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Sir Chris plays cupid with the users and fictional Waifus: nominations.
DoomTheGyarados10303/23 3:59pm
Save My Disney Character X Round 88 [SMDC]
v_charon9003/23 3:58pm
Politics Containment Topic 220: The Gang Supports Yang
Jakyl2512203/23 3:51pm
^King of the Mountain^ - Save My Princess - FINALS: Azula vs. Zelda
v_charon4903/23 3:51pm
Save My Danganronpa Character! [SMDRC] *DAY 38* *RULE CHANGE!*
Inviso3103/23 3:50pm
Sekiro is so much harder than Dark Souls.
LapisLazuli3903/23 3:47pm
Anime & Manga Topic 211: Weekly Romance Jump
pjbasis47603/23 3:47pm
Final Fantasy Record Keeper: 44th topic for 4th anniversary
Grapple M1503/23 3:41pm
Persona 5: The Royal announced. Features female Joker. More info on April 24th
ninkendo5203/23 3:40pm
Vote for my game so I can win a trip to HAWAII with the TETRIS CREATOR
foolm0r0n5103/23 3:30pm
Devil May Cry 5 Review Zone
Bane_Of_Despair8903/23 3:27pm
1006-verse: Beginning of the end [TEW] [TomMod] [Wrasslin'] [absurd crossovers]
Tom Bombadil42403/23 3:25pm
User nom Song ranking topic
KatieKlaws2203/23 3:11pm
Best of the Trope Season 2: Day 94 - Creator's Pet
GavsEvans1231703/23 3:06pm
kpop topic - greatguys? great guys.
PumpkinCoach40703/23 3:04pm
SHINE Containment Topic VII: The Road to 10K
ninkendo49803/23 3:01pm
Guys where do I go next in Pokemon X?
ffmasterjose903/23 2:47pm
[VGMC] Video Game Music Contest 13, Nomination Thread #2 -- closes on Saturday!
azuarc47103/23 2:43pm
Autocomplete a 50 word post
TomNook5003/23 2:32pm
Dillo Factory 5 - daiamondo mitai ni kagayaki-hajimeta [turnips] [dillos]
Meyneth8503/23 2:24pm
Yu Yu Hakusho vs Hunter X Hunter
INCEPTlON1303/23 2:18pm
BABE BRAWL: Ena Friedrich (c) vs. Kate Winslet
Vlado803/23 2:11pm
Do you like this character? Day 1177: Unikitty (The LEGO Movie)
Underleveled2403/23 1:51pm
Gauntlet Crew Ranks Romantic Comedy movies: Love is in the Air
WickIebee41603/23 1:47pm
I sorta want to talk about Earthbound, vets, get in here
Punnyz503/23 1:43pm
Anime & Manga (And Crabs) Discussion Topic 1
MariaTaylor24403/23 1:39pm
If you're ever curious about the game Siren (PS2), don't.
metaIslug203/23 1:37pm
Red Dead Redemption 2 Mafia - Topic 10: I Gave You All I Had. I Did.
Suprak the Stud31603/23 1:36pm
Langrisser Mobile Topic
Lopen45803/23 1:28pm
Hearthstone Discussion Topic 351 - Everyone Gets a Nerf
davidponte40403/23 1:17pm
Fire Emblem Heroes Discussion Topic Part 23: Pitybroken by Legendary Lyn.
Dark Young Link18303/23 12:59pm
Save My Danganronpa Character! [SMDRC] *DAY 37*
Inviso4303/23 12:43pm
Kingdom Hearts III Discussion Topic *potential spoilers*
eaedwards640046103/23 12:42pm
Shad plays the Kingdom Hearts Series (spoilers)
Shaduln12703/23 12:21pm
I rank 174 VGM [rankings]
rwlh23503/23 11:52am
Apropo of nothing: Help a person or protect that person?
SgtSphynx503/23 11:46am
Jay-Z -- ranking songs and albums.
HaRRicH14103/23 11:14am
Fate/Grand Order Topic 13: Merry Christmas...?
KommunistKoala30303/23 10:59am
Umineko readthrough part 4 by Arria (blind) and Kira (2nd reading) SPOILERS OKAY
Eerieka4403/23 10:49am
What would you say to Cadence as a Smash DLC character?
BlackMageJawa3603/23 10:46am
Best AL West Team Day 3
Whiskey_Nick403/23 10:07am
Cokes' Real B8 NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge
WiggumFan2671703/23 10:00am
How's it going, guys?
gotspork1603/23 9:29am
Did everyone get their letter opener with their Copy of Sekiro?
Punnyz503/23 8:48am
General Movie Discussion Topic
CasanovaZelos8803/23 8:38am
Post something funny and I'll rate it
OliviaTremor603/23 8:29am
25 y/o TRAMP sent EXTREMELY GRAPHIC Masturbating Videos to a 15 y/o KID!!!!
mrduckbear603/23 8:26am
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 476: Give Us What We Want!
Steiner28003/23 6:24am
SaveEstelle/LeonhartFour in Different Houses: Valentine's Edition [SELF]
LeonhartFour35303/23 4:21am
comics tv show topic
CelesMyUserName5203/23 4:02am
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