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Guzzlord's Japanese voice is hilarious.
Solar_Crimson910.20.2019 10:44pm0 + 0
Korean students broke into U.S embassy to protest against U.S involvement in Kor
Highwind07310.20.2019 10:42pm0 + 0
Unpopular opinion: The Matrix is a pretentious load of crap...
SwayM4410.20.2019 10:38pm0 + 0
Donovan Snowden is a hero, Chelsea Manning is a traitor
DarkRoast2510.20.2019 10:37pm0 + 0
Would you play the 'Deck of Many things'?
Frostmourne110.20.2019 10:35pm0 + 0
What medical condition could I have?
Vol2tex710.20.2019 10:35pm0 + 0
Does it piss you off when your wife/gf talks to people in another language?
Rypt4110.20.2019 10:33pm0 + 0
Did your parents have porn mags around when you were a kid?
Vol2tex2610.20.2019 10:28pm0 + 0
iam drunk ama
CrocodileCannon1510.20.2019 10:27pm0 + 0
lmao incels really see joker as an icon for their movement
soulunison22810.20.2019 10:23pm0 + 0
Jill Stein: I am not a Russian spy.
Bestoffuture2110.20.2019 10:20pm0 + 0
Pokemon General the Second: 2spoopy
DrizztLink2410.20.2019 10:17pm0 + 0
Bad Company 2 is the best battlefield game
KiwiTerraRizing410.20.2019 10:16pm0 + 0
attn people who know about Japan
RdVEHfJqAvUPIbk1410.20.2019 10:09pm0 + 0
Man, Drake from Drake and Josh was a punk ass bitch
WellKnownNomad810.20.2019 10:07pm0 + 0
Do you think Donald Trump will win the election next year?
Cotton_Eye_Joe1910.20.2019 10:06pm0 + 0
They've released video from when Keanon Lewis stopping a school shooter
Bad_Mojo310.20.2019 10:04pm0 + 0
US promised to build beach resort in NK during nuclear talks
Bio1590710.20.2019 10:02pm0 + 0
Post ITT and I'll PM you a "How are you doing" tomorrow
ssj3vegeta_310.20.2019 10:00pm0 + 0
Muslim hockey coach in Michigan pulls a Jussie Smollett
The Admiral3110.20.2019 9:59pm0 + 0
Hilary parodying Trump's letter to Erodgan
Highwind07710.20.2019 9:58pm0 + 0
Cowboys kicker just hit a 63 yard FG.
Frostmourne410.20.2019 9:58pm0 + 0
Girls get CARDED for wearing EQUALPAY Shirts..and MEN had to pay MORE for them!!
Full Throttle510.20.2019 9:57pm0 + 0
I bet you there will be a Hardee Boys spin off on CW of the Nancy Drew show
Zikten510.20.2019 9:55pm0 + 0
Trump writes unhinged letter demanding CNN pay him money
Bio15901310.20.2019 9:54pm0 + 0
Cops Seize 8 y/o's XBOX ONE after he and his SISTER were found DEAD by HANGING!!
Full Throttle2110.20.2019 9:53pm0 + 0
Halley's Comet Will Make Its Presence Known This Week With Sh
awesome999710.20.2019 9:51pm0 + 0
So my Astros are going to the World Series?
CosmicShadows610.20.2019 9:50pm0 + 0
Excellent thread on Coppola, Scorsese and white male privelege
FrisbeeDude10110.20.2019 9:50pm0 + 0
Outrage after Barbra Streisand posted this Picture of TRUMP and NANCY PELOSI!!
mrduckbear1510.20.2019 9:49pm0 + 0
10 million, but you must watch videos of vegy 10 hours a day.
CosmicShadows910.20.2019 9:49pm0 + 0
***PiOverlord's 2019 Best CEer Tournament General Thread***
PiOverlord31410.20.2019 9:47pm0 + 0
Humble Monthly will soon be Humble Choice and the subscription will change
Darmik110.20.2019 9:45pm0 + 0
Watching Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back for the first time
Garioshi4610.20.2019 9:43pm0 + 0
XXIX: the miseducation of teepan95
mcpwnia10710.20.2019 9:39pm0 + 0
Welp, finally decided to take the plunge and cut my hair short
TheGreatGeno61910.20.2019 9:38pm0 + 0
What's the generational demonym of people around their teens and twenties?
VanananaHeyHey1010.20.2019 9:37pm0 + 0
blink-182 or Sum 41?
BlingBling229474310.20.2019 9:36pm0 + 0
ITT: Bizarro CE
DevsBro2410.20.2019 9:36pm0 + 0
Would you hang out with vegy in rea life?
CosmicShadows2210.20.2019 9:34pm0 + 0
PiOverlord's 2019 Best CEer Tournament Day 67
PiOverlord510.20.2019 9:34pm0 + 0
After anti-Semitic attack, government blames 'gamer scene' (serious) (article)
teepan952610.20.2019 9:33pm0 + 0
Do you find Vegy annoying?
ssj3vegeta2410.20.2019 9:33pm0 + 0
cjs28310.20.2019 9:31pm0 + 0
Remember when the Seahawks almost made it to the Super Bowl with a losing record
DarkRoast310.20.2019 9:31pm0 + 0
Just started Akame ga Kill!
WerewolfPaws1310.20.2019 9:30pm0 + 0
erry deh
spudger210.20.2019 9:29pm0 + 0
Warned/Suspended General CXLIII: A Group In The Soup
GoatGeneral17410.20.2019 9:28pm0 + 0
Sex trafficking victim commits suicide in her father's arms.
UnfairRepresent3210.20.2019 9:27pm0 + 0
Bigots angry that My Hero Aca introduces strong female character with big boobs
cjs286710.20.2019 9:27pm0 + 0
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