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Pokemon that can only evolve when traded.
au_gold2308.02.2021 3:13am0 + 0
Care for another sundae, WEENIE???
Verdekal108.02.2021 3:12am0 + 0
what are some must have items to have in your car?
Beveren_Rabbit2308.02.2021 3:06am0 + 0
This movie Dear Evan Hansen looks good. Based on a play apparently
Zikten208.02.2021 3:04am0 + 0
Questions for Republicans.
cjsdowg508.02.2021 3:03am0 + 0
The Chris Chan case is horrifying by any stretch, but
Heliogabalus1408.02.2021 3:03am0 + 0
being a self aware black nerd is one of the weirdest things ever
Swagnet0808.02.2021 3:00am0 + 0
Anybody play The Ascent yet?
billcom62008.02.2021 2:59am0 + 0
What would the DBZ announcer say about your problems the next time you go to bed
Verdekal208.02.2021 2:58am0 + 0
Texas Teen stole JEWELRY from a DEAD MAN'S BODY!! Should she be punished??
Full Throttle1708.02.2021 2:56am0 + 0
ITT: I play Elder Scrolls Online (ongoing spoilers)
Shotgunnova8908.02.2021 2:52am0 + 0
Donald J. Trump was a fascist.
au_gold7508.02.2021 2:51am0 + 0
Putting soup in a square tupperware
eggcorn4208.02.2021 2:50am0 + 0
Remember that Spongebob and Burger King commerical song about butts?
pikachupwnage908.02.2021 2:45am0 + 0
Just applied for the UPS package handler job
Scotty_Rogers708.02.2021 2:44am0 + 0
Hunter x Hunter chimera ant arc is finally on netflix. *spoilers*
Bloodmoon771108.02.2021 2:42am0 + 0
2 months after the $300 ended, have people gone back to work yet?
xAzNPimP4LiFex3408.02.2021 2:38am0 + 0
Excuse me lady, the gentleman who was accompanying you has left
cuh408.02.2021 2:37am0 + 0
Half your age + 7 is an outdated formula
Geno4LoveGeno4L1208.02.2021 2:35am0 + 0
women are starting a new meme word: dickcation
Philoktetes708.02.2021 2:34am0 + 0
Should I install Windows 11 on my gaming desktop when I get home tonight?
DarthAragorn1308.02.2021 2:34am0 + 0
Android iMessage Competitor Puts Pressure On Apple
God_Of_Entirety2908.02.2021 2:33am0 + 0
I unfortunately fall on the side that finds Mr. X more annoying than scary.
pegusus123456608.02.2021 2:32am0 + 0
CE STFU and GO to SLEEP GOD has spoken.
CosmicShadows1108.02.2021 2:30am0 + 0
Star Trek: DS9 watchthrough thread #7 (spoilers as i go + for other ST media)
DuranOfForcena808.02.2021 2:29am0 + 0
Remember that guy who burned down a church for CE?
Lvaneede2608.02.2021 2:21am0 + 0
lmao Vikings are fucked cause their $31M starting QB won't get vaxed
Bio15902708.02.2021 2:20am0 + 0
FoxNews going balls deep into Doublethink nuttery
DarkRoast1008.02.2021 2:18am0 + 0
I remember 10 years ago CE used to obsess about this Anna Kendrick scene.
Kingbuffet208.02.2021 2:17am0 + 0
Who the fuck thought "I've been sprayed by a skunk"
CM_Ponch408.02.2021 2:16am0 + 0
are you sure the world is ready to see you as the real you?
catboy108.02.2021 2:14am0 + 0
My thoughts on Record of Lodoss War OVA so far SPOILS
Smackems708.02.2021 2:14am0 + 0
Police show up to black man's house, he excercises his legal rights and get shot
WingsOfGood20808.02.2021 2:10am0 + 0
Remember when Disturbed singer got his ass kicked by his mom mid song?
Hellmuth4008.02.2021 2:06am0 + 0
Post memes here 9.0
TroutPaste21608.02.2021 2:02am0 + 0
Do you look down on people who attend community college?
ZannoL2308.02.2021 2:00am0 + 0
SonicFox (most respected DBFZ/MK player) has zero motivation to play Strive
fohstick1008.02.2021 1:59am0 + 0
Just scheduled my vaccine for tomorrow.
Patty_Fleur1008.02.2021 1:55am0 + 0
If one gets the Trump vaccine, do they give in to Fauci-ism?
Jabodie308.02.2021 1:55am0 + 0
I thought the Smackems topic read 'Are we down with Pitbulls'
RedJackson508.02.2021 1:49am0 + 0
i'm gonna give you a little pibble nibble
viewmaster_pi908.02.2021 1:45am0 + 0
MLP Social v2499: "You drink water, I drink anarchy!"
MegamanXfan21xx45208.02.2021 1:44am0 + 0
Gacha Game General Topic 19: ''Ma'am, are you aware that you are a cat?''
Calwings38708.02.2021 1:44am0 + 0
png vs jpg
saspa2108.02.2021 1:41am0 + 0
Star Trek: DS9 watchthrough thread #6 (spoilers as i go + for other ST media)
DuranOfForcena50008.02.2021 1:38am0 + 0
Prototype 2 fucking sucks. *spoilers for series*
Slayer_223308.02.2021 1:36am0 + 0
The Sega Saturn should have been 64-bit and come out in 1996.
Scotty_Rogers6808.02.2021 1:35am0 + 0
ate corn ice cream today
TeaMilk1208.02.2021 1:34am0 + 0
Philippine President message to unvaccinated people 'For all I care you can die'
Everyonedies15608.02.2021 1:34am0 + 0
The worst MK fatality of all time
DD Divine1508.02.2021 1:31am0 + 0
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