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Had some rough days (part 2)
J03can1403.30.2020 5:57am0 + 0
NYPD cop plants marijuana in civilians car then says "it's lit"
2Pacavelli20903.30.2020 5:56am0 + 0
Random thoughts/questions about the Bravely Default 2 Demo! *spoilers*
Jeff AKA Snoopy503.30.2020 5:56am0 + 0
'Stay-at-home' order makes it more difficult for domestic violence victims
PrettyBoyFloyd503.30.2020 5:48am0 + 0
I used to think being a nerd was the worst thing you could be.
Pepys Monster1603.30.2020 5:35am0 + 0
Beautiful Asses: Attack of the Butts
au_gold10303.30.2020 5:33am0 + 0
Just read this snippet in an article >_>
MedeaLysistrata303.30.2020 5:33am0 + 0
Imagine if all hot women wore dis everyday
ssj3vegeta4003.30.2020 5:33am0 + 0
Full Throttle1103.30.2020 5:28am0 + 0
Gacha and Hero Collection Game General Topic 7: ''Where is your goddess now?''
Calwings36003.30.2020 5:21am0 + 0
Man who fucked his adopted daughter writes a memoir of his sex scenes
CruelBuffalo1603.30.2020 5:21am0 + 0
Bruh Syfy has been playing Harry Potter almost nonstop for at least 2 weeks
MacadamianNut31203.30.2020 5:18am0 + 0
She wasn't ready
ssj3vegeta22703.30.2020 5:13am0 + 0
do you gained weight in this quarantine?
apolloooo1203.30.2020 5:11am0 + 0
FF7 Remake street date broken
Makeveli_lives1203.30.2020 5:10am0 + 0
Donald Trump keeps rising in the polls. He's getting his best numbers ever
Revnir5403.30.2020 5:08am0 + 0
Can't sleep, CE. Who's up?
MFBKBass51203.30.2020 5:06am0 + 0
Boko Haram kills 92 people in brutal 7 hour raid on Chad.
UnfairRepresent903.30.2020 5:02am0 + 0
Stay at home and drinking topic
Johnny_Nutcase22403.30.2020 4:58am0 + 0
Sweden might later demand back aid corporations get now.
BalanceLost603.30.2020 4:58am0 + 0
Why isn't anyone still talking about the Trayvon Martin incident?
LRodC2903.30.2020 4:51am0 + 0
Very tempted to take a trip with gas so cheap now.
CosmicShadows1303.30.2020 4:50am0 + 0
imo at this time of crisis they should release Persona 5 on Xbox One
NinjaBreakfast303.30.2020 4:48am0 + 0
i was at the zoo the other day and saw a snowy owl cough up a pellet
dolomedes18303.30.2020 4:44am0 + 0
I bought a vegan chocolate cake and it's amazing
Accolon2903.30.2020 4:42am0 + 0
Is Subnautica the best underwater game of all time?
SrRd_RacinG1803.30.2020 4:37am0 + 0
DSPGaming General XIII: Morally Bankrupt Edition (Also, Actually Bankrupt)
jpenny222103.30.2020 4:36am0 + 0
$50K or the ability to levitate
Garioshi1303.30.2020 4:35am0 + 0
Trump: Shutdowns going on until April 30
REMercsChamp9103.30.2020 4:35am0 + 0
On a brighter note, a 101 year old man recovers from the Corona in Italy
LampChop1003.30.2020 4:34am0 + 0
Best / weirdest comments about the coronavirus (religious nuts welcomed)
TrulyEpicLawls203.30.2020 4:32am0 + 0
Trump says if ONLY 100,000 People DIE from COVID-19 then they did a GOOD JOB!!
mrduckbear3403.30.2020 4:31am0 + 0
i got warned for a euphemism about food
viewmaster_pi3503.30.2020 4:29am0 + 0
Are you an organ donor?
toyota503.30.2020 4:26am0 + 0
is the gop a death cult iyo?
ayane225903.30.2020 4:24am0 + 0
Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever = the best post-punk band since R.E.M ?
GodardOnGodard3103.30.2020 4:23am0 + 0
Man, trying to date in a literal fucking pandemic sucks.
blablablax17703.30.2020 4:20am0 + 0
For those of you seeking some peace of mind during these messed up times
AssAssasin69503.30.2020 4:17am0 + 0
I vote this as #1 video game OST in history
Shmupguy2603.30.2020 4:12am0 + 0
Best pizza: pepperoni mushrooms and oli
dj1200603.30.2020 4:08am0 + 0
I've only ever played the PS2 version of Resident Evil 4.
SrRd_RacinG2103.30.2020 4:06am0 + 0
Australia is shutting down non-essential businesses for upwards of 6 months
MrMallard14803.30.2020 4:05am0 + 0
Punch, Pie, and Harpie boob pics, if you play Cards Against Humanity
MabusIncarnate1803.30.2020 4:04am0 + 0
I give vague or unsatisfying answers for a living. AMA.
GameGodOfAll903.30.2020 4:01am0 + 0
$10 billion but you must become a spiritually enlightened asexual.
Scotty_Rogers703.30.2020 4:00am0 + 0
Question for gay CEmen and CEgals: would you date or fuck Mexican Andy?
au_gold103.30.2020 3:58am0 + 0
Has there been a more badass getup in an RPG since the NCR ranger armor?
coh303.30.2020 3:54am0 + 0
Is your room clean?
Doe1603.30.2020 3:54am0 + 0
Would you rather be super smart or super good looking?
AirJordan23453603.30.2020 3:52am0 + 0
Someone's mother has four sons. North, South and East.
UnfairRepresent2303.30.2020 3:52am0 + 0
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