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Signing Draft Picks

Quite a few teams have done it already, but now's the time to get those draftees' signatures and have them suit up for your squad. It is essentially just like signing your own free agents, but you don't have to worry about holdouts/franchise tags, and you typically have far fewer players to sign.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind as you read your PM. One, you will not know the overall ratings until they are signed. That is an in-game mechanic and not something by my design. Two, the desired deals for each player, in terms of length, is based on where they were taken. It is as follows:

Top 5 - Six years
6-10 - Five years
11-32 - Four years
2nd-4th rounds - Three years (will be eligible for RFA)
5th-7th rounds - One year

Once again, you do not have to offer them their exact deals and can change their length, but I advise you to sign them to the length that they ask for because if you change the length, they might ask for considerably more money.

The deadline to sign your rookies will be January 1st at 3:01 AM ET (so it will be New Year's Day on west coast). Should you idle, I will sign all your rookies to the deals that they are asking for (such a severe punishment I know). If you have roster space issues, then I will prioritize players who will fill roster holes and then in descending order of when they were selected until your roster is filled.
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