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Jeff Zero & Leonhart in Different Houses: The Odyssey Concludes [JZLF]
LeonhartFour34912/11 8:59pm
Hearthstone Discussion Topic: No Take Candle!
VeryInsane20712/11 8:59pm
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Topic 41 - Double Rainbow
The Mana Sword35512/11 8:57pm
Rate That Box Art - Valkyria Chronicles 4: Eastern Front
ninkendo112/11 8:55pm
B8UCA presents Tuesday Night Ruin ft Contract Signing and Champions vs Champions
eaedwards6400612/11 8:53pm
When will a new "Save My Pokemon" contest begin?
Advokaiser8312/11 8:53pm
Snake Ranks Anything Horror Related VOL. 2 *THE RANKINGS*
Snake555555555547912/11 8:52pm
NBA Discussion Topic 3 - Will Boston ever lose? Also James Harden is MVP
ExThaNemesis40712/11 8:52pm
How is everyone liking Xenoblace Chronicles 2?
INCEPTlON612/11 8:52pm
Love Live! Stats & Discussion Topic 12: Happy 5.0 Season 2 Train to go!
WhiteLens27812/11 8:49pm
Anime & Manga Discussion Topic 176: Giving thanks for making anime topics
GranzonEx39812/11 8:47pm
Board 8 National Football League League (B8NFLL) Season 9: Regular Season
KCF010719112/11 8:45pm
All-Purpose Rusev Day Topic 426: 12 Days of Rusev
Strife2912/11 8:45pm
NFL Discussion Topic - Week 14
davidponte24112/11 8:45pm
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 426: Delete Bray Wyatt
ninkendo212/11 8:43pm
Korayashi6012/11 8:37pm
Giant Bomb 2017: Official Brad Appreciation Topic
GANON102515512/11 8:31pm
Day 1: What was the 1 redeeming feature of The Phantom Menace? [Star Wars Week!]
Ngamer64712/11 8:30pm
The Phantom Menace is somehow WORSE than I remembered.
CaptainOfCrush22612/11 8:27pm
B8UCA Discussion Topic X-69: One Last Ride
Tom Bombadil20912/11 8:26pm
Can you gift games on PSN yet?
KCF0107312/11 8:26pm
Recommendations for White Elephant gift for office party
Menji2212/11 8:21pm
Monster Hunter World beta 12/9 @ 12pm ET
Radix3112/11 8:14pm
SHONEN JUMP Character Battle II FINALS: Vegeta vs. Kaiba
pjbasis1812/11 8:10pm
Scarlet and Ed's really cool comics topic
Eddv19112/11 8:09pm
TEW 1984 (formerly 1983) Topic 4: The Gaijin Come Home
Tom Bombadil48012/11 8:06pm
Politics Containment Topic 154: A Very Special Election
Jakyl258312/11 8:06pm
Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters XIX: Day 93 (RULE CHANGE!) [smfffc]
LeonhartFour45312/11 8:04pm
Brock Lesnar to play Ivan Drago's son in Creed II
ninkendo912/11 7:48pm
The Board 8 Song of the Week Club - Week 10
Bane_Of_Despair5712/11 7:36pm
Will you buy: Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus?
Christmas1212/11 7:36pm
Looks like Giancarlo Stanton is going to the Yankees
Nelson_Mandela4512/11 7:36pm
Board 8 NFL Pick'Em League - Week 14
th3l3fty7212/11 7:27pm
Gauntlet Crew Ranks Martial Arts Movies - "Don't think! Feeeel!"
JONALEON145712/11 7:11pm
Fate/Grand Order Topic 7: Santa Alter is Super Early
Shadow Dino25212/11 7:10pm
~^~^~Pokemon Gauntlet - DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY EIGHT~^~^~
Inviso212/11 7:06pm
fine then, post in THIS topic when you exercise
MariaTaylor32112/11 7:03pm
Oh snap The Walking Dead midseason finale
GenesisSaga112/11 6:59pm
After ~89 days... I finally have my power back!
Pokalicious1312/11 6:57pm
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 425: Am I fucking going over?
SSJBGenkiDama50012/11 6:55pm
~^~^~Pokemon Gauntlet - DAY ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY SEVEN~^~^~
Inviso1412/11 6:49pm
What's the best way to earn Bison Bux in Street Fighter V?
PrivateBiscuit1912/11 6:45pm
what were your favourite TV shows this year?
iiicon2512/11 6:41pm
Post Each Time You Beat a Game - 2017 Edition (Topic #3)
KCF010716412/11 6:29pm
ace attorney topic: the return (spoilers for 1-5, AAI1-2)
transience34212/11 6:21pm
I'm totally gonna be a thing come the new year.
UInstinctVegeta1912/11 6:19pm
1006-verse: The women glow and the men plunder [TEW] [mod] [crossover] [wrassle]
Tom Bombadil11012/11 6:05pm
Fragrance, Lipstick, RuPaul - Dude Where's My Dillos? [kate] [dillos]
Bridget35712/11 6:00pm
Best South Park character?
Anagram512/11 5:53pm
What's the best Rankin & Bass Christmas special?
Underleveled112/11 5:52pm
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