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So the YouTube trending page is basically the paid corporate ad page, right?
LeoRyan110/18 4:59am
Save That Athlete (Round 18)
Kajagogo1310/18 4:58am
Literally every time Star Citizen shows off a new aspect to the game...
SwayM7210/18 4:58am
You have 12 hours left to live.
masatofujimoto910/18 4:57am
IMO Mario has never topped Super Mario World
solosnake410/18 4:56am
Is it sacrilege to rock low top Chucks?
Blue_Dream87310/18 4:56am
Unsane is a great movie. (it's on Amazon Prime)
-GalacticBass-110/18 4:55am
why do developers leave cut content in game files
Rika_Furude1010/18 4:54am
Dammit I thought I'd blown it with a girl but she just texted me back! Shit
Noumas210/18 4:48am
If I win the 10/19/18 Mega Millions jackpot, every 5th poster gets $5,000.00
LeoRyan7410/18 4:46am
I just beat Valkyria Chronicles 4. Here's my review/final thoughts
Milkman54710/18 4:46am
Luke Cage Season 2 ending ? (spoiler)
cjsdowg110/18 4:43am
Why are jp pornstars all submissive but anime girls are all ball busters?
toyota310/18 4:43am
Its safe to say dick and deed now?
Frostmourne610/18 4:43am
Why are republicans so fanatically pro-circumcision?
Revnir2810/18 4:37am
Pokemon Generation IV - Retroactively made Gen III good
Coffeebeanz4110/18 4:37am
Brony at McDonald's complains about getting a duplicate toy.
Orlando_Jordan3010/18 4:36am
"NPC" is the dumbest redhat meme yet
mario200030010/18 4:31am
Is it weird for a 35 year old Male to be a virgin?
Frostmourne910/18 4:29am
Month and some change early, but: RIP Lemmy
dib153610/18 4:28am
The_Doge12810/18 4:16am
Honestly this Brony documentary is hard to watch
cmiller46421710/18 4:14am
Elon Musk: "it is time to create a mecha"
SDBZ3310/18 4:10am
Fun fact: all of spidermans villains are modelled after a spiders natural predat
Rika_Furude2310/18 4:06am
Does every new game need a battle royal mode?
Mr_Karate_II1610/18 4:05am
Have you ever set a bad example?
Johnny_Nutcase610/18 4:05am
You ever lay in bed and just flop your dick around cuz you're bored? >_>
NeonOctopus2510/18 4:04am
Girls Frontline General 6.0: Homete, homete~
Blue_Dream8712210/18 4:01am
Why White Supremacists Are Chugging Milk (and Why Geneticists Are Alarmed)
Funbazooka3610/18 3:57am
News from South Africa: Girl Gangraped, Stabbed, and Skull Crushed with a Rock
Esrac3010/18 3:56am
Why women aren't taken seriously as abusers:
eye_gouger610/18 3:54am
Mario Party takes more skill than Smash Bros
YUHH1210/18 3:54am
Daily reminder Sarah Bonito exists and isnt your waifu
YUHH610/18 3:53am
Are you a fan of Richard and Mortimer?
Damn_Underscore710/18 3:51am
Mayo or Mustard
CosmicShadows1410/18 3:50am
Who knocks on the door at 3 am
Learning1910/18 3:48am
Rapper Kodak Black reportedly/allegedly raped XXXTentacion's murderer
LeoRyan210/18 3:45am
have you ever cried at work?
Parappa093610/18 3:42am
He Turned Us Into Fucking Killers, Charlie Brown.
DrizztLink9510/18 3:35am
Anotha one! Golf cart Gail calls cops on Black father at a Soccer game.
Ving_Rhames210/18 3:33am
Real Talk: I get beating it to 2d girls more than watching anime
YUHH2410/18 3:24am
I would like to take a knee here with you and say a prayer.
LeoRyan310/18 3:24am
She lost all 3 of her sons to suicide
solosnake2410/18 3:20am
CE, how do you whisk(e)y?
The23rdMagus2810/18 3:20am
Bomb and mass shooting in columbine inspired shooting at Russian college
OctilIery1110/18 3:19am
Yall should watch Tales From the Hood 2
YUHH710/18 3:18am
[email protected] topic
Two_Dee23210/18 3:18am
Toys R Us cancels auction, decides to return
BettyB0op084210/18 3:18am
When the weirdest and awkward dudes throughout your life have girlfriends...
SomeGuyUO1510/18 3:17am
I've been in the hospital standing the entire day X_X
darkprince45510/18 3:16am
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