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Barbershop 3 Equal Opportunity for black people debate. Do you agree?
Akagami_Shanks502/18 7:00am
"We're in America. SPEAK ENGLISH."
r252002/18 7:00am
happy president day but what if this happens.
convert202/18 7:00am
C/D: the unrelenting nihilism and mean-spiritedness of GTAV was tiring
NinjaBreakfast1802/18 7:00am
AMA: i took my wife back who admitted she cheated on me with 5 different guys
merc12316102/18 6:59am
how. howwwwwww
anth0ny502/18 6:59am
Christian Teacher caught by her HUSBAND having SEX with a KID gets 2 YEARS!!
Full Throttle1402/18 6:59am
things that will happen in Communist America:
anth0ny102/18 6:58am
Why do critics have to always ruin original movies like Alita Battle Angel?
Wutobliteration9702/18 6:57am
Waking up at 6:00am >>>>>
r25402/18 6:56am
I've turned Amber Alerts off years ago.
BlingBling229471902/18 6:56am
Pokémon still ownz
PokemonExpert44902/18 6:53am
Why are people so eager to see California get flooded?
Beveren_Rabbit602/18 6:51am
Never played Final Fantasy before. Would I like 9?
TennTux2902/18 6:50am
If you're a sci-fi movie fan, you should watch Alita: Battle Angel.
WafflehouseJK302/18 6:49am
FPS Doug
r25702/18 6:49am
so i just started Kingdom Hearts 3. um. wtf.
TheBlueMonk_1802/18 6:48am
I intentionally came late to troll my coworker
FunnyDude202/18 6:47am
Best music act to come out of California
Going_Deep_08202/18 6:46am
There should be a video game where you play video games
Antifar3702/18 6:43am
*insert anime series in here* is fucking terrible.
Cotton_Eye_Joe1202/18 6:43am
The guy who's supposed to show up after me at work is always fucking late
WafflehouseJK502/18 6:42am
Save That Video Game! (Round 14)
WafflehouseJK2702/18 6:39am
Uke Topic! :3 (trapped in snow edition)
anth0ny102/18 6:37am
excellent video about loneliness
apolloooo102/18 6:32am
*when nerds call authors 'mangaka' or voice actors 'seiyu' *
AlisLandale4502/18 6:30am
I stayed with my abusive girlfriend out of fear she would kill me
solosnake602/18 6:23am
$500,000, but you have to eat McDonalds for every meal, every day for 1 year
YoshitoKikuchi5102/18 6:21am
Having Chinese food for dinner tonight : )
OctaviaMelody693602/18 6:21am
WWE Stocks and Vince McMahons earnings/comany growth.
Agnostic420302/18 6:20am
I need sad songs
Forlorn_Ass2802/18 6:17am
i feel like i haven't done one of these in a long time, ama CE
Parappa093102/18 6:13am
People still play the original Counter-Strike?
BlingBling229471202/18 6:12am
I've submitted my bachelor thesis. AMA
teepan954302/18 6:09am
A man from Florida...and his dog.
cjsdowg2302/18 6:07am
im fucking drunk. ama
TheBlueMonk_802/18 6:04am
Confirm/deny Final Fantasy X has the best soundtrack of a FF game?
cmiller46421602/18 6:03am
Godzilla star Matthew Broderick
MakoReizei1902/18 6:01am
Old Amazon coworkers keep checking out my LinkedIn profile . . .
BlingBling22947202/18 5:59am
FF 8 is pretty much 20 years old
saspa1902/18 5:52am
ay, The Dragon Prince is back
g0ldie1102/18 5:51am
Iran is surrounded by enemies, but gets different treatment than Israel. strange
BlingBling229471002/18 5:45am
C/D: Sequel Trilogy did more damage than the Prequel Trilogy
r251602/18 5:42am
I want to fuck Princess Jasmine
ssj3vegeta22802/18 5:42am
A Golden Retriever elected as the mayor of a California town
spudger3702/18 5:39am
france bans mom/dad. must use parent 1/parent 2.
ModLogic3502/18 5:39am
Think Jussie faked the attack? >_>
NeonOctopus302/18 5:39am
NYPD commander told officers to "shoot rapper 50 cent on sight"
solosnake502/18 5:37am
Help catch child molesters. Do you recognize any of these items or locations?
red_is_ash302/18 5:24am
You guys check out these Jussie Smollett tweets?
Swagnificent1192402/18 5:22am
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