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A selection of Gen 8 Pokemon redesigned as if they were introduced in Gen 1.
Solar_Crimson1607.01.2022 8:38am0 + 0
vampire airline stewardess
viewmaster_pi42607.01.2022 8:35am0 + 0
Oh shit Pac-Man World is getting a remake
CinderLock1107.01.2022 8:35am0 + 0
Bernie Ecclestone says he'd take a bullet for Vladimir Putin
Crono99207.01.2022 8:25am0 + 0
Watching The Walking Dead seasons 1 through 10 for the first time, spoilers!
Norman_Smiley36407.01.2022 8:23am0 + 0
With the recent outcome of R. Kelly, Michael Jackson was lucky as fuck that...
Sheiky-Baby6807.01.2022 8:16am0 + 0
Holy shit, it's July!
SiO42007.01.2022 8:16am0 + 0
Sixth January 6th Select Committee public hearing is set for 1PM US Eastern
CableZL26307.01.2022 8:14am0 + 0
Some red haired guy animated da end of One Punch Man chapter 166*MAJOR spoilers*
Vegy807.01.2022 8:13am0 + 0
Germany: Nazi-era ban on abortion advertising abolished!
teep_907.01.2022 8:12am0 + 0
Boogie2988's doctor told him he shouldn't YouTube box
Darkprince211107.01.2022 8:10am0 + 0
I ate some salty ass mcdonalds and I cant stop PEEING
Chicken1107.01.2022 8:05am0 + 0
BRUHS, they found a mummified woolly mammoth baby.
SrRd_RacinG2507.01.2022 8:04am0 + 0
ITT: I briefly review Metroidvanias I've played recently (MV discussion topic)
TheGoldenEel10007.01.2022 7:56am0 + 0
Instagram is unbearable
MixedRaceBaby407.01.2022 7:55am0 + 0
Star Wars film ranking
Crono992907.01.2022 7:53am0 + 0
Besides WV, what else do i need to see to watch Doctor Strange MoM?
wackyteen2807.01.2022 7:41am0 + 0
muchdran is BANNED
CableZL3207.01.2022 7:39am0 + 0
$5,000,000, but you hear all speech in Homer Simpson's voice.
Trumble1007.01.2022 7:38am0 + 0
Solid_snake07 is in PURGATORY
TinglesDingle1607.01.2022 7:36am0 + 0
Part the 5th picture in your gallery
TULPAMANCER6207.01.2022 7:29am0 + 0
A gruesome scene was cut from Thor 4
Zikten407.01.2022 7:20am0 + 0
Group of Texas educators wants to call slavery 'involuntary relocation'
Nerevar7912507.01.2022 7:20am0 + 0
There is a fire or something at 6 51 am.
Cheater87807.01.2022 7:20am0 + 0
July 4th is soon baby! FREEDOM DAY! yee haw!!
MixedRaceBaby407.01.2022 7:04am0 + 0
I got an apple juice from mcdonalds
Chicken807.01.2022 6:59am0 + 0
Ezra Miller has more people coming out saying he did bad stuff.
cjsdowg707.01.2022 6:58am0 + 0
2 truths and a lie
Flauros2107.01.2022 6:57am0 + 0
is it a waste of time to read when drunk?
Ryuko_Chan707.01.2022 6:54am0 + 0
"You know, Kratos, you really are the God of War"
TomClark8407.01.2022 6:49am0 + 0
About to try some sour ciders
MrMallard307.01.2022 6:48am0 + 0
2 million dollars but you can never have sex again
FinalFight2307.01.2022 6:42am0 + 0
I have a gun as well. AMA
Smackems3707.01.2022 6:34am0 + 0
$10, but you now smell bad.
ShutTheF---Up207.01.2022 6:33am0 + 0
House Flipper has been stealth-added to Xbox Game Pass
SF_Okami607.01.2022 6:27am0 + 0
Logan Paul officially signs with WWE
Darkprince212007.01.2022 6:18am0 + 0
Watching The Phantom Menace for the first time in maybe 15 years
littlebro072207.01.2022 6:11am0 + 0
She says ''Wow, i feel so honored to be chosen, YES I'll dance with you''
Vegy1307.01.2022 6:06am0 + 0
The Office when Jim turns down a job
saspa2407.01.2022 6:04am0 + 0
Nintendo shareholder asks company execs "where the FUCK IS F-ZERO?!"
Jagr_683407.01.2022 6:02am0 + 0
What would you do if someone broke into your house right now?
Flauros3107.01.2022 6:01am0 + 0
I've been waiting two hours for my White Castle to be delivered.
fan3571307.01.2022 5:59am0 + 0
What happens if you get a TSA patdown and pretend like you're into it?
Noumas1007.01.2022 5:58am0 + 0
YouTube demonetized the act man lol wtf
Spiderman23JII9307.01.2022 5:53am0 + 0
I swear sometimes all women get horny at the same time
JordanStout207.01.2022 5:51am0 + 0
Question to those of you who've travelled on a plane.
Trumble307.01.2022 5:50am0 + 0
Making the characters talking animals in Robin Hood was so arbitrary
WorsCaseOntario3607.01.2022 5:34am0 + 0
when did enjoying dave chappelle require a high IQ?
WalkingLobsters907.01.2022 5:32am0 + 0
Question for armchair lawyers/police (Breaking Bad spoilers)
UnfairRepresent807.01.2022 5:27am0 + 0
So, this may be the end of me
Tsuyoi316207.01.2022 5:26am0 + 0
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