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Nook's FF Topic [FF16 hype] [Series Ranking]

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#2. Final Fantasy VI

FF6 is a masterclass of 16 bit gaming. It's amazing that those machines could make something that looks and plays this good. FF6 is up there with Chrono Trigger, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Earthbound, Super Mario World, etc. Games that look and play just as good as some of the best modern day indie games. These games aged like fine wine.

I said this earlier in the topic when talking about FF7R: FF6 is fully realized as is. It was never hindered by aging technology, and can stand on it's own without a remake. FF7 is stuck on Ps1 where it's showing it's age, and considering FF7R is more of a spinoff than a remake, it's probably only gonna get worse for FF7 as times goes on. That said... let's face it - FF6 is probably the best game in the series.

A whopping 14 party members, one of the best villains in gaming history, an entire opera scene sung entirely in 16 bit, and oh yeah - you can straight up fucking break this game

So yeah, I'm the odd man out who actually likes Gau. He was my main protagonist, and man, learning enemy moves on the Veldt was insane. I believe the one that really broke the game was called Nightshade? They can confuse the enemy and make them attack themselves. Well guess what - it works on most bosses. If I recall correctly, it even worked on the final boss.

It's been a long time, so it's hard for me to remember exactly - but I believe I also had Celes and Terra having some crazy setup that let them cast Ultima like four times a turn for free. And of course fourth slot went to Edgar who would chainsaw anything left standing.

Man I forgot about the chainsaw and hockey mask until just now. This game had everything. Ya know what, I'm just gonna start listing stuff: Sabin using Street Fighter inputs to suplex a ghost train, Cyan's town getting it's water supply poisoned, Shadow and Interceptor, ULTROS, the villain wins and the entire world gets destroyed, an Esper system that lets you customize your dudes... the list is endless.

So yeah, if this game ain't a 10, then I don't know what is.

The ranking so far
#2. FF6 - 10
#3. FFT - 10
#4. FFX - 9.5
#5. FF4 - 9.4
#6. FF9 - 9.3
#7. FF5 - 9.0
#8. FF14 HW - 9.0
#9. FF8 - 8.8
#10. FFX-2 - 8.5
#11. FF12 - 8.4
#12. FF14 ARR - 8.4
#13. FF11 - 8.4
#14. FF1 - 8.3
#15. FF7R - 8.2
#16. FF15 - 8.0
#17. DoC FF7 - 6.0
#18. FF2 - 5.0
#19. FF13 - 3.0

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