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Bat vs. Knife. Which weapon would win in a fight? >_>
NeonOctopus3210/18 9:42pm
why is bignutzisback bald?
edededdy2510/18 9:41pm
Ni no kuni 2 is coming to the Xbox one
CatFAQS1910/18 9:41pm
Fractured But Whole Play-through *Spoilers*
E32005110/18 9:41pm
Trials and Tribulations of a manlet... :-(
Zodd32242410/18 9:40pm
Just lost my cat...
zog792410/18 9:40pm
Trump promised $25k check to fallen soldier's dad in June...
littlebro073610/18 9:40pm
PSA: Not all liberals / Democrats are thin skinned pussy SJWs.
Genocet_10-3253610/18 9:40pm
How's Spiderman Homecoming?
Scotty_Rogers2010/18 9:40pm
Just stuck my 2012 mugshot as my profile photo
NewportBox100s12510/18 9:39pm
Should I buy Battlefield One: Revolution?
DezCaughtIt410/18 9:38pm
Post in this topic and I will ask you to rate a random video game music.
Kelystic4210/18 9:38pm
Literally the start of postseason baseball today
I Like Toast29910/18 9:38pm
How far have you gone, CE?
bloodydeath0610/18 9:37pm
I watched "Rebecca" last night, that was a trip
OpheliaAdenade410/18 9:37pm
Add a person with a serious illness to an NFL team so that
coolcono310/18 9:37pm
If Nixon did all those bad things why was he never convicted
PSXer_D5_MkIII710/18 9:37pm
ITT: Post some music (preferably from video games) and I'll rate them...
Capital_Tenant13210/18 9:37pm
Is this weird? I know I'll be bad at Cuphead, but...
TroutPaste710/18 9:37pm
I think I hurt my tongue really bad; help me CE :<
fuzzylittlbunny310/18 9:37pm
Pretend it's the year 2005 in this topic
Nostalgic5510/18 9:36pm
Anime ending themes
Vol2tex2210/18 9:36pm
Wooo! Today makes my account's 10th year anniversary!
leebul110/18 9:36pm
Started watching Riverdale
LIsJustice210/18 9:36pm
Rate the State Day 20: Maryland
Gafemage710/18 9:36pm
Why is Conservative politcal satire nonexistent?
IWBYD17110/18 9:35pm
recommend good anime for adults
smoke_break7510/18 9:34pm
Have you ever kissed another guy before on the lips?
EternalMelodies2910/18 9:34pm
Shadow of War is great, except now (hella spoilers)
DarthAragorn1910/18 9:33pm
Selena from Gotham.
HogRiderreturns32110/18 9:33pm
Florida Police says People have a RIGHT to KILL a Scary CLOWN on HALLOWEEN!!
Full Throttle610/18 9:32pm
What's the retort against control for "think of the bar fights!!" ?
LordCooler410/18 9:31pm
Had a couple drinks...wanna laugh at people getting hurt. Post clips for me.
LordRazziel310/18 9:29pm
Is there a site which covers all sports injuries and athletes who had them?
coolcono110/18 9:28pm
Police Keep Antifa Away From Columbus Statues By Taping Job Applications on them
darkphoenix1815510/18 9:26pm
Give me music to listen to and I'll rate it.
MB20122810/18 9:25pm
If evolution is real why do farts make sound?
DevsBro510/18 9:25pm
My gf broke up with me because I wanted to have a twosome
PSXer_D5_MkIII510/18 9:24pm
Looking for a good, reliable 20-30 gallon air compressor
Nick_Saban410/18 9:23pm
Anime: Kenichi Vs. Reborn
squarion410/18 9:23pm
Naruto > Dragon Ball Z
Scotty_Rogers1710/18 9:22pm
The perfect girl but she is a JRPG protagonist
Blue_Inigo1810/18 9:21pm
kely's clock kid obsession is disturbing
edededdy1310/18 9:21pm
i dont like that everyone is an activist these days
annax02810/18 9:20pm
How many CEmen have posted body pics?
RockRapDubstep8110/18 9:20pm
How quickly CE forgets that Fire Thief used to put out rap songs with millions
BignutzisBack2310/18 9:19pm
My name is...
Stallion_Prime710/18 9:18pm
Two women accused of shoplifting start a brawl at a 7-Eleven
Kelystic1010/18 9:17pm
The best WWE game of the past decade?
HBKick18410/18 9:16pm
My MIL is a nightmare
SerPounceAIot3610/18 9:14pm
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