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Let's make some AI-generated stories :D

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I think the AI checked around CE for this follow up lol

A hungry pitbull is walking towards his food dish when he spots a lone toddler. The pitbull runs towards the baby and begins attacking him. The toddler breaks away and runs into the house, followed by the pitbull who chases him inside. The pitbull finds the toddler and begins mauling him. He tears his shirt and pants, and chews up the left side of his face. Meanwhile, a woman is coming home from work to find her four-year-old son standing with his left leg bent at the knee as if he had just stepped on a nail. He has two very serious puncture wounds, which are bleeding profusely. She goes into the room to see the childs mom sitting on the floor, trying to stop the bleeding from the punctures with her shirt.

When she gets close, the mother asks her what happened to the childs leg. The woman replies that she doesnt know, but that she came to check on the child after she got home from work.

Bun bun :3

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