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I really love red headed women...but
metallica8461109.22.2019 6:02am0 + 0
would a WORLD WAR 3 now mean AIRPORTS shut down?
SaccharineSmile309.22.2019 6:01am0 + 0
NYPD cop breaks into black family's home, calls them the N-word
Shablagoo6709.22.2019 6:01am0 + 0
Stephen King was a more consistent author after the accident than before.
OctilIery3909.22.2019 6:01am0 + 0
teach me useful spanish ce
NeoBowser4109.22.2019 6:00am0 + 0
Lil Wayne cancelled super last minute at the festival I've been at this weekend
Smashingpmkns309.22.2019 5:59am0 + 0
Society's greatest heroes harrass a stage 4 cancer patient at hospital
Shablagoo9709.22.2019 5:59am0 + 0
Doki Doki Literature Club is 2 years old today
AlisLandale809.22.2019 5:59am0 + 0
Damn, time to blow up and pretend I don't know anybody. Time to ghost
MrMallard6209.22.2019 5:59am0 + 0
Cloud Atlas
au_gold1409.22.2019 5:57am0 + 0
Should people who start wars be fighting in the frontlines?
LightningAce111109.22.2019 5:56am0 + 0
Someone just told me horror is bad because it can never be high art.
OctilIery2209.22.2019 5:56am0 + 0
Oh my god. I have porn on my TV. Porn on my TV!
Noumas609.22.2019 5:55am0 + 0
What video game(s) are you playing this w/e, pals?
KookyCouture4609.22.2019 5:54am0 + 0
Ben Shapiro: rap isn't real music
TroutPaste18509.22.2019 5:54am0 + 0
So I want to get two of my friends laid, but I'm not sure how to do it.
Benify909.22.2019 5:53am0 + 0
Rate My Dinner
TeaMilk1309.22.2019 5:52am0 + 0
Mortal Kombat Cast is COMPLETE. NO KITANA/JOHNNY CAGE..But there is FATALITIES!!
Full Throttle4409.22.2019 5:51am0 + 0
What's with "Dolphins fan here." guy on Facebook?
Agnostic420509.22.2019 5:50am0 + 0
So the area 52 raid... did anything happen
Rika_Furude1309.22.2019 5:46am0 + 0
PC doing this weird thing asking me to update every single day.
toyota509.22.2019 5:32am0 + 0
Who are the most important political thinkers in the West today?
MeIon Bread409.22.2019 5:32am0 + 0
I need a game to occupy me for about 12 hours
RdVEHfJqAvUPIbk1009.22.2019 5:28am0 + 0
Eight dollars or all the spare change you ever saw and didn't bother picking up.
pegusus123456609.22.2019 5:20am0 + 0
Jesus Christ Deviljho, leave my Bazelgeuse alone.
DeadBankerDream509.22.2019 5:17am0 + 0
I'm going from $15/hr to 72k a year.
dawiseone43009.22.2019 5:14am0 + 0
I really want to get back into playing videogames
toyota1509.22.2019 5:14am0 + 0
Twin Peaks watchthrough part 3 - James was always cool *spoilers as I go*
DuranOfForcena9509.22.2019 5:09am0 + 0
so. does huawei spy on you and steal your information?
TheBlueMonk_1009.22.2019 5:03am0 + 0
Lego, where are the damn specs for Kylo's shuttle?
BalanceLost709.22.2019 5:02am0 + 0
forky (toy story 4) is one of the best characters we've had this decade
Parappa09509.22.2019 4:55am0 + 0
PiOverlord's 2019 Best CEer Tournament Day 42
PiOverlord1709.22.2019 4:53am0 + 0
elly tran ha best girl in the world
KucklinSlayer309.22.2019 4:53am0 + 0
I wanna eat this dessert.
BalanceLost709.22.2019 4:52am0 + 0
ad astra review *SPOILERS*..
Future_Trunks209.22.2019 4:51am0 + 0
Between Two Ferns: The Movie feels scripted.
au_gold809.22.2019 4:49am0 + 0
The Winner of Save That RPG Character 2 is...
Kajagogo1309.22.2019 4:49am0 + 0
By adding horrible Fire Emblem characters like Robin, Corrin, and Lucina...
Milkman53309.22.2019 4:49am0 + 0
If you could choose not to have been born, what would you do?
RedWhiteBlue909.22.2019 4:47am0 + 0
DSPGaming General 10 (Year Legacy): Thousand Dollar Cat Edition
jpenny228009.22.2019 4:46am0 + 0
I'm quite conflicted by Ad Astra
NinjaBreakfast1809.22.2019 4:43am0 + 0
Photos of hot or cute guys and men.
BalanceLost1609.22.2019 4:38am0 + 0
Women feel gross when men who they aren't attracted to are attracted to them
LenKagamine913309.22.2019 4:38am0 + 0
Kelly Marie Tran and hot sister
Future_Trunks2509.22.2019 4:36am0 + 0
People who go on dates so the guy can pay for everything?
Vol2tex6209.22.2019 4:35am0 + 0
Tips for surviving on 4 hours of sleep a night?
Accolon409.22.2019 4:35am0 + 0
What are you listening to right now? V6
Holy_Pumpkin22709.22.2019 4:32am0 + 0
Pokemon Masters is live
glitteringfairy25909.22.2019 4:28am0 + 0
Watching Dark Phoenix for the first time
Garioshi3709.22.2019 4:27am0 + 0
Cross dressing
MedeaLysistrata309.22.2019 4:25am0 + 0
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