3 years later and still no satisfying explanation for Prince's death...
BlueAllen3602/10 11:26pm
How is MGS4 regarded around here?
INCEPTlON4102/10 11:06pm
Save My Disney Character X Round 54 [SMDC]
v_charon14202/10 9:19pm
~*Save My Persona Character*~ MMXIX Round 44 *NEW RULES*
kateee8702/10 8:56pm
Has any game ever done this (re tutorials)?
BlackMageJawa402/10 8:15pm
Best Star Wars Movie Day 8
Whiskey_Nick3402/10 6:04pm
Do you like this character? Day 1146: Cersei Lannister (A Song of Ice and Fire)
Underleveled3702/10 5:35pm
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