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Katy Perry was suspended in the 6th grade for humping a tree
Bestoffuture201/16 9:01am
I can't believe the Democrats are FORCING McConnell to keep the government shut
_BIueMonk401/16 9:01am
This is how Ludacris posts on Instagram lol
ledbowman1901/16 9:00am
Runner3 is a lot of fun. Why didn't it do well (that I know of) when it came out
Sunhawk201/16 8:59am
Wait!!! People are BITCHING that they have to spend $2 more a month for NETFLIX?
SaccharineSmile2601/16 8:59am
Actor claims Dragon Ball Broly movie will leave you feeling like you had sex.
JustMyOpinion501/16 8:59am
Rate the console out of 10: Gamecube
KStateKing171901/16 8:59am
That depressing feeling where you can't even get out of bed.
Scotty_Rogers201/16 8:58am
is Dollar Shave Club good? >_> anyone subscribed to them
Milkman52101/16 8:58am
How often do you usually S***?
Darkfire1001/16 8:56am
Save That Rapper! Round 97!
Popcorn_Fairy2701/16 8:55am
I probably shouldn't ask CE this, but what are some good romance movies?
ImAMarvel4401/16 8:54am
Apple is shocked people aren't rushing out to buy iPhones
Akagami_Shanks2301/16 8:53am
A positive to the Gillette ad for white males.
t_paynes_ghost14601/16 8:53am
Video: Disney, It's Time to Stop Wasting Star Wars on Electronic Arts
Youngster_Joey_301/16 8:51am
Mario 3D World>>>>>>>>>>>Odyssey
SocialistGamer2501/16 8:51am
how long can you shower before you start experiencing health issues?
Anisoptera1201/16 8:48am
WE HAVE A HATE CRIME ON TAPE. 6'5 white man beats down 12yr black girl.
Kinny10028401/16 8:48am
This is the only Gillette video that I need.
HowardStern69101/16 8:46am
East coast 90s rap >>>> West coast 90s rap
cmiller46424201/16 8:46am
Other streaming services?
SpiralDrift701/16 8:46am
using a . instead of a , to separate the thousands
Rika_Furude6601/16 8:45am
sup CE. i decided to start waking up early. its 519am. aww yeah
_BIueMonk1001/16 8:44am
CNN analyst accuses black man of having white privilege.
Rimmer_Dall2501/16 8:44am
So I recut the Gillette "The Best Men Can Be" Commercial to be more
Jorep2401/16 8:44am
Save That Couple (Round 48)
Kajagogo901/16 8:43am
Man leaps head first out of moving car to escape argument with his girlfriend.
UnfairRepresent3601/16 8:42am
House members have accomplished nothing so far
L0Z601/16 8:41am
Chris Hansen sent to jail for bouncing checks
Behaviorism3501/16 8:40am
I wanna worship joestarrs tits n ass
PS4LooksGreat7201/16 8:38am
Save That Horror Character! (Round 110)
WafflehouseJK4301/16 8:35am
Niels Bohr >>> Albert Einstein
solosnake401/16 8:35am
Having a child has really strengthened my marriage with my wife.
t_paynes_ghost1901/16 8:34am
attn vegy
Akagami_Shanks1601/16 8:34am
I'm about to check out solo
nevershine101/16 8:33am
Guess who just got MARRIAGE, fam!
Scotty_Rogers401/16 8:28am
Sonic Adventure 2 is a goddamn enigma.
butthole6663901/16 8:28am
Turns out, Yoshi not paying taxes is canon.
Solar_Crimson301/16 8:27am
Life is Strange is honestly a pretty solid title. *Spoilers up to Ep. 3*
MrMallard5101/16 8:25am
The Lead Actress in the Netflix Show "Sex Education" Looks Familiar
ninjarobot_22101/16 8:22am
Have you ever used this argument before?
Veggeta X601/16 8:21am
Is The Magicians a show worth watching from the beginning?
CosmicShadows401/16 8:20am
This is why the shutdown wont affect 45 much come 2020
EliteC701/16 8:19am
Da biggest bulges of CE
ssj3vegeta_6301/16 8:17am
Oh Cyric. What are you doing...
CyricZ501/16 8:15am
Save That Couple (Round 47)
Kajagogo4201/16 8:07am
30 years old no career Club
SoundNetwork301/16 8:06am
The perfect girl but she has a breastfeeding fetish
_Lyonidias5801/16 8:06am
I got Xenogears
Garioshi1601/16 8:04am
So as it turns out, genetically, by definition, MTF is valid, FTM is not.
France2301/16 8:04am
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