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Anyone who thinks DMC5 is the best is mentally unwell and should take a day off.
SrRd_RacinG1908.02.2021 6:02pm0 + 0
More proof that the real "cancel culture" comes from the right
Shezarr1408.02.2021 6:02pm0 + 0
US Woman withdraws from pole vault due to injury after her pole snaps in mid air
Lebronwon208.02.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
I keep telling myself I should play a JRPG, and then not getting one
Antifar1108.02.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
Liberal Girl went MAGA HUNTING on BUMBLE and caught a CAPITOL RIOTER!!
Full Throttle708.02.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
Enjoying FF14
Despised3308.02.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
Conservatives are happy the US Women's soccer team lost
TroutPaste4008.02.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
I want to live in an RV when I retire.
IdiotMachine1008.02.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
Kevin Smith and this He-Man thing...
JBstonecold35608.02.2021 6:00pm0 + 0
People keep telling me to call sea urchin "uni", why should I?
Llaeto7908.02.2021 6:00pm0 + 0
what does it mean when i message a girl on instagram and she immediately blocks
No_U_L7608.02.2021 6:00pm0 + 0
Which of these 10 games will you play?
SrRd_RacinG2108.02.2021 6:00pm0 + 0
fuckin mask mandate is back in vegas
PatrickMahomes1408.02.2021 6:00pm0 + 0
Dear Allen,
Choco1008.02.2021 6:00pm0 + 0
Looking back at it, lifting the mask mandate was a bad idea huh?
Smashingpmkns3408.02.2021 6:00pm0 + 0
Images, Love
Juhanor32708.02.2021 6:00pm0 + 0
lmao my laundry machine app glitched up and i get free laundry
No_U_L7108.02.2021 5:59pm0 + 0
So Shezarr is here, so is shockthemonkey, but where's the third one?
RedJackson10508.02.2021 5:59pm0 + 0
it's weird when the right attacks hunter biden
g980608.02.2021 5:59pm0 + 0
my wife from the bedroom: 'get the fuck in here and give me a baby'
Cpt_Pineapple508.02.2021 5:58pm0 + 0
What are some of your favorite games of 2021 so far?
GameGodOfAll1208.02.2021 5:58pm0 + 0
g0ldie608.02.2021 5:58pm0 + 0
streaming on twitch
Swagnet0408.02.2021 5:55pm0 + 0
Xethuminra16508.02.2021 5:55pm0 + 0
Spotify: ''Just enable your mic''
wackyteen108.02.2021 5:51pm0 + 0
Do you think we'll ever see a "Perfect" game of Jeopardy?
Josiah_Is_Back3308.02.2021 5:50pm0 + 0
Novak Djokovic Makes a Fool of Himself Two Days After Lecturing Simone Biles
Humble_Novice2808.02.2021 5:50pm0 + 0
Save That Alien (Round 68)
Kajagogo3408.02.2021 5:50pm0 + 0
How factual is this?
RedJackson2808.02.2021 5:50pm0 + 0
What are some kick ass co op games on pc?
yemmy208.02.2021 5:50pm0 + 0
Just learned about Strawberry Prince
Doe408.02.2021 5:50pm0 + 0
Venom: Let there be Carnage trailer 2
voldothegr83008.02.2021 5:46pm0 + 0
What would your username be if you evolved?
jpenny27608.02.2021 5:46pm0 + 0
Police show up to black man's house, he excercises his legal rights and get shot
WingsOfGood27208.02.2021 5:44pm0 + 0
Lindsey Graham tests positive for Covid19.
GranolaPanic5108.02.2021 5:44pm0 + 0
The Last of Us 2 plothole? *Spoilers*
NullAndVoidFC808.02.2021 5:42pm0 + 0
Anyone ever try both Gohandesuyo and Vegemite?
Sayoria408.02.2021 5:40pm0 + 0
Virtual Console Exclusive for 3DS/Wii U
sLaCkEr408___RJ408.02.2021 5:39pm0 + 0
Hans Moleman is 100 years young today!
Daniel_Berkhart308.02.2021 5:39pm0 + 0
Nippon Ichi Software releases a strange teaser
KFHEWUI308.02.2021 5:39pm0 + 0
Why don't businesses ever have 'expectant father' parking spaces?
Complete_Idi0t708.02.2021 5:38pm0 + 0
Should i watch Jojo from the start?
newhorrorguy3108.02.2021 5:38pm0 + 0
Mask complaints are the lowest tier of bitching
DepreceV21608.02.2021 5:38pm0 + 0
There is no relationship like the one between a man and his barber
Akagami_Shanks1508.02.2021 5:37pm0 + 0
Interesting how quiet the Arizona Audit has been lately
DarkRoast1908.02.2021 5:36pm0 + 0
Congress cutting $30 billion in funding to address future pandemics
Antifar1108.02.2021 5:36pm0 + 0
Anyone else think Party City has an outdated interior?
red_is_ash708.02.2021 5:35pm0 + 0
They got me again. Those iAirs are pretty great.
The_Office_pwnz608.02.2021 5:35pm0 + 0
Question for people upset over eviction moritoriums ending:
PoundGarden6408.02.2021 5:35pm0 + 0
Matt Damon says phone-obsessed children no longer watch films properly.
refmon4408.02.2021 5:30pm0 + 0
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