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Tetsuya Nomura draws "later years" of Tidus and Yuna
Anagram512/13 9:00pm
Why Is NO ONE talking about the Gamer's Choice Awards??????
GANON1025912/13 8:58pm
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Topic 2: Unlock your characters, get your mains
Tokoyami38312/13 8:58pm
Contest Stats and Discussion - Part 1322
INTERWEBUSER32012/13 8:57pm
The SBAllen appreciation topic!
Haste_23012/13 8:56pm
Who was the Star of the Contest this year?
Underleveled1312/13 8:56pm
Incineroar sucks.
red13n3512/13 8:56pm
contest stat and discuss- part 2456
SuperNiceDog912/13 8:55pm
Save My Smash Bro: Day 27 [smsb] [24/7]
Save-My1112/13 8:55pm
^King of the Mountain^ - Save My Princess - Day 15
v_charon4112/13 8:55pm
Character Battle X Oracle Challenge Discussion Part 2
Team Rocket Elite2812/13 8:55pm
Politics Containment Topic 209: Lord of the Lies
Inviso45612/13 8:54pm
Mycro ranks the 278 VGM tracks that were nominated by BOARD EIGHT [rankings]
MycroProcessor17512/13 8:50pm
Save My Smash Bro: Day 26 [smsb] [24/7]
Save-My10812/13 8:49pm
Why did they lose? Zelda
Anagram1412/13 8:48pm
Survivor: David vs. Goliath Discussion Topic 3: Return of the Jacketgate
Inviso18412/13 8:48pm
Have you, and/or do you still, antivote Toon Link?
Logience212/13 8:46pm
which picture is this cloud from
puseecat692212/13 8:46pm
Why is Cloud so overrated?
KamariaK812/13 8:44pm
Thank you SBallen for choosing the best pics available.
JonThePenguin312/13 8:40pm
Character Battle X Contest Analysis Crew - Part 10
Master Moltar40712/13 8:39pm
NFL Discussion Topic - Week 15: Saturday Games
davidponte1212/13 8:38pm
The Champ is...HERE!
InsaneGamer137812/13 8:37pm
What would Link need to be good in Smash?
Logience412/13 8:37pm
Final Fantasy Record Keeper Topic 42.b: The Haunted Seven's curse was the purge.
Lopen31012/13 8:27pm
Best 7 Seed CBX Day 2
Whiskey_Nick712/13 8:26pm
who well win this weeks football game
ertyu0078812/13 8:25pm
Board 8 NA Smash Bros. Ultimate Online Tournament #1 --Signups--
NowItsAngeTime6412/13 8:23pm
The actual CBX Losers Bracket! Final - Link vs Bowser
Oxbridge3412/13 8:23pm
ertyu 0078 video game contest fire emblem vs Kingdom hearts
ertyu00781312/13 8:22pm
If It Were Up to Board 8 Final Battle: Samus vs. Alucard
NowItsAngeTime2812/13 8:18pm
Noble Nine's records.
HaRRicH20512/13 8:10pm
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 463: Better Viewership Than Raw
Jakyl2531912/13 8:06pm
Board 8's Other NFL Picks League - Week 15 - 2 Saturday Games
Ashethan2812/13 8:05pm
NFL Pick'em Topic Week 15
Emeraldegg4612/13 8:05pm
The Show EP 10- Zelda/Cloud Upset Madness, Crono/MM Slugfest! w TPLink and MZero
Ngamer641412/13 7:49pm
* Character Battle X First Vote Championship! *
Team Rocket Elite17212/13 7:39pm
*~~SephG ranks the classic 2D console platformers~~*
Nelson_Mandela3012/13 7:38pm
I would be pretty happy if Link would finish this off.
red13n112/13 7:38pm
Thank you Board 8
v_charon38012/13 7:38pm
He come to town
FBike1112/13 7:37pm
* 2018 CBX Guru Contest - Results, Discussions and Eliminations, Part Two *
Ngamer644212/13 7:35pm
see i told you all link wins contest
ertyu0078512/13 7:34pm
Sign up to be a ruler in my Crusader Kings 2: Holy Fury game (with write-ups)
Eerieka25512/13 7:34pm
Anagram plays Persona 3 (spoilers)
Anagram8512/13 7:34pm
NFL Ladder Contest - Week 15 **Tiebreakers begin**
DpObliVion1412/13 7:34pm
itt we keep documenting Character Battle X (part 4: Archive Free or Die Hard)
ZenOfThunder19712/13 7:30pm
eaed plays WWE Real World Mod on TEW 2016 - Going into the Summer of 2016! [WWE]
eaedwards64007412/13 7:29pm
ertyu show topic
ertyu00781912/13 7:29pm
Will you vote for Link in the final match?
Ilishe1312/13 7:22pm
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