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lol there's a typo in the Unsolved Mysteries update

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It is pretty easy to make progress in certain fields even if you don't play too heavily every day.

I do recommend getting a Sky Shard map overlay and a Lore Book map overlay. Every 3 Sky Shards nets you one skill point, and Lore Books = Mage Guild experience.

Logging on to upgrade your mount once a day is a good idea - IIRC it costs 250 or 500 gold to do this. You can upgrade its inventory, speed and stamina. Don't remember if you need a mount first to unlock that or not.

Also, crafting is different in that you have to research special Traits you put on gear. You do this by buying or finding a piece of gear with the Trait you want, then using the "Research" option at a crafting table. There's a Carpentry table, Blacksmithing table and Clothing table (well, and Jewellry now with Summerset), so you can research stats for different types of equipment simultaneously. It starts off relatively quickly, but the more traits you research the longer it takes to learn subsequent ones, so the sooner you get started on that the sooner you can learn more.

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