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Who is the stinkiest girl in gaming?
ColonizedMind3105/15 6:16pm
Explain to me why Biden can send tens of billions in foreign aid but can't
ColonizedMind1804/28 12:54pm
Is it true a post has to be marked before a mod can delete it?
ColonizedMind1104/17 7:53pm
When I was a kid I wanted to marry Aeris from Final Fantasy VII
ColonizedMind2404/13 3:28pm
WB removes all references to Dumbledore being gay in Chinese cut of new movie
ColonizedMind1004/12 3:57pm
Sony are going to announce they've bought FromSoft this month
ColonizedMind1204/02 3:33am
The Joker should never be a main villain in The Batman trilogy
ColonizedMind1103/30 10:52am
In Harry Potter canon, is Harry a transphobe?
ColonizedMind3903/25 4:27pm
Deleted The Batman Joker scene released
ColonizedMind5803/24 9:18pm
The way they've done climbing in Horizon 2 is so bad.
ColonizedMind902/19 3:29pm
Rank the X-Men movies
ColonizedMind502/19 4:46am
Let's see how Xbox's next big exclusive is doing
ColonizedMind502/14 8:47pm
What game do you think will be better: Horizon Forbidden West or Elden Ring?
ColonizedMind302/11 7:43am
Why did Revan and Malek just add Darth in front of their actual names?
ColonizedMind202/05 2:53am
I see I was right about Pokemon Legends Arceus
ColonizedMind8701/29 11:37am
What level of artist would Spotify side with over Joe Rogan?
ColonizedMind12801/28 9:35pm
Wait, I've just realized I have Resident Evil Re:Verse still installed
ColonizedMind301/25 8:23am
Microsoft is bad for gaming
ColonizedMind2701/20 8:51pm
First look at Leslie Grace's Batgirl
ColonizedMind9301/15 9:39pm
If someone corrected their pronouns as they/them would you respect their wishes?
ColonizedMind1201/06 9:27am
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