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how negative are your views on 4chan?
Beveren_Rabbit1104.01.2020 4:01am0 + 0
Why are people upset that China reopened wet markets?
jstewart01604.01.2020 4:01am0 + 0
Do you consider your boss good or not?
VictourieFlake404.01.2020 4:00am0 + 0
Gamespot gives RE3 remake a 6/10
HBKick1815404.01.2020 4:00am0 + 0
Are cosplayers actually fans of what they cosplay?
Accountedfor404.01.2020 4:00am0 + 0
I've only seen 2 CE wieners.
TheAnthraxBunny1904.01.2020 4:00am0 + 0
Scanty and Kneesocks transformation
malenz1204.01.2020 3:58am0 + 0
Replaying Pokemon Crystal with Meganium
parabola_master404.01.2020 3:58am0 + 0
The Perfect Girl but she's a replicant on the run and you're a blade runner.
Verdekal604.01.2020 3:56am0 + 0
can we get a wholesome April Fool's joke, please?
Beveren_Rabbit804.01.2020 3:56am0 + 0
I've been gaming for ~28 years but I forgot how to spell video games
8-bit_Biceps704.01.2020 3:54am0 + 0
POLL: Do you think Trump is honest?
Jx10101704.01.2020 3:52am0 + 0
I think I'm starting to prefer ass over boobs now...
NeonOctopus804.01.2020 3:49am0 + 0
You know, fuck the WHO, why are we holding them on some pedestal?
toyota1504.01.2020 3:49am0 + 0
Girls Frontline General 14: Untitled Gun Game
Calwings38404.01.2020 3:48am0 + 0
There's not enough amateur indian American porn
Future_Trunks2404.01.2020 3:45am0 + 0
I don't agree with people underestimating skyward sword
malenz504.01.2020 3:42am0 + 0
is this reis?
malenz704.01.2020 3:41am0 + 0
Top 40 MJ songs (no writeups)
Scotty_Rogers104.01.2020 3:39am0 + 0
We crossed 1,000 deaths/day yesterday. We're screwed.
DarkRoast1104.01.2020 3:39am0 + 0
If Busta Rhymes had a katana...
nevershine604.01.2020 3:38am0 + 0
Real talk. How come all you ****ting on America have nothing to say on Sweden?
L_S_P804.01.2020 3:38am0 + 0
Please no jokes about COVID-19 today.
cuttin_in_farm3204.01.2020 3:37am0 + 0
Resident evil:Resistance beta is out for PC.
mach256871904.01.2020 3:37am0 + 0
Am I the only one who quarantines packages for a few days? XD
Yadoken804.01.2020 3:36am0 + 0
ITT: acclaimed movies that you think are trash
meestermj3004.01.2020 3:34am0 + 0
Who would win in a fight: Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali?
Just_a_loser504.01.2020 3:32am0 + 0
ITT we post South Park quotes
robert211304.01.2020 3:30am0 + 0
FFXV was fine
Rika_Furude3304.01.2020 3:30am0 + 0
DSPGaming General XIII: Morally Bankrupt Edition (Also, Actually Bankrupt)
jpenny223404.01.2020 3:27am0 + 0
My girlfriend has a heart condition and her boss is trying to say shes essential
PatrickMahomes2704.01.2020 3:24am0 + 0
Undertale is losing to Octopath Traveler?!?!?!?
Doe3804.01.2020 3:23am0 + 0
19 year old tries to kill Asian family in coronavirus related hate crime.
MelbuFrahma41604.01.2020 3:23am0 + 0
Yaweh, the biblical god of the Old Testament was actually a human hating demon
Ryan__Leaf6504.01.2020 3:19am0 + 0
Do you ever like to combine fast foods?
Philoktetes404.01.2020 3:19am0 + 0
Is it weird that I'm a white dude attracted to nothing but Mexican girls?
Frostmourne1204.01.2020 3:13am0 + 0
I bought a vegan chocolate cake and it's amazing
Accolon3104.01.2020 3:09am0 + 0
what's the best metro game
butthole6661004.01.2020 3:08am0 + 0
So Digimon did an April Fools joke this year...
AlisLandale704.01.2020 3:04am0 + 0
Fuck, I admit it! I've never beaten Mega Man X.
SrRd_RacinG2904.01.2020 3:01am0 + 0
Awww cmon mods you're not fun
MFBKBass5604.01.2020 2:59am0 + 0
You're in the Garden of Eden and your hot naked wife offers you some juicy fruit
Damn_Underscore1504.01.2020 2:56am0 + 0
Butthole music
butthole666904.01.2020 2:56am0 + 0
Lie in topic title
Tyranthraxus504.01.2020 2:55am0 + 0
you are gonna hear me roar
malenz404.01.2020 2:55am0 + 0
What is the greatest cheese?
MabusIncarnate5004.01.2020 2:54am0 + 0
Cartoon Network supports the trans community
AlabamaLove6704.01.2020 2:52am0 + 0
Covid-19 April fool jokes are not funny
Supernatural604.01.2020 2:50am0 + 0
What's the shape of Italy?
8-bit_Biceps604.01.2020 2:47am0 + 0
Which of these 2 versions of the song "heaven" do you think is better?
CwebbMichSac4904.01.2020 2:44am0 + 0
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