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Which celebrity death affected you the most?
Complete_Idi0t6004/21 10:06pm
Well, at some burgers my roommate 'cooked' - almost completely pink on inside
EverDownward2104/21 10:06pm
Stumbled across Flickr full of HD scans of my favorite art from any games ever
Timohtep1504/21 10:05pm
Spinoff > 5 = 3 = 4 > 2 >>>>>>>> shit > 1
FrancisAlaMode1304/21 10:05pm
Why does The Admiral keep getting warned
REMercsChamp3804/21 10:05pm
Anime and Other Stuff General v162: "What's wrong with your face?"
TheMarthKoopa29404/21 10:05pm
How weird to hit up someone from grade school?
Blue_Dream87504/21 10:04pm
Do you usually have to work on the weekends?
Smallville304/21 10:04pm
CE needs a mascot.
Kitt3104/21 10:04pm
Warned/Suspended General LIX: FrankIin goes to purgatory
Wariodorf45004/21 10:04pm
Why the fuck aren't you watching the Thermite Show?
Kitt804/21 10:03pm
So does anyone care about Yugioh VRAINS
Doe804/21 10:03pm
Would you walk this far?
BlueScum2004/21 10:03pm
Zelda fans got so pissy at Wind Waker
Blue_Inigo3604/21 10:03pm
To anyone here who seen Gravity Falls.. How was it?
coldshadowater104/21 10:02pm
Another day, another school shooting.
A_Good_Boy2004/21 10:02pm
Why do cops always want to see people's hands?
Complete_Idi0t1304/21 10:02pm
One day, FEM-powered video games will be a reality
FightingGames104/21 10:02pm
holy fuck holy fuck omg a SHINY Growlithe
ssj3vegeta1404/21 10:01pm
Gender is the biological sex a person identifies as, right?
Forgettable2504/21 10:01pm
Should the death penalty be humane?
CiIantro104/21 9:59pm
Just got tongue-tied for the first time ever talking to a girl. O_o
Aristoph2604/21 9:59pm
Boobs: The bigger the better?
Vol2tex6304/21 9:58pm
As a black man, I got treated better in Europe than my own country(USA)
JBaLLEN661704/21 9:56pm
im a girl. change my mind.
Kaname_Madoka1204/21 9:56pm
officially moved to Georgia sup
drunkmuggle504/21 9:56pm
Tombstone just started on AMC, turn it on now.
CarlGrimes1804/21 9:55pm
Ron Swanson vs Michael Scott
nevershine504/21 9:55pm
School apologizes after assignment asking how slaves benefited from slavery.
A_Good_Boy2804/21 9:55pm
Snowflake-In-Chief says his state dinner is a Safe Space, bans dems and media.
Minute1804/21 9:53pm
Mega Pidgeot is OP as hell in the SM online 3v3 Battle Spot
Coffeebeanz104/21 9:52pm
Amnesty International give Colin Kaepernick with Ambassador of Conscience awar
FrisbeeDude2604/21 9:52pm
ATTN: FrancisAlaMode
FrancisAlaMode1304/21 9:52pm
Save That Character: Cartoons vs Anime! Round 92
Popcorn_Fairy3604/21 9:52pm
Gabe Newell, George RR Martin, and Donald Trump walk into a bar
LIsJustice804/21 9:50pm
LanHikari10804/21 9:50pm
My Catholic friend is letting me use his Hulu
Lord_Shadow204/21 9:49pm
Scientifically speaking why are the universe graphics so damn good?
nuclearratchet1004/21 9:49pm
Dese tits doe
ssj3vegeta_604/21 9:49pm
No woman should be imprisoned more than a month.
Blo504/21 9:47pm
Save that Movie! (ROUND 82)
Capital_Tenant4204/21 9:47pm
I will rate your sneakers out of 10
SF_Okami8404/21 9:46pm
Does anybody like reading those celebrity mags?
Smallville204/21 9:43pm
It's an automatic termination at my job if you ask a celeb for a picture
SomeGuyUO1104/21 9:42pm
I do fuck all at work and have a brain-dead job - doesn't everyone else too?
REMercsChamp304/21 9:41pm
Does anyone else like Little Nicky?
UnfairRepresent2204/21 9:41pm
Black guy chases a woman down an alley and corners her to prove she's racist
GiggetySplicer5104/21 9:41pm
Yall heard of this great anime called Citrus
YOUHAVENOHOPE4704/21 9:40pm
Me: Why was my brother's sentence extended some years back?
BlingBling2294710604/21 9:39pm
Are Roseanne and That 70's Show the only shows to show the 4th wall?
CarlGrimes3904/21 9:38pm
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