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If you could have either Cha-Ching or Ba-Bling, but not both...
Lobomoon905.17.2017 8:29pm0 + 0
found another bill i couls possibly sell with a cool serial number
argonautweakend505.17.2017 8:28pm0 + 0
Been playing Dishonored 2 and been doing something that seems kinda OP
Ogurisama105.17.2017 8:12pm0 + 0
Best year in gaming from this list?
Slayer505.17.2017 8:11pm0 + 0
LMAO, Putin about to release Transcripts about Trumps Security Leaks
St_Kevin3105.17.2017 8:10pm0 + 0
have you ever read any archie comics?
NightMareBunny2305.17.2017 7:51pm0 + 0
I think I'm going to move out of Vegas to Reno, NV late this year.
MasterSword546905.17.2017 7:51pm0 + 0
my wifes aunt uses mayonnaise as dip for chips.
helIy1405.17.2017 7:50pm0 + 0
Damn my knee high sock cut into my calf while I was sleeping
Jen01253005.17.2017 7:44pm0 + 0
I need to pick a song for my dance with my mom at my wedding. Any suggestions?
GameCuber182305.17.2017 7:37pm0 + 0
Starbucks is actually... pretty genius
RedPixel1905.17.2017 7:34pm0 + 0
Look at you...you're a...YOURE A BLOODY PUPPET!
FrozenBananas205.17.2017 7:29pm0 + 0
The US constitution is literally the most out of date national constitution
Lokarin705.17.2017 7:16pm0 + 0
Do you usually trust car mechanics that you don't know well?
Smallville105.17.2017 7:05pm0 + 0
There is an onion farm like two blocks from my house
Mead1205.17.2017 6:47pm0 + 0
Do you like mayonnaise?
edededdy605.17.2017 6:45pm0 + 0
Tales of Symphonia vs. Tales of Vesperia: Regal Bryant vs. Patty Fleur.
Muffinz0rz505.17.2017 6:38pm0 + 0
i fuckin love that ozone smell before and after a really big storm
helIy505.17.2017 6:19pm0 + 0
ARMS Direct about to start
TheSlinja205.17.2017 6:19pm0 + 0
If a president is impeached, do they still get secret service for life?
Raw_Egg705.17.2017 6:07pm0 + 0
Tell me the funniest joke you know
ss4parrothair605.17.2017 5:59pm0 + 0
i have a $50 savings bond
helIy305.17.2017 5:55pm0 + 0
man, this hospital food is trash
helIy1105.17.2017 5:53pm0 + 0
Both my roommates went to bed and there's still clothes in the dryer
thecolorgreen905.17.2017 5:36pm0 + 0
Do AIs deserve human rights?
Metal_Gear_Link2105.17.2017 4:40pm0 + 0
Why don't we have a unique word for light Blue in English?
Metal_Gear_Link2605.17.2017 4:39pm0 + 0
My car committed suicide today.
Stupid Pirate Guy705.17.2017 4:33pm0 + 0
What do you guys make of this video? (UFO topic)
RedPixel205.17.2017 4:21pm0 + 0
Owlboy is the $13 tier for the newest Humble Bundle.
Dynalo905.17.2017 4:21pm0 + 0
Had the New Firework Oreos
ss4parrothair1005.17.2017 4:18pm0 + 0
How long does it take for your body you adjust to getting 4 hours of sleep?
Muscles1405.17.2017 4:14pm0 + 0
I'm Grateful for the star wars prequels for two reasons
NightMareBunny1005.17.2017 3:56pm0 + 0
Emmanuel Macron has both left and right wing people in his team
yourDaddie505.17.2017 3:49pm0 + 0
i am already riding the struggle bus on this cut
Jen012512305.17.2017 3:35pm0 + 0
Behold! Dumplestiltskin!
Raw_Egg205.17.2017 3:34pm0 + 0
It's crazy how much I miss my friends now that I've moved
PK_Spam1105.17.2017 3:33pm0 + 0
I bowled my best series ever tonight.
Zangrief1105.17.2017 3:31pm0 + 0
I'm bored, think of a number between 1-5 :)
Junpeiclover2405.17.2017 2:31pm0 + 0
okay star wars fans explain this to me...how does a society run by the sith work
NightMareBunny1105.17.2017 2:22pm0 + 0
Why are female game journalists much hotter on average than male ones?
yourDaddie1005.17.2017 2:22pm0 + 0
Netflix to produce Witcher tv series
Mead2405.17.2017 2:20pm0 + 0
CountessRolab1105.17.2017 1:57pm0 + 0
I'm playing Wildlands and hiding in an enemy armory.
SunWuKung4201005.17.2017 1:47pm0 + 0
I'm tired of being unemployed. This economy starting to treat men like demons
AC_Dragonfire5005.17.2017 1:14pm0 + 0
Oh God, you can make your own characters in the new Sonic game
MechaKirby3005.17.2017 12:42pm0 + 0
Gotta bring my car into the car fixing store today
Mead805.17.2017 12:22pm0 + 0
I watched Fantastic Beasts, that movie was BORING
Mead1105.17.2017 12:08pm0 + 0
What's the difference between family and an abusive relationship?
saspa1705.17.2017 11:39am0 + 0
In the history of theater...
Solid Sonic305.17.2017 11:36am0 + 0
Soooo I am thinking about seeing the new Black Butler movie in theaters (alone)
CountessRolab1205.17.2017 11:22am0 + 0
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