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Code Veronica is the real Resident Evil 4.
Verdekal707/23 4:00am
Cheese topic
masatofujimoto1607/23 3:59am
Elected GOP man calls people sand n-word, drops his pants, mocks Chinese accent
CruelBuffalo1707/23 3:59am
Mister_Spyker607/23 3:59am
Trump is shit posting and threatening Iran on Twitter now...
CruelBuffalo10107/23 3:59am
Playing Cuphead rn
Future_Trunks507/23 3:57am
Under 3 months until my wedding now.
DavidWong4107/23 3:57am
white girls have da best booty
ssj3vegeta3807/23 3:54am
Holy shit. Xenoblade Chronicles is good.
_wwKd_1607/23 3:54am
Playing Doki Doki Literature Club *spoilers*
ThePrinceFish3907/23 3:53am
Nintendo Sues Console ROM Sites For 'Mass' Copyright Infringement
solosnake5007/23 3:50am
Save That RPG Character (Round 33)
Kajagogo4307/23 3:49am
People on the bus are rude as fuck.
meestermj407/23 3:49am
Tipping is not required, it's optional.
EpicKingdom_11207/23 3:44am
Got SUSPENDED for ONE hour for attacking my own teammates on World of Tanks
PiOverlord1007/23 3:42am
Here is why Final Fantasy 11 and 14 should not have been given numbers
southcoast09807/23 3:42am
Abyss is the best Tales game, change my mind.
Garioshi2107/23 3:41am
Save That Video Game Character 2! (Round 96) TOP 4!
WafflehouseJK3407/23 3:39am
BREAKING: SBAllen announces LUE 2.
DarkTransient5507/23 3:39am
Shazam is literally a manchild
Blue_Inigo1007/23 3:39am
5 CEman vs this guy
boxington207/23 3:36am
Lol I actually laughed pretty hard despite it being FRIENDS. spoilers
xyphilia807/23 3:36am
Is it possible for gay guys and straight guys to be friends?
QuantamLeap1907/23 3:31am
tbh da bigger da dick on a girl da hotter she is
YOUHAVENOHOPE1307/23 3:28am
'the storm' episode of avatar: the last airbender is low-key one of the best eps
Parappa097107/23 3:28am
I don't feel nostalgia, there's just years to me.
Verdekal207/23 3:26am
Teen Titans CYOA: Romance Resurrected part 8
Cartridge8823207/23 3:23am
Without a sense of confidence, I'm convinced
solosnake107/23 3:17am
On average, how many moderations do you get in a month?
Zurkon1907/23 3:15am
Does everyone realize that America is being played against each other?
solosnake507/23 3:11am
The baby's body. The baby's lack of choice.
VoightKent4507/23 3:11am
How did McDonalds get away with putting 69 grams of sugar in their Sweet Tea
Blue_Inigo2507/23 3:08am
Watching MGS4 blind
Garioshi4607/23 3:08am
women rate 80% of guys as below average in terms of looks
Turtlebread2407/23 3:07am
Giant Wave of plastic WASTE in dominican republic
solosnake307/23 3:05am
Have you done the Kiki do you love me challenge?
knuxnole507/23 3:04am
Anyone hit up SDCC?
TheDarkCircle407/23 3:03am
C/D: It's racist to not date people of a certain race
MorningRose7007/23 3:02am
What is your opinion of Ben Shapiro?
Sativa_Rose407/23 3:02am
Andrew Lincoln is now CLEAN SHAVEN as he Confirms his EXIT on The Walking Dead!!
Full Throttle1507/23 3:02am
Fuck this fucking world
_Goggalor_4807/23 3:00am
Should i play persona 5
Authentic_fan2007/23 2:58am
Just started Waframe last night...
SwayM16107/23 2:56am
How have you staved off mental laziness?
Vol2tex907/23 2:55am
I walked in on my dog humping his sister earlier today
Cyrax907/23 2:55am
please recommend me an affordable laptop to game on
YOUHAVENOHOPE707/23 2:52am
Sea Salt is tainted with plastic particles.
CiIantro1107/23 2:49am
Would you eat this booty?
au_gold5207/23 2:48am
Warned/Suspended User General LXXIX: The Real General. Then. Now. Forever.
JustMyOpinion38407/23 2:47am
Hillary Clinton was unfit to be president
ChessInFiveD1207/23 2:45am
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