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Stop leading vegy on cegals...
Sunburn2001.27.2021 10:26pm0 + 0
Vegy says he's a *Virgin*, do you believe him?
CosmicShadows1301.27.2021 10:26pm0 + 0
Do you generally like OP characters in shows/books/media?
Touch101.27.2021 10:25pm0 + 0
She says 'My bf Vegy isn't ready today. What about you?'
NeonOctopus1201.27.2021 10:25pm0 + 0
Imagine if Throttle and Vegy joined gimmicks..
CosmicShadows801.27.2021 10:25pm0 + 0
Vegy literally created incels
Revnir701.27.2021 10:24pm0 + 0
My name is Earl is such a great show
I4NRulez1101.27.2021 10:23pm0 + 0
Recent changes to the user profiles
SPE401.27.2021 10:23pm0 + 0
Serious Talk: Did da end of humanity ever cross your mind at da start of covid?
ssj3vegeta_801.27.2021 10:22pm0 + 0
I think im gonna do a Doom playthrough/ranking topic
RadiantJoyrock2201.27.2021 10:22pm0 + 0
Did women just realize that men like thick chicks too?
Mitch_Haniger301.27.2021 10:22pm0 + 0
Rate this girl/10
Balnazarr2001.27.2021 10:22pm0 + 0
Kirby Air Ride needs a port to Switch.
PortKirbyAiRide301.27.2021 10:22pm0 + 0
Why do male pornstars do weird things?
Orlando_Jordan401.27.2021 10:21pm0 + 0
gamestop will probably trade in your stocks for $1.99
Cpt_Pineapple701.27.2021 10:20pm0 + 0
Man, dates are a waste of time, I'm just straight up going for Netflix
JBaLLEN661201.27.2021 10:20pm0 + 0
Teenager kills 6 of his family members
Monolith1676801.27.2021 10:20pm0 + 0
Modern dating works differently than old-fashioned dating.
Orlando_Jordan1101.27.2021 10:20pm0 + 0
Apart from VEGY, who gets da most undeserved hate on CE?
V-E-G-Y-1501.27.2021 10:19pm0 + 0
crowd sourced market manipulation is as unethical as institutional market manipu
g9806001.27.2021 10:19pm0 + 0
Reaction: A new covid strain emerges dat makes everyone talk like Vegy
SocialistGamer401.27.2021 10:17pm0 + 0
You got one chance to impress her, what do you say as she's approaching?
ssj3vegeta_501.27.2021 10:17pm0 + 0
I don't understand why the Dragon Ball Super anime ended while the manga
CelestialVoices1401.27.2021 10:15pm0 + 0
I'm gonna be married in less than 4 months
RadiantJoyrock1601.27.2021 10:15pm0 + 0
Multiverse theory says in some other universe Trump started WW3 last year.
Duncanwii201.27.2021 10:15pm0 + 0
I am an exist
Veggeta X101.27.2021 10:13pm0 + 0
What is the Best FINAL-Boss Theme in the FF Series (It's a new topic)?
DoGCyN4101.27.2021 10:10pm0 + 0
I am Replaying Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Directors Cut)
AllegraD6001.27.2021 10:10pm0 + 0
A dev of massive Fallout mod, Fallout Frontier, got booted for drawing pedo porn
MisterPengy701.27.2021 10:08pm0 + 0
How to microwave bread
CE-Asked4This301.27.2021 10:06pm0 + 0
Man Gamestop money
Christian RULES301.27.2021 10:05pm0 + 0
Elementary Teacher posts calls to KILL SOCIALISTS and NANCY PELOSI. Look at her!
Full Throttle401.27.2021 10:04pm0 + 0
Imagine looking down and having Milana Vayntrub's cute face looking up at you
ssj3vegeta_701.27.2021 10:03pm0 + 0
The foods I ate today to keep a six pack
JBaLLEN661901.27.2021 10:02pm0 + 0
What's the best Weezer song
HypnospaceInlaw10901.27.2021 10:02pm0 + 0
How are Furries and tentacle porn incorporated in Rule 34?
coolcono44801.27.2021 10:00pm0 + 0
Anime/Other Stuff General V190: ''The witch hats stay on during sex.''
Calwings34501.27.2021 10:00pm0 + 0
Come on crew mate, fix the ship to escape Polus before the Imposters kill us!
badjay8501.27.2021 10:00pm0 + 0
Hey Jamie pull up that video
Cpt_Pineapple101.27.2021 10:00pm0 + 0
Why can't CE do what r/wallstreetbets did?
Thatguyonthebus701.27.2021 9:56pm0 + 0
i can't go to gamestop anymore and not think of stonks.
Future_Trunks801.27.2021 9:56pm0 + 0
Initial D be a great name for a dating app for virgin women.
Cotton_Eye_Joe601.27.2021 9:55pm0 + 0
Jojo Siwa (Dance Moms superstar) has come out as gay
cuh5201.27.2021 9:54pm0 + 0
Need help getting back into Xenoblade Chronicles 2 *spoilers*
Jabodie6901.27.2021 9:53pm0 + 0
Theres a chapter in a certain manga about a centaur girls vagina.
Duncanwii1801.27.2021 9:50pm0 + 0
GME baby. Hop on the fucking train
Future_Trunks6301.27.2021 9:46pm0 + 0
Stocks are overpowered in Life.
Duncanwii1101.27.2021 9:43pm0 + 0
Anyone know what happened to GameStop?
skermac1301.27.2021 9:42pm0 + 0
Everyone in Attack on Titan is such a dickhead lol
butthole6661901.27.2021 9:40pm0 + 0
AOC DRAGS Marco Rubio for claiming the impeachment trial is a waste of time.
au_gold901.27.2021 9:39pm0 + 0
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