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Portlandia attacked by Antifa kids
Joeydollaz6108.18.2019 9:01am0 + 0
She looks at you and asks for some
fake_Goku908.18.2019 9:01am0 + 0
Kabul wedding suicide bombed, hundreds hurt
Future_Trunks908.18.2019 9:00am0 + 0
Is driving four hours to see Coldplay a waste of gas?
Cotton_Eye_Joe908.18.2019 9:00am0 + 0
Why is it so many people dont have any sort of savings
Rika_Furude608.18.2019 8:58am0 + 0
Video hosting on imgtc is live on the website now
tullock1108.18.2019 8:57am0 + 0
Why does everyone on the internet seem to have one of those DXRacer Chairs?
AlecSkorpio108.18.2019 8:57am0 + 0
[BOST] Day 13: V6 v SuperPlatPuzzDX, Ys8 v Granado Espada, IIDX 24 v Muv-Luv Alt
banshiryuu1108.18.2019 8:56am0 + 0
[BOST] Best OST Contest 5 - Results and Discussion Thread
banshiryuu4508.18.2019 8:56am0 + 0
Doge can't bmx. Savannah cat busts sick tricks
CanuckCowboy1408.18.2019 8:55am0 + 0
Describe your sex life with a movie title.
Verdekal5508.18.2019 8:54am0 + 0
Saitama vs the Avengers (movie)
Ilishe3208.18.2019 8:54am0 + 0
My mom thinks I should listen to Jordan Peterson.
Phantom_Nook508.18.2019 8:53am0 + 0
What are some of your favorite PC games?
coh1008.18.2019 8:51am0 + 0
A FEMALE Airport Employee is FIRED after she wrote a MAN this OFFENSIVE NOTE!!!!
Full Throttle1008.18.2019 8:51am0 + 0
Sega is teasing something...
brotrrwinner1908.18.2019 8:48am0 + 0
A great swordsman once said, "Hesitation is defeat."
Dreaming_King308.18.2019 8:47am0 + 0
I'm going to try Jordan Peterson's advice on breakfast for a week!
deupd_u508.18.2019 8:46am0 + 0
Akagami_Shanks108.18.2019 8:45am0 + 0
Hypothetical: You come home one day to find your girlfriend covered in babies.
UnfairRepresent508.18.2019 8:43am0 + 0
BattleBots: Fight Night week 10 discussion topic *spoilers*
Calwings5408.18.2019 8:41am0 + 0
but what makes me necessary?
biggernails208.18.2019 8:40am0 + 0
Recommend me a good youtube channel for gaming news and updates
Cobra1010708.18.2019 8:39am0 + 0
How tough would Krillin be in the MCU?
Maze_3208.18.2019 8:38am0 + 0
ITT: We write a crappy story three words at a time: part 2
KJ StErOiDs3708.18.2019 8:37am0 + 0
Parodies that are more famous than the original
HylianFox2108.18.2019 8:33am0 + 0
Why are people inventing block-chain and shit when we still got AIDS and shit
Shablagoo2208.18.2019 8:33am0 + 0
What is your favorite Price Is Right game?
Damn_Underscore1908.18.2019 8:33am0 + 0
SHINE Containment Topic IX: The one where I play a lot of Kingdom Hearts games
ninkendo9908.18.2019 8:31am0 + 0
I woke up an hour ago.
Alucard188908.18.2019 8:31am0 + 0
$500,000 but all world leaders from now on will only be women.
UnfairRepresent1208.18.2019 8:30am0 + 0
If you bep before you beep don't even talk to me bro
Goats508.18.2019 8:29am0 + 0
Fire Emblem: Three Houses is already the best selling Fire Emblem in America
Boo_Guy308.18.2019 8:28am0 + 0
If God banished everyone else from north America, could you survive?
Goats1508.18.2019 8:27am0 + 0
I really fucked up not getting Mario Tennis Aces at launch
SkynyrdRocker108.18.2019 8:25am0 + 0
Only 1 in 5 believe the system is working for them
Shablagoo408.18.2019 8:23am0 + 0
Three guys walk around JAPAN asking GIRLS how many men they've had sex with
EIiza308.18.2019 8:23am0 + 0
GENERAL: do you fantasize/picture naked your best FRIENDS?
SaccharineSmile308.18.2019 8:21am0 + 0
What do you guys think of Andy Ngo?
GhettoFlip1708.18.2019 8:18am0 + 0
Lay it all out. What's the worst thing you've ever done?
KayfabeTactics3908.18.2019 8:10am0 + 0
I opened up with "damn girl you fine" to a girl on hinge.
Squall28408.18.2019 8:10am0 + 0
Anyone else used to watch Round the Twist? The Ozzie drama?
Sunhawk408.18.2019 8:10am0 + 0
Kids suck
G-Ziss308.18.2019 8:05am0 + 0
Who's da most famous person you ever shake hands with?
ssj3vegeta27408.18.2019 8:04am0 + 0
Are there any modern kid shows that are like this?
WesternMedia708.18.2019 8:03am0 + 0
20 y/o HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT is Arrested after he did THIS to his GF's CAR!!!!
Full Throttle308.18.2019 8:03am0 + 0
What's your favorite Role Playing Game?
ssj3vegeta_2808.18.2019 8:03am0 + 0
Sub vs Dub
sLaCkEr408___RJ5308.18.2019 8:01am0 + 0
DSPGaming General 10 (Year Legacy): Thousand Dollar Cat Edition
jpenny23408.18.2019 8:01am0 + 0
A FEMALE Airport Employee is FIRED after she wrote a MAN this OFFENSIVE NOTE!!!
Full Throttle808.18.2019 7:59am0 + 0
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