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17. Mr X (Resident Evil 2 Remake) (23 points)
Nominated by: Cavedweller2000 (1/5 remaining)

Importance: 6
Fear: 9
Snake: 8

Mr. X was arguably Resident Evil 2 remake's best improvement over the original game. While in original Resident Evil 2 it was more our minds that made Mr. X the terrifying tyrant the game wanted you to think he was, Mr. X in RE2make is the real deal. Capcom used over 20 years of game development to craft one of the best antagonists the medium of gaming had ever seen. No longer limited by the constraints of loading screens or scripted sequences, Mr. X was a free-roaming, intelligent baddie who would hear and see your movements and respond accordingly, making even the fearsome Nemesis seem like a baby villain in comparison. His design was more noir based this time with a real trench-coat and fedora, fitting the more mystery edge RE2make had overall, and having better graphics made battling Mr. X a reactive experience as he would show shock, annoyance, and pure, unbridled, unstoppable rage as he barreled towards the player. I for one hated Mr. X and found him annoying through the first couple of playthoughs especially on hardcore thrown into the mix with lickers and zombies, but once you get good at detecting his AI patterns he can almost become an afterthought. However, this had the weird effect of making him an even more compelling villain; yes I could avoid him, but hearing his constantly stomping footsteps echoing through the halls of the RPD, just knowing he was out there, had a fun psychological effect where I felt like no matter my skill, Mr. X could ruin my shit at any moment with one false move. The popularity of RE2make has turned Mr. X into a certified icon, with memes up the wazoo from thong-wearing T-00s to of course "X Gon Give It To Ya." Playing as a Mr. X was even a main selling point of Project Resistance, and the disappointment of Resident Evil 3 Remake has caused X to completely overshadow Nemesis, ironic that the progenitor has now become the master. There's plenty to criticize and love in the RE2make, but I think we can all agree Mr. X has now completely overshadowed his PS1 predecessor, and seeing his wrinkled, zombie-like face in the dark, bloody halls of the RPD will be just as thrilling as it was the first time around.

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