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Just paid off an auto loan and a personal loan a year early.
BlingBling22947310.30.2020 12:37pm0 + 0
Remember TravelingJack?
MrMelodramatic9910.30.2020 12:34pm0 + 0
Why do I not get to dispute a moderation to the lead moderator?
Orlando_Jordan810.30.2020 12:34pm0 + 0
I wish the asteroid was a threat.
BlingBling22947210.30.2020 12:31pm0 + 0
where is trumps october surprise
JBaLLEN661110.30.2020 12:29pm0 + 0
Netflix hiking prices again
Halo4784510.30.2020 12:27pm0 + 0
IRS Agent exposes the truth about the Federal Reserve
RemixRBG1510.30.2020 12:26pm0 + 0
normal to get cute girl to match but not reply after initial back and forth?
Trump_MLB410.30.2020 12:26pm0 + 0
Who hampers creativity more in games? Gamefreak, Miyamoto, Nintendo, or Disney?
CruelBuffalo310.30.2020 12:25pm0 + 0
The Mandalorian turned Star Wars into...
Drumpf1910.30.2020 12:25pm0 + 0
It's that time of the year.
COVxy410.30.2020 12:24pm0 + 0
Uber Eats is CANCELED
Intro2Logic1710.30.2020 12:23pm0 + 0
Being a libertarian means you ignore the means of economic disparity
DeadSite1610.30.2020 12:22pm0 + 0
rate my din-din: guacamole bacon cheeseburgers and bacon cheese tater wedges
DuranOfForcena3810.30.2020 12:21pm0 + 0
31 Women of Horror Cinema (Appreciation Topic)
So_Hajile10210.30.2020 12:20pm0 + 0
This new Ariana Grande album certainly isn't her best
ArianaGrandSlam1910.30.2020 12:20pm0 + 0
I can't wait for Jamie Lee Curtis to return in Halloween H60 (Series spoilies)
AlCalavicci1310.30.2020 12:19pm0 + 0
Why are men getting so slutty?
V-E-G-Y-1310.30.2020 12:19pm0 + 0
Playing AVGN video game on Switch right now. Fun game so far.
Ryven110.30.2020 12:18pm0 + 0
Best major hot sauce brand?
pres_madagascar4810.30.2020 12:18pm0 + 0
heath ledger wasnt playing the joker: FACT
mario20003410.30.2020 12:18pm0 + 0
Into the Spiderverse suit confirmed
Makeveli_lives1110.30.2020 12:15pm0 + 0
What's your favorite line in The Simpsons?
YugiNoob9710.30.2020 12:13pm0 + 0
I voted Biden, but Tennessee is going to be a red state no matter what.
SSJCAT810.30.2020 12:13pm0 + 0
as a black man, seeing that picture of trump and lil wayne has convinced me to
Mezcla1410.30.2020 12:13pm0 + 0
Playing any spooky games tonight or tomorrow?
Cheater871010.30.2020 12:11pm0 + 0
I bought a blue eyed Lucy. Rate
darkprince45110.30.2020 12:10pm0 + 0
I'm stormin' that The Great Pumpkin isn't on TV. Fuck you Apple
Unsugarized_Foo110.30.2020 12:08pm0 + 0
CashMurray is in PURGATORY
PatrickMahomes110.30.2020 12:03pm0 + 0
Steve Nash just got his former coach Mike D'Antoni as his assistant coach
Shablagoo210.30.2020 12:00pm0 + 0
Images, Love: Juhanor (Autumn Assortment)
Juhanor35310.30.2020 11:59am0 + 0
If I don't need a photo ID to vote, how do they know its me?
Drumpf1610.30.2020 11:59am0 + 0
The music of demons souls
Makeveli_lives110.30.2020 11:57am0 + 0
I don't understand why NEETs are so hostile.
Veggeta X110.30.2020 11:57am0 + 0
when have we EVER declared a winner past election day????
Mezcla810.30.2020 11:53am0 + 0
Asian cooking girl is back from tiktok so is the Nintendo fan
El Mexicano Texano1410.30.2020 11:53am0 + 0
I hate jackets that are so short your shirt sticks out the bottom of it
Bio1590910.30.2020 11:53am0 + 0
Nearly 75 MILLION votes have been cast so far.
littlebro071410.30.2020 11:52am0 + 0
I'm a dude, but Hasan Piker is hot as hell.
MikeG6910.30.2020 11:52am0 + 0
In honor of Halloween enjoy these classic radio horror broadcasts
Hexenherz210.30.2020 11:51am0 + 0
Choco AMA
Choco5910.30.2020 11:51am0 + 0
Guess my parents are getting divorced...
lww991110.30.2020 11:49am0 + 0
Sexy Anime Women v13: ''Aging like fine wine''
Calwings20010.30.2020 11:43am0 + 0
I'm a conspiracy theorist, AMA
JimmyFraska11210.30.2020 11:38am0 + 0
Footage of Gettysburg 75th anniversary, 1938.
Verdekal110.30.2020 11:37am0 + 0
Only 5 days until Pikmin 3 Deluxe comes out!
MeIon Bread3210.30.2020 11:27am0 + 0
Sony to buy crunchyroll for 957 million
Makeveli_lives5310.30.2020 11:22am0 + 0
NHL legend Bobby Orr endorses Trump for President
Bio1590610.30.2020 11:20am0 + 0
I had a dream, too. It wasn't nice though. I dreamt I was a moron.
QuotesAndLyrics310.30.2020 11:18am0 + 0
Philly police kidnap a child
IMNOTRAGED2610.30.2020 11:16am0 + 0
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