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Trump goes after the Red Hen.
cjsdowg2006/25 9:02am
Twitch streamer gets tattoo of his username on his face >_>
NeonOctopus2706/25 9:02am
New Dawkins video: The Otis and the Tramp. His dukes are gonna be up soon.
IslamMD2106/25 9:02am
Is it bad that I don't have any of this "white guilt" thing?
Abyssea1606/25 9:01am
What temperature do you keep your house/apartment/living area?
Kazuma_Yagami2606/25 9:01am
Montana Rancher Shoots, Kills Rare Mexican Chupacabra, DNA Tests Confirms
SageHarpuia706/25 9:00am
Germany is providing job training for Americans in the United States.
BlingBling229473806/25 8:59am
Dude got bodied by some Thai girls.
Highwind071106/25 8:58am
In middle school I let this dude borrow a PSP game.
Kitt1006/25 8:57am
There was a time we got 2 to 3 great Rockstar games a year
50Blessings1306/25 8:56am
Jurassic Park, Incredibles 2, or Hereditary? Seeing one today.
HaVeNII7406/25 8:55am
detroit become human is so dumb
Scottydoesntno306/25 8:55am
Kent State AR15 girl at it again, 'mah rights'
lww992506/25 8:55am
Wrestling themes
Vol2tex3006/25 8:55am
For the uninitiated, The Devil's Advocate is top tier
ffmasterjose306/25 8:54am
Anime/Manga/Related Media General V168: "Celebrate Summer"
Juhanor43606/25 8:53am
They are literally talking Soccer on all my sports shows
Patty_Fleur106/25 8:52am
Laphroaig VS Lagavulin
Vindris_SNH106/25 8:51am
Nintendo is not a top tier game developer. Not by a long shot...
SwayM16006/25 8:50am
Why are people so adamant about taking in refugees and illegal immigrants?
Trayvon7306/25 8:49am
Question for Jordan Peterson fans
8-bit_Biceps2806/25 8:48am
Do not get Lasik
SonicTH4206/25 8:48am
A Goofy Movie.
DrizztLink2106/25 8:47am
Discovering Discogs is going to make me go broke.
Error13552306/25 8:46am
Damn, Lisa Lampanelli is ready to get OPPRESSED
deupd_u306/25 8:45am
Sarah Huckabee Sanders thrown out of restaurant for being Trump's mouthpiece
1NfamousACE_223906/25 8:44am
Why are are a babies features determined by the non white race in mixed babies?
DonnyTlk2Russia3106/25 8:43am
Some gay guys are the opposite of "skip leg day".
BalanceLost1406/25 8:42am
Things that are not supposed to be scary that can be scary.
PikachuMaxwell706/25 8:41am
ITT: Hidden Gems on Steam (Summer Sale)
Spooking4506/25 8:40am
The only system I don't have the switch
Patty_Fleur306/25 8:39am
SGDQ - Summer Games Done Quick 2018 - June 24 to July 1 live on Twitch
Airhammy4606/25 8:34am
In Paper Mario, it is possible to give an NPC brain damage.
Cyrax1506/25 8:33am
What's your waist size CE?
voldothegr81806/25 8:30am
$8000 to own a sexbot, or $20 an hour
Scottydoesntno1106/25 8:30am
I just drank pure pineapple juice for the first time
Kickflip506/25 8:27am
The villain in Incredibles 2 got hit with some weird irony(?) [MASSIVE SPOILERS]
YOUHAVENOHOPE106/25 8:27am
Lets get in shape, CE! Get those beach bodies ready.
King Rial2306/25 8:25am
Save that Fighting Game Character 2 (Round 76)
Kajagogo2006/25 8:25am
Buyers tied to Russia, Soviet republics paid $109M cash for Trump properties
Bio1590406/25 8:23am
My fuckin tooth hurts so bad what the fuck
DocileOrangeCup4306/25 8:23am
For Rial so loved CE that, he gave his only begotten topic,
King Rial5906/25 8:22am
Warned/Suspended User General LXXVI: The Failure of Hey Day 2: Electric Boogaloo
Eevee-Trainer43806/25 8:21am
Reminder that there was a time when we got a great new Tony Hawk game every year
Damn_Underscore2906/25 8:21am
Has anyone here had Stella Artois ?
cjsdowg4006/25 8:20am
Save That Video Game Character 2! (Round 63)
WafflehouseJK4306/25 8:19am
Fell asleep while tuggin the sausage.
pres_madagascar206/25 8:18am
Let's be honest, Resident evil 2 remake was the best thing from e3 2018.
pres_madagascar2706/25 8:16am
ITT: Best American Dad moments
littlebro075106/25 8:16am
New Double Dare episodes start tonight!
PokemonExpert44406/25 8:11am
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