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AMA about living in Japan
JRaasin13312/11 9:06pm
53 Netflix accounts watched A Christmas Prince every day for the past 18 days
Darmik2312/11 9:02pm
Gay Asian and white boyfriend call black food service employee the n word
Fony1312/11 9:02pm
So Hulu is literally a much better service than Netflix.
The X Dawg212/11 9:02pm
The alt-right created a parallel internet. It's a mess.
Antifar2012/11 9:02pm
DragonPick closed his account
armandro5312/11 9:01pm
CNN revealed the reason people are voting for Roy Moore
Zikten4312/11 9:01pm
What would happen if all men were gay, or asexual.
Dyinglegacy712/11 9:01pm
I'm replaying Tales of Xillia - I rushed it the first time...(some thoughts)
-Gavirulax-712/11 9:01pm
Hope yall bought some Litecoin when I told you to
FLUFFYGERM35512/11 9:01pm
Trump is a thread to our freedom and rights.
Sayoria3712/11 9:01pm
Which CE user is worse to you?
LittleRoyal5112/11 9:00pm
how are they going to market Black Panther to Asia?
Returning_CEmen3512/11 9:00pm
Went to Philly... how are these amateur photos?
IdiotMachine1712/11 9:00pm
lol @ wearing a thong "to hide panty lines"
Damn_Underscore2312/11 8:59pm
Would we have 100% been better off with Hillary as commander in chief?
YoshitoKikuchi112/11 8:57pm
Huh that Angry Grandpa YouTuber died.
Slip-N-Slide5712/11 8:57pm
How should I position myself tonight?
ssj3vegeta_34712/11 8:57pm
Speaking of thongs, I've been wearing one for a while now, makes me so horny!
-Gavirulax-5712/11 8:57pm
Green Monday?
LightDarkFrexed212/11 8:57pm
Litecoin 200!!!
Muffinz0rz1012/11 8:55pm
Impeach Trump and replace him with Hillary
Damn_Underscore1212/11 8:55pm
What's the sickest burn you've seen on CE?
GameGodOfAll4612/11 8:54pm
"Woman of your dreams, but..." Day 11
GoldKnightSkye312/11 8:54pm
Crypto General #1: Bearish af
clearaflagrantj31212/11 8:53pm
got 20th out of 99 in my first PUBG match
AlternativeFAQS1212/11 8:52pm
I'm going to set up my phone to text me every single Trump tweet.
ItsVinceRusso112/11 8:52pm
ATTN: Liberals and Conservatives - Do you ever listen to the other side?
-Gavirulax-3512/11 8:52pm
Notice the lack of hover hands in these photos.
K3lys612/11 8:51pm
How did you like Guardians of the Galaxy 2?
ProtoManSPx1212/11 8:50pm
Save That Disney Character! (Round 22)
WafflehouseJK2712/11 8:49pm
Ok CE, real talk. Why do you always take bait?
AlisLandale312/11 8:49pm
If you only have one chance to save someone from ending their life...
PiOverlord1012/11 8:47pm
Save that ANIMAL! Round 84.
Kelystic812/11 8:46pm
Name that movie!
Cocytus48512/11 8:45pm
What's stopping Google from offering VPNs?
Cotton_Eye_Joe612/11 8:45pm
If only someone had some good music for me to listen to.
ItsVinceRusso612/11 8:45pm
Motivate me to study for my final
MordecaiRocks612/11 8:44pm
Post ASMR videos you enjoy.
BalanceLost3312/11 8:44pm
I'm thinking of giving my other sister my old gamecube.
Duncanwii112/11 8:43pm
Dissidia NT character trailer (2 new to my knowledge)
Makeveli_lives312/11 8:43pm
Just pointed a laser at the Andromeda galaxy. Am I gonna be arrested?
PSXer_5D_MkIII712/11 8:42pm
So why haven't you played Total War Shogun 2 yet?
ssj3vegeta21112/11 8:41pm
lagers and pilsners are the worst types of beer
ManSpread712/11 8:41pm
I got a New GF AmA
kislev512/11 8:41pm
MLP Social v2449: "Flap to it!"
SSBBSB44012/11 8:41pm
Remember Anita Sarkeesian?
UnfairRepresent4212/11 8:40pm
Got pulled over for passing a cop on the right at 114mph in a 55mph zone.
IdiotMachine10712/11 8:38pm
Did that CEman with cystic fibrosis die?
Bandit_Keith2112/11 8:38pm
This is why I love "breastaurants"
Scaramanga6112/11 8:37pm
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