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CNN contributor: "The world today needs a Hitler"
cuh3705.16.2021 6:02pm0 + 0
Who is the leader of Science?
armandro2405.16.2021 6:02pm0 + 0
Palestine supporters: Do you support Hamas?
Jeff AKA Snoopy7605.16.2021 6:02pm0 + 0
TIL Jackie Chan and Rush Hour essentially birthed the website Rotten Tomatoes
Jagr_68105.16.2021 6:02pm0 + 0
Watched a flat-earth documentary this afternoon.....
Scorsese2002505.16.2021 6:02pm0 + 0
THICC Power Ranger ... (Do not click if you are prone to boners)
DestroyerOfEvil1205.16.2021 6:02pm0 + 0
CDC says fully vaccinated people don't have to wear masks no more
Veggeta X14705.16.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
Facebook committee upholds Trump's ban from the platform
Eevee-Trainer605.16.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
actor, Rick Schroeder, harasses Costco employee over face masks
g0ldie1405.16.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
pentagon confirms leaked video showing transmedium ufo is authentic
eggcorn3105.16.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
cornman mad I ate his chicken again
TeaMilk1105.16.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
proof CE has no real answers
armandro1505.16.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
Israel bombs AP, BBC office in Gaza
Intro2Logic26905.16.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
What generations did you have all major consoles.
Scotty_Rogers1005.16.2021 6:01pm0 + 0
man why did y'all make me think invincible was gonna be good
The Trent3105.16.2021 6:00pm0 + 0
Will society collapse in your lifetime?
EnglishBullDoug1405.16.2021 5:59pm0 + 0
Wait.... is this real? "Do it for Denmark!"
known2FAIL1005.16.2021 5:59pm0 + 0
An X-Com TV show would be pretty cool
Zikten105.16.2021 5:58pm0 + 0
Guys, tell me what to draw.
Hambo the Hog13605.16.2021 5:58pm0 + 0
Why did Biden decide to raise gas prices?
UberEats1005.16.2021 5:58pm0 + 0
You enter your bathroom and see DIS hiding near da sink
V-E-G-Y-2105.16.2021 5:58pm0 + 0
Hot take: As a ''hero'', I think those 'Heroes work here' signs are pretentious
cjs282105.16.2021 5:57pm0 + 0
My mind is kind of blown right now and I need advice.
GregShmedley1105.16.2021 5:57pm0 + 0
Save That Elder (Round 98)
Kajagogo1305.16.2021 5:56pm0 + 0
Africans built the pyramids
DestroyerOfEvil1605.16.2021 5:56pm0 + 0
Follow the science!
DeroIin3905.16.2021 5:54pm0 + 0
The training montage: a trope I'll never get tired of in movies and shows.
saspa1805.16.2021 5:53pm0 + 0
she says ''Hey hideous, i bet you wish your lips were on my lips''
ssj3vegeta2105.16.2021 5:51pm0 + 0
Your honest thoughts on pretty people wanting masks to go away already?
ssj3vegeta305.16.2021 5:50pm0 + 0
Each year you got game systems
Scotty_Rogers505.16.2021 5:49pm0 + 0
Who's in the right: Israel or Palestine?
GeraldDarko1505.16.2021 5:49pm0 + 0
No wonder she cheated on him
V-E-G-Y-2705.16.2021 5:49pm0 + 0
Who's your least fave active CEgal?
ssj3vegeta_4105.16.2021 5:48pm0 + 0
im really not mentally ready to date again
No_U_L7205.16.2021 5:48pm0 + 0
Quandary on Signing month 2 month Lease in Advance
CobraGT105.16.2021 5:48pm0 + 0
why do americans pretend to be confused when they see a date like 29.10.
Choco5205.16.2021 5:48pm0 + 0
Karen will just say she's vaccinated.
Cotton_Eye_Joe2805.16.2021 5:48pm0 + 0
How do you find work in a new city?
Blo305.16.2021 5:47pm0 + 0
Would you sleep with her?
Christian RULES705.16.2021 5:47pm0 + 0
Man been watching the Mandalorian all day. Its good (spoilers)
UnfairRepresent705.16.2021 5:47pm0 + 0
CVS worker arrested for selling fake vaccination cards
Makeveli_lives1105.16.2021 5:46pm0 + 0
Do those plug-in WiFi extenders really work
littlebro07905.16.2021 5:46pm0 + 0
Bhad Bhabie calls out haters over her [redacted] success.
ZannoL1905.16.2021 5:45pm0 + 0
Hypothetical scenario about a bullied kid killing their bully at school.
Solar_Crimson105.16.2021 5:45pm0 + 0
it is pretty crazy how the internet has turned us into animals
Star_FAQs505.16.2021 5:44pm0 + 0
Are you going to continue wearing a mask?
ryudo5003605.16.2021 5:44pm0 + 0
The gym is the worst place to meet girls.
Cotton_Eye_Joe2505.16.2021 5:42pm0 + 0
Persona 5 Royal playthru topic *spoilers*
Alucard1888105.16.2021 5:41pm0 + 0
Who is scarier: Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, or Freddy Krueger?
Josiah_Is_Back105.16.2021 5:40pm0 + 0
I'm flirting with a married woman I met at the gym
DestroyerOfEvil3705.16.2021 5:40pm0 + 0
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