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Ngamer64 posted...
Shesh how do we have no theater fans here on B8? @HaRRicH , help me out here!

Tagging in.

It's pretty baller. They only censored a little bit of it, the filming is dynamic, and you get to see King George spit. I'm of the opinion that the soundtrack is better than the production itself, but man is it good anyway. It's a genre-crosser for people who don't like musicals or rap, which I can anecdotally attest to with what Disney+ just released.

A friend's brought up concerns with how the term slavery is used in the show, and this rewatch makes me think that's got some merit in at least two of its examples. It"s also very much a show that knows it was being produced in NYC, which, hey, I loved NYC too, but then it takes two easy pot shots at New Jersey and it's like "okay, we get it, Manhattan just happens to be in the greatest city in the world."

Still...if you like musicals, rap, or history, you owe it to yourself to watch. If you don't, this still has enough quality to cross the gap. It didn't become arguably the biggest musical this past decade for no reason.

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