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Luigi's Mansion (Game Cube)
Oh my God, I thought that last boss was going to give me a stroke I was getting so mad at it. Seriously, what was its hitbox, like the size of Pichu?

Anyway, I kinda like these short, contained games. One of my favorite things about The Sexy Brutale was opening up new areas of the mansion and seeing what I couldn't see before, and that was present in this game too. The gameplay got a bit repetitive (an inherent weakness in this kind of game) but they found creative ways to spice it up. Capturing the last 10 or so Boos was annoying (as it had every right to be) but rewarding. I'll probably play the sequels at some point. But man that final boss just turned me off for a while.

I'm surprised I never had this game when I was young, considering Luigi was always my favorite Mario character and Game Cube was my primary console that generation.

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