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Elden Ring discussion 5 - Try finger, but hole

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  1. In the End
  2. Papercut
  3. Points of Authority
  4. A Place for My Head
  5. Pushing Me Away
  6. One Step Closer
  7. Forgotten
  8. Crawling
  9. Runaway
  10. By Myself
  11. Cure for the Itch
  12. With You
As usual, my final listen tends to moderate my opinions somewhat. There's stuff here that I still do like, especially some of the beats/instrumentation, but a lot of Chester's screamy vocals are offputting (to me, in the year 2022).

As an album, I think this is likely objectively better/more interesting than my subjective opinions that are colored by my history. ...If that makes any sense? I struggled trying to figure out where to rank the album, with the conflicting thoughts of "I wouldn't really want to listen to this again" versus "but this is kind of better than Other Album".

"That was unnecessarily dramatic". - NY Mets motto (courtesy of InnerTubeHero)
Congratulations to azuarc, the guru of gurus and winner of GotD 2020!

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