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You now have access to real life fast travel but you're a virgin forever
Cotton_Eye_Joe1212.10.2019 11:28pm0 + 0
IGN? more like SJW
TheBlueMonk_612.10.2019 11:26pm0 + 0
Watching Avatar the last airbender. Why are the fire nation evil/the bad guys?
Amenadeel1712.10.2019 11:24pm0 + 0
Which of dese titties do you want to have fun with tonight?
ssj3vegeta2612.10.2019 11:24pm0 + 0
Peter Frates, inspiration for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, dies at 34
boxington1012.10.2019 11:22pm0 + 0
Standing in line to see a show.
Cotton_Eye_Joe112.10.2019 11:22pm0 + 0
Repost but okay. Do you enjoy Stromboli?
inloveanddeath0112.10.2019 11:19pm0 + 0
Buddy the elf had sex.
Duncanwii1112.10.2019 11:18pm0 + 0
Trump: People come up to me and say, sir, my wife thinks I'm a financial genius
ledbowman712.10.2019 11:18pm0 + 0
Warned/Suspended General CXLVI: A Bucketful of Bullshit
Goats17112.10.2019 11:17pm0 + 0
I'm currently a teacher...but want to go into standup comedy instead.
MFBKBass51512.10.2019 11:17pm0 + 0
If they can fix Sonic, they can fix Jill Valentine.
Pepys Monster7012.10.2019 11:13pm0 + 0
Trump War Room twitter account has obviously never seen Endgame *spoilers*
Smashingpmkns1512.10.2019 11:12pm0 + 0
Comedian Tiers
EffectAndCause4112.10.2019 11:11pm0 + 0
Captain Marvel was the ____th best movie this year
YoshitoKikuchi2412.10.2019 11:11pm0 + 0
Anyone else tired of CE bullying dem?
Vegy212.10.2019 11:09pm0 + 0
LightningAce1131712.10.2019 11:08pm0 + 0
Crisis on Infinite Earths CW official CE topic
SocialistGamer7112.10.2019 11:07pm0 + 0
Why is racism more prevalent today than it was in the 90s?
Orlando_Jordan4612.10.2019 11:05pm0 + 0
Today I learned that Red Vs Blue is still going
Kain Highwind412.10.2019 11:04pm0 + 0
I'm getting my ass kicked over and over again on Slay The Spire
HagenEx112.10.2019 11:04pm0 + 0
Got the choice of a free copy of either Borderlands 3 or The Outer Worlds. Which
ThyCorndog1812.10.2019 11:02pm0 + 0
why couldnt asuka get into the hall of valor
YukihoHagiwara312.10.2019 11:01pm0 + 0
My general Dragon Quest 3 Topic! *SPOILERS*
Jeff AKA Snoopy212.10.2019 11:00pm0 + 0
LMFAO! My girl Emmy got straight A's and made the Dean's List!
electricbugs23312.10.2019 10:57pm0 + 0
Her: We can do it but Im on period
Blue_Inigo5612.10.2019 10:57pm0 + 0
What are the best websites for keeping up to date on the news and pop culture?
Josiah_Is_Back312.10.2019 10:57pm0 + 0
***PiOverlord's 2019 Best CEer Tournament General Thread***
PiOverlord39812.10.2019 10:56pm0 + 0
This girl has been trying to date for me 8 years. She asked for dinner again
The_Scarecrow1812.10.2019 10:56pm0 + 0
I'm about to have my favourite alcoholic drink.
a-c-a-b45912.10.2019 10:54pm0 + 0
A girl I like is throwing party tonight, but I'm sick.
Pepys Monster1012.10.2019 10:50pm0 + 0
$1 billion dollars but you have to cuddle with this guy for 24 hours
GSWarriors-1212.10.2019 10:49pm0 + 0
Roxette's Marie Fredriksson dead at 61
FF_Redux1012.10.2019 10:49pm0 + 0
Favorite minor characters in tv shows
Bluebomber182612.10.2019 10:45pm0 + 0
what do you guys think of this 13 year old fashion prodigy?
CuriousPoops1212.10.2019 10:43pm0 + 0
Looooool this actually happened in DBZ? It wasn't something teamfourstar added?
Amenadeel2112.10.2019 10:42pm0 + 0
Sexy Anime Girls V11: "Bouncing back"
Calwings47212.10.2019 10:42pm0 + 0
Charity is such a weird concept
scar the 14612.10.2019 10:41pm0 + 0
*teleports behind you*
Damn_Underscore912.10.2019 10:40pm0 + 0
australian cricket players forced to play in hazardous weather
apolloooo112.10.2019 10:40pm0 + 0
Just watched the first episode of Watchmen. Wtf is this shit.
Doom_Art512.10.2019 10:37pm0 + 0
Favorite Movie Trailers
Doe112.10.2019 10:37pm0 + 0
Cookies or brownies
CosmicShadows312.10.2019 10:35pm0 + 0
Pokemon GO General the Third: SwSh caused the second one to purge.
PatrickMahomes19612.10.2019 10:33pm0 + 0
Does your gf/wife fart around you?
YoshitoKikuchi1912.10.2019 10:32pm0 + 0
So how many areas/"maps" are in Elder Scrolls Online?
TroutPaste1112.10.2019 10:32pm0 + 0
Is it gay for a man to appreciate the beauty of the male body/male body parts?
Damn_Underscore212.10.2019 10:31pm0 + 0
Lizzo just wants to spread her love like she spreads her cheeks.
Abiz_112.10.2019 10:31pm0 + 0
I'm just glad there isn't a rap song with Nemesis in it
ExtremeLuchador212.10.2019 10:27pm0 + 0
LAPD officer allegedly caught fondling corpse
Hanky_Bannister4512.10.2019 10:26pm0 + 0
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