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Andy plays Final Fantasy VI

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Rango posted...
As long as you're enjoying the game.
Forgot to reply to this before. I am enjoying it a great deal! The encounter rate definitely is a bit too high, it only bothered me when I was lost or looking to find a secret but the enc-none charm has alleviated that annoyance. It's definitely a top tier OST too, and I haven't even done the final dungeon yet (assuming this one has great tracks near the end like most in the series do, I know of 'Dancing Mad' but not sure if I've actually heard it).

MalcolmMasher posted...
(Although I'm confident that that Ultros and, especially, Siegfried were inspired by FF5's fan favorite comic villain.)
Agreed, and I meant to mention Siegfried before. I went looking for the impostor in the cave near Figaro (where I last saw him) but nothing. Trying to make sense of his deal- the impostor was on the Phantom Train but he wasn't dead I assume, then Ultros mentioned impressing him at some point, then the impostor was in the cave and then we met the real guy at the Coliseum. Curious how that's all gonna shake out!

MalcolmMasher posted...
"Team". Heh. Remember the Phoenix Cave? : )
Oh man I loved that split team thing, I was hoping we'd do it again! I'd better train up some of the minor ones before attempting the tower then, maybe teach Gau and Strago some new things too. Don't know if I got all of Edgar's Tools or Mog's other Dance yet either, come to think of it. (Also at first I forgot the name of Phoenix Cave and thought you were referring to the Phoenix Tower in V, I was filled with dread for a moment lol).

mnkboy907 posted...
Also yeah, in the original, Flood wasn't a spell and there were in fact no regular Water magic spells. Just stuff like Aqua Breath, Water Rondo, Gau's rages, and I think one of Shadow's throwables? Odd oversight.
Huh I hadn't noticed but that is odd. There's definitely a Water Scroll. I guess Water has usually been a secondary element in the series, there's Ice/Fire/Thunder as the big three then Air/Holy/Earth as secondaries that can be a bit weird with how they act. I guess Water would be on Air's level in general, but that has Aero as a fairly standard spell at least.

And thank you so much to GK and everyone who helped clear up the Esper stuff, so I have 5 empty slots but only 2 more Espers to get and I can't do either of them at the moment! I would've spent hours looking assuming I'd missed something there, phew. Next time I'll train people up a bit and try to get the gang prepared for the tower, then depending on how long all that takes maybe give the final dungeon a go!

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