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Andy plays Final Fantasy Tactics (Blind Playthrough)

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*Progressive spoilers shall follow*

My long arduous mission to beat all the single player Final Fantasy games continues with FF Tactics! It's 4th/5th in the poll depending on if you count clearly stuffed votes, but V/VI Advance could take a while to get and Delita reached the final in SMFFFC so Tactics seems fitting to do next.

Under board recommendation I will be playing the PSOne Classics original version of the game on PS3. No overflowery translations for us! I know next to nothing about this game which is very exciting, all I know is:
-It's set in Ivalice, but I don't know if there's any connection to XII.
-Delita is a great character and maybe a villain? I remember conflicting information on this, though I may be confusing him with Marche. Don't clarify this for me please!
-Ramza is the lead, and is poor, yes.
-Cloud is in this? I saw his name in some translation guide, a little confused by this honestly. This game released far too early for useless DLC/preorder bonuses so no idea why he's here.

That's it. That's all I know, I think. As far as tactical RPGs go, I have varying levels of experience with XCOM, Advance Wars, Mario + Rabbids and Fire Emblem. I'm assuming it won't be too different from one of those.

I'll probably start the game today or tomorrow so figured I'd create this topic now and ask if there's anything I should know before starting. Any missable characters/gear etc or tricky situations, any useful tips at all. Shoutout to @Evillordexdeath for giving me this advice: "whenever the game prompts you to save without returning you to the world map, make sure to save to a separate file".

Also in general I'll try to write less than I did in my IV playthrough, just general updates or cliffnotes will probably be better than overlong posts detailing the plot. No promises though, I have a tendency to ramble with stuff like this >_>

I am excited to play this alleged classic!

Congrats to azuarc, Guru Champion 2020!

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