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Which came first?

Welcome to Video Game Music Contest 15, an annual celebration of the best of the best video game music according to the voters!

Important Links:
Contest info sheet:
Contest discussion thread:
Main bracket playlist:
Compatibility sheet (courtesy of Haste!!):
Last years spreadsheet:
VGMC total stats sheet:

- Listen to both songs in a given match, at least through the loop time provided (to make sure you don't skip before you've heard the whole thing!)
- Please consider the loop point listed when judging the song; if a video loops one minute 5 times, don't treat it as if it's a repetitive 5 minute song
- If it's a match between your favorite song ever and a song you despise, still LISTEN TO BOTH! Votes can and will be disqualified if there is suspicion songs are not being listened to, and you may be discounted for the rest of the contest for repeat offenses.
- No alt accounts, no rallying or begging, etc., etc.... You only get one vote! Swapping votes is alright, just make clear that you've already made a vote and are swapping.
- Make clear what your voting options are! Please keep votes separate from any comments, and use the titles given in the topic post.
- Voting in all matches is not mandatory, feel free to skip matches you do not wish to vote in.
- Vote based on the links provided, and not other sources of audio. Links are specifically chosen for best quality and the like.
- Don't discuss vote tallies in this thread, or in other threads, as they may influence votes. Likewise, please refrain from looking at the running tally before voting.

Voting Period:
- Today's matches will last 24 hours from the time of posting, or 24 hours from 10pm Eastern, whichever is the later time.
- Please note this may mean that two topics will be active at the same time!
- If you anticipate being unable to vote in a given day, please send an absentee vote to @banshiryuu or @Toxtricity, or post your absentee vote in the discussion thread!


Match 1

RoboCop (Game Boy) - Title Theme
Composer: Johnathan Dunn
Loop Point: 2:45

Nex Machina - Cosmic Hero
Composer: Ari Pulkkinen
Loop Point: 3:13

Match 2

Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel - XaaaCi.
Composer: Yoshitaka Hirota
Loop Point: 7:04

Street Fighter EX Plus - Strange Sunset
Composer: Ayako Saso
Loop Point: 3:12

Match 3

Girls' Frontline - Connexion
Composer: G.K arr. G.K, Haloweak
Loop Point: 5:11

Caravan Boomer - Sunjammer Midnight Special
Composer: Shnabubula
Loop Point: 1:06


Easy vote form:
Title Theme / Cosmic Hero
XaaaCi. / Strange Sunset
Connexion / Sunjammer Midnight Special

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