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NBA Discussion Topic 6: The Quietest Trade Deadline
VeryInsane23102/17 1:55pm
Possible Dragon Ball Super spoilers
Pokalicious602/17 1:52pm
Snake Ranks User-Nominated Covers *THE RANKINGS*
Snake55555555554602/17 1:47pm
Name Something and I'll Rate It
scarletspeed741402/17 1:45pm
Save My Favourite Final Fantasy Characters V-2: Day 38 [novel] [smfffc]
Save-My2402/17 1:39pm
Attention: B8ers who previously played TLK
Forceful_Dragon39102/17 1:38pm
Fire Emblem Heroes Discussion Topic Part 14: Happy 1-Year Anniversary!
KamikazePotato41802/17 1:32pm
Hearthstone Discussion Topic: I'm No Longer in Charge Now!
VeryInsane17702/17 1:27pm
Holy crap, a new YGO TAS.
Anagram302/17 1:27pm
Save My Favourite Final Fantasy Characters V-2: Day 37 [Dante] [smfffc]
Save-My13002/17 1:22pm
Post Each Time You Beat a Game - 2018 Edition
KCF010717202/17 1:19pm
The Great 2018 Video Game Challenge
Robazoid18502/17 1:19pm
Youtube - Need Help. *Not a promotion*
wg64Z5002/17 1:12pm
Describe a film poorly, others guess what it is
Anagram43402/17 1:10pm
How is Hollow Knight?
OliviaTremor3102/17 1:08pm
Leonhart Ranks 124 User Nominated Games: Part 2
LeonhartFour6302/17 1:06pm
Why don't they just call him Panther?
EndOfDiscOne1402/17 12:53pm
VGM Guessing Game 2 2
NFUN1802/17 12:45pm
SaveEstelle/LeonhartFour in Different Houses: Frasier Suit Gundam Edition [SELF]
SaveEstelle33502/17 12:35pm
Dragon Ball FighterZ Topic 2: Yo, I'm Goku!
Xiahou Shake32302/17 12:32pm
~*Save My Persona Character*~ FINAL Results [per][so][na]
kateee3502/17 12:28pm
eaed plays WWE Real World Mod on TEW 2016 - ACTUALLY on the Road to Mania [TEW]
eaedwards640037302/17 12:11pm
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle : Categorically Great
GANON102522502/17 12:11pm
After 20 years, I'm finally going to play Ocarina of Time
Nelson_Mandela3902/17 12:08pm
Best Game of 2017 Round 3 **Xenoblade Chronicles 2 vs. Prey**
ZeroSignal6202102/17 12:08pm
Fix This Game Day 5: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
BetrayedTangy2102/17 12:04pm
Freedom, Liberty, Ron Paul - New Domains of Freedom [dwmf]
SmartMuffin22302/17 12:01pm
Ace Attorney Topic Part 3: The Maddening (Spoilers for AA1-6, AAI1-2)
LeonhartFour1202/17 12:01pm
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Topic 44 - Sakura Sakura
The Mana Sword17002/17 12:01pm
ertyu 0078 character battles Round 1: Max Payne vs. Yuna
Vlado102/17 11:25am
Conservative politics topic 2: The sacred TRUTH Trumps all lies
Vlado13602/17 11:22am
2018 Winter Olympics ~*~ Live ~*~
charmander600011202/17 10:59am
Politics Containment Topic 162: Aaron Feis
Jakyl258102/17 10:57am
B8UCA Discussion Topic X-70: The Final Countdown
XIII_rocks21902/17 10:53am
Fate/Grand Order Topic 9: Mystic Eyes and Knives
Shadow Dino5602/17 10:35am
Contest Stats and Discussion - Part 1278
LeonhartFour1402/17 10:28am
Are there any white collar jobs that you don't need to have a degree?
AirJordan2345702/17 10:27am
Animal Crossing... Mafia? Signup...
Alakazamtrainer602/17 10:13am
Love Live! Stats & Discussion Topic 12: Happy 5.0 Season 2 Train to go!
WhiteLens39202/17 9:59am
[Se7en Ranks 1,000+ 2]-[70's, 80's, 90's, 00's and 10's Music] ***Nominations 2
Se7enthrust14402/17 9:14am
VeryInsane continues to play The Heroes of Sky: Legends in the Trails
NFUN27702/17 9:00am
Anime & Manga Discussion Topic 183: No senpai, this is our topic!
BK_Sheikah008702/17 8:16am
TOMPIC 6: Lucha of Heroes: Trails in the Underground
Tom Bombadil17302/17 8:15am
post a quote from a video game instruction manual, users guess which game it is.
turbopuns26902/17 8:00am
Steiner302/17 7:59am
ertyu 0078 character battles Round 1: Mario vs. Martin Brodeur
Vlado202/17 7:56am
post here to be drawn by none other than user saveus_Maria
MariaTaylor8402/17 7:55am
All-Purpose Wrestling Topic 431: The Road to Rondamania
TheRock152518202/17 7:45am
BABE BRAWL Bonus Match: Lee Ann McAdoo vs. Ana Kasparian
Vlado702/17 7:08am
help my butt is trying to kill me
digiiiiiiiii1902/17 7:05am
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