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Why do you think this cop hip tossed this old lady ?

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Rainbow_Dashing posted...

But I don't know why she got 30k for basically being chewed out? It happens to retail people all the time. Am I confused? I don't see anything indicating he made a viral meme about her. Basically said this woman didn't follow the law and it's messed up. Which is somewhat true. You are obligated to sell at the advertised price even if your scanner is off if there's a sticker. The guy says the police confirmed it so it isn't a joke either they must've brought up the display point. Again meaning this will have to go to court and it's likely target loses, but both will be out of money essentially.

He is an self proclaimed award winning journlist with a number of followers and he put her picture and name out there to the public not just chewed her out.

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