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Old timey kids entertainment eventually become horror villains and tropes
Darmik1110.21.2019 1:32am0 + 0
I FOUND my dog...
KFHEWUI1610.21.2019 1:29am0 + 0
Alright, fam. It's time I leave for the time being.
Scotty_Rogers4310.21.2019 1:29am0 + 0
Don't they cook the Impossible (plant-based) Whopper on the same grill?
Shablagoo2110.21.2019 1:28am0 + 0
Recommend me some books CE.
pikachupwnage1510.21.2019 1:27am0 + 0
Reminder that China got one of the best horror games released this year delisted
Darmik110.21.2019 1:25am0 + 0
Your gay brother start dating the hottest top at his high school.
BalanceLost1010.21.2019 1:25am0 + 0
Is it a common thing for people to believe that cures are being hidden from
emblem boy610.21.2019 1:25am0 + 0
Oh no, a new Joker for "The Batman"
Joeydollaz4410.21.2019 1:19am0 + 0
Norwegian group KEiiNO dropped a new great single yesterday.
BalanceLost510.21.2019 1:16am0 + 0
I don't like the route horror is turning
Mark_DeRosa1710.21.2019 1:16am0 + 0
So I watched this movie called The Tall Man *spoilers*
TheDreadedWave1110.21.2019 1:11am0 + 0
Anyone here ever write a story/book/ whatever?
Mark_DeRosa210.21.2019 1:10am0 + 0
Man I love chicks with bad hygiene.
LostForest9710.21.2019 1:10am0 + 0
Why did Punk rock die?
KG5364310.21.2019 1:04am0 + 0
Mitt Romney's secret Twitter account
Antifar1110.21.2019 1:02am0 + 0
My dad got really angry at me for dropping and breaking a plate.
FFVII_REMAKE710.21.2019 12:59am0 + 0
A Canadian mom named her son "Star Citizen"
Doom_Art310.21.2019 12:59am0 + 0
An Australian mom named her newborn son "Citizen"
Highwind072110.21.2019 12:54am0 + 0
Post Boss Music here
CE_gonna_CE12110.21.2019 12:53am0 + 0
US law question
KG5361210.21.2019 12:53am0 + 0
Is Diablo 2 Remastered and Diablo 4 just a desperate PR move?
Kaliesto1110.21.2019 12:53am0 + 0
Are you one of those ppl who correct ppl when they use ironic incorrectly?
EIiza410.21.2019 12:51am0 + 0
So I had a dream I was running from some invisible slug thing
viewmaster_pi110.21.2019 12:51am0 + 0
If Mel Gibson was a hair care product would he be Gel Gibson?
TheGreatGeno6810.21.2019 12:51am0 + 0
Reminder: You're not a real man. Dude jumps in pool to fight alligator.
BeyondWalls710.21.2019 12:49am0 + 0
Remember that shampoo commercial that from 2000s that had kangaroo pussy
CruelBuffalo1110.21.2019 12:47am0 + 0
Who would win if ISIS and the Mexican cartels went to war?
Zikten710.21.2019 12:44am0 + 0
ATTN: Current Events
God_Of_Entirety1410.21.2019 12:43am0 + 0
Ukulele ToPiC
anth0ny210.21.2019 12:42am0 + 0
Who are da top 3 most badass women in anime?
V-E-G-Y-1810.21.2019 12:42am0 + 0
First 5 posts get a crappy username waifu, returners get an upgrade on old one
Proofpyros2710.21.2019 12:41am0 + 0
What killed the Vita? >_>
cjs284810.21.2019 12:38am0 + 0
There's a time and place for anime. The time is now. The place is here.
Timohtep810.21.2019 12:36am0 + 0
I just drank a red bull
Politics710.21.2019 12:34am0 + 0
Cop who RAPED 5 Women while IN UNIFORM and had CHILD PORN gets only 5 YEARS!!
mrduckbear3110.21.2019 12:32am0 + 0
Internet Archive releases 2,500 MS-DOS games (you can play Oregon Trail fam)
TroutPaste2410.21.2019 12:22am0 + 0
Can you eat salmon 4 days in a row?
ColdOne6661510.21.2019 12:20am0 + 0
Just learned my new favorite porn star is younger sis of my previous favorite
Conception6163710.21.2019 12:19am0 + 0
Well then lol
Mark_DeRosa710.21.2019 12:14am0 + 0
I "discovered" Powerwolf recently...
Jeff AKA Snoopy610.21.2019 12:14am0 + 0
The Wii-U is now fully dead (all exclusives exported to Switch)
Kaliesto2210.21.2019 12:07am0 + 0
Piracy vs Preservation
HylianFox210.21.2019 12:07am0 + 0
"There were almost 15,000 knife crimes recorded in London last year
BlingBling229475310.21.2019 12:05am0 + 0
How do I adult? Which bank should I put my money in?
Sexypwnstar1010.21.2019 12:05am0 + 0
White supremacists recruit teens by making them feel someone cares
Ryuko_Chan8110.21.2019 12:05am0 + 0
So I hit power level 900.....*destiny 2*
megamanfreakXD310.21.2019 12:04am0 + 0
Anime and Other Stuff General v184: "Feels Like The First Time!"
Jeff AKA Snoopy23110.21.2019 12:03am0 + 0
Lol Eagles
frogman_2951110.21.2019 12:00am0 + 0
*~Trails of Cold Steel III Official Countdown~*
Leanaunfurled3210.21.2019 12:00am0 + 0
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