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Is this worth it?
Solid Sonic201.17.2021 7:01am0 + 0
It's messed up when people say "Dearly beloved..."
Shablagoo801.17.2021 7:01am0 + 0
95% of users find their true love on CE
pojr2001.17.2021 7:01am0 + 0
My roommate is bringing home a kitten soon (Pics will be delivered)
Harpie8601.17.2021 7:00am0 + 0
Comedian makes "gay and black" joke and gets canceled!
cuh5101.17.2021 7:00am0 + 0
C/D None of us are getting into a Deep Underground Military Base if WW III...
Vanillalce301.17.2021 6:58am0 + 0
My block list is at 0 users now.
PokemonExpert44401.17.2021 6:57am0 + 0
I'm struggling to see how Eren isn't in the right, AoT anime spoilers
CM_Ponch4401.17.2021 6:56am0 + 0
Lets have a CE voice/vocaroo topic guys!!!
FF_Redux3901.17.2021 6:55am0 + 0
anyone else scared of brain aneurysms?
Zikten2801.17.2021 6:55am0 + 0
Turns out the guy with weapons and fake inauguration credentials wasn't bad*.
Tyranthraxus101.17.2021 6:52am0 + 0
How tf can anyone hate TikTok? Look at these amazing vids Tiktok produces
BigB0ss1310401.17.2021 6:50am0 + 0
Do you expect radical changes in Mass Effect 1 In the Remaster
Lord_Shadow4201.17.2021 6:49am0 + 0
Imagine if Harpie and Vegy became a couple.
Sunburn201.17.2021 6:48am0 + 0
a CEman has passed away
ultimate reaver16301.17.2021 6:45am0 + 0
Over 30 year old virgins, ever thought about getting a hooker?
jon10125401.17.2021 6:44am0 + 0
I gotta laugh at all the cosmopolitian elites whining about US troops deployed
Cobraiak1501.17.2021 6:44am0 + 0
Lamar and Franklin's voice actors re-enacted the roasting scene
Lebronwon6501.17.2021 6:43am0 + 0
Anyone who drinks 6 beers is basically the same as a drug addict
yemmy6501.17.2021 6:43am0 + 0
Imagine having a fast food grill at the house.
Sunburn201.17.2021 6:41am0 + 0
All of CE are suspects in the murder of SB Allen
totalnerdken3001.17.2021 6:41am0 + 0
Watching the first Ip Man. I should watch more martial arts movies.
ImAMarvel1901.17.2021 6:41am0 + 0
You ready to drop 200 didgeridoos for this KOS-MOS figure?
Blue_Inigo1901.17.2021 6:39am0 + 0
Kyle Rittenhouse is now an HONOURARY MEMBER of PROUD BOYS!!
Full Throttle7501.17.2021 6:35am0 + 0
How did you decide what to do for your career?
Joker981201.17.2021 6:33am0 + 0
Genshin Impact General 4: Ganyu? I don't even know you!
Tyranthraxus3001.17.2021 6:31am0 + 0
ITT: Types of favors you would usually pass on doing if a friend asked you
AzNDarkSamurai1201.17.2021 6:31am0 + 0
Do kids in private Jesus Loving schools tend to be more disciplined...
21WIVES_CHILL901.17.2021 6:29am0 + 0
Do you ever visit your loved ones at the cemetery?
FarmDog1501.17.2021 6:28am0 + 0
How badly did the 2008 Recession effect you? Do you remember the 2008 recession?
Sunhawk201.17.2021 6:27am0 + 0
Six Degrees of Transformers
RchHomieQuanChi6701.17.2021 6:27am0 + 0
Why do fighting game players like obsolete arcade controls
ChainedRedone4301.17.2021 6:22am0 + 0
Princess Daisy
Turbam19601.17.2021 6:19am0 + 0
Would you date this lady who owned a Pro Gamer on live television?
Shablagoo2801.17.2021 6:16am0 + 0
watching WandaVision, and...
g0ldie101.17.2021 6:11am0 + 0
Saw a decent horror film last night. Last Shift. See. I remember the name.
Sunhawk201.17.2021 6:05am0 + 0
Hong Kong democracy activists confront their Trump dilemma - Jan. 15th
Shablagoo2401.17.2021 6:05am0 + 0
How was New York so criminal and gangsta in the 90s...?
DarthTyrannus83701.17.2021 6:01am0 + 0
My homework has 'J a V' as a (mathematical) term to work with
teepan95301.17.2021 5:55am0 + 0
what does it say to you when someone "isn't into politics"?
Trickfinger3801.17.2021 5:54am0 + 0
Cats on an exercise wheel
Zikten201.17.2021 5:54am0 + 0
Join me as I play through an indie horror VN!
BakonBitz801.17.2021 5:54am0 + 0
I want to get out of my truck and punch the guy next to me square in the jaw.
IfGodCouldDie5201.17.2021 5:49am0 + 0
You ever think about old friends
ArchNemo1501.17.2021 5:48am0 + 0
What vegy alt do you tag?
Frostmourne201.17.2021 5:41am0 + 0
Big Bang Theory is not funny.
Justanotherlark1801.17.2021 5:38am0 + 0
Who wants to play Spellbreak ??
AloofHermit301.17.2021 5:37am0 + 0
Beautiful Asses: The Booty Strikes Back
au_gold47001.17.2021 5:29am0 + 0
Meanwhile, on Parler...
au_gold28301.17.2021 5:26am0 + 0
Rate her
Cobraiak601.17.2021 5:25am0 + 0
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