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huh I just realized Milla Jovovich looks like a female version of David Bowie
VoightKent212/13 10:02pm
Who is the worse person: Adolf Hitler or Josef Mengele?
Garioshi112/13 10:02pm
my wife keeps texting me the egg plant emoji
Cpt_Pineapple712/13 10:02pm
What is your opinion on fortnite porn?
Lord_Shadow1212/13 10:01pm
Nintendo: Stay Tuned for a balance adjustment!
P4wn4g31112/13 10:01pm
What's with all the patreon beggars on youtube
Genocet_10-325912/13 10:01pm
So did the plan to have KB Toys pop-up stores this holiday season fall through?
G-Ziss112/13 10:00pm
ran into girl on her way to volleyball match, told her i'm pulling for her
No_U_L7712/13 10:00pm
Would you ever want to work on your local news?
KazGT6312/13 10:00pm
Games you're certain no one else but you played.
Dyinglegacy12212/13 10:00pm
Trump reportedly considering Kushner for Chief of Staff
Bio15901212/13 9:59pm
50 million, but you're banned from showering, and washing your hands.
CosmicShadows712/13 9:58pm
Girls Frontline General 7.0: Don't Fuze the Hostage!
Popcorn_Fairy30212/13 9:57pm
"It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it." lmao
Orlando_Jordan5612/13 9:56pm
PewDiePie gives shoutout to anti-Semitic Youtube channel.
Delta_F1410012/13 9:56pm
Will Trump finish out his term as president?
Agnostic420712/13 9:56pm
MLP Social v2472: Applejack has the Power~!
Cartridge8839212/13 9:55pm
Bought a $500 litter box.
IdiotMachine1612/13 9:54pm
Do the Sly Cooper games hold up, in 2018?
TroutPaste1212/13 9:54pm
"yo it's too early in the mornign for this shit"
VoightKent1212/13 9:53pm
Minecraft creator says there is an agenda against white men
XHJYFL15112/13 9:53pm
Heroes of the storm is officially dead
refmon1712/13 9:52pm
"John, you're not wearing your ring." Arrow destroyed for me.
BeyondWalls612/13 9:51pm
boobs, Boobs, BOOBS
RiderofHogs23512/13 9:51pm
Do you order food as an alpha or beta male?
FF_Redux3512/13 9:50pm
Save That Horror Character! (Round 65)
WafflehouseJK2512/13 9:49pm
Asian porn is BEST porn
V-E-G-Y-3012/13 9:49pm
If you still act/feel like a boy/kid should you be called a man/adult?
Evol212/13 9:49pm
Who's a good American Revolution Historian?
Ryetoast212/13 9:48pm
John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads
Muffinz0rz1612/13 9:47pm
Alicia Vikander's supple, naked body in Tulip Fever.
au_gold3512/13 9:47pm
fuck retail
FortuneCookie1612/13 9:47pm
The President of the United States cheated on his 3rd wife with a porn star
cmiller46428712/13 9:46pm
Where's fellow my roller coaster enthusiasts at?
Mr_Karate_II112/13 9:46pm
Imagine making up a fake friend named "Arugula."
Orlando_Jordan5012/13 9:45pm
Why the hell didn't Xbox get Dragon Quest XI
DarkRoast812/13 9:44pm
Yo Ass Creed Odyssey is p goooood
Touch5912/13 9:44pm
How far am I in RDR2? *Spoilers*
Kitt212/13 9:44pm
Do you have friends who don't work in fast food or retail?
HylianFox2712/13 9:43pm
Anyone else thought Oliver looked *DC Elseworlds spoilers*
ssj3vegeta812/13 9:42pm
Well now I'm depressed.
DevsBro512/13 9:41pm
Save That Rapper! Round 59!
Popcorn_Fairy3612/13 9:41pm
Arrowverse crossover- Elseworlds starts in a couple minutes!!
SocialistGamer7012/13 9:41pm
well i did it CE. i ate a traditional japanese meal of a raw egg on top of rice.
_BlueMonk112/13 9:40pm
Just ordered a new phone! LG Q7 Plus.
NewportBox100s2112/13 9:40pm
CE's Solar System Travel Guide
DarkRoast912/13 9:39pm
Should I get Tetris Effect if I don't have VR?
Cotton_Eye_Joe312/13 9:38pm
C/D: Lawyers who KNOWINGLY defend guilty clients should be punished too.
NotWhiteNinja4812/13 9:38pm
Video: Eddie Bravo argues with scientists about flat earth
Youngster_Joey_712/13 9:37pm
Fever delusional
BalanceLost312/13 9:34pm
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