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I just bought Gears of War Ultimate Edition (Along with Killer Instinct) because it was on sale.
I played through a bit of the campaign. I seem to be having more fun with it than I did back then, probably because my TV/audio setup is much better than it was in 2006. Still all the grey in the level design and lack of enemy variety from what I remember though.
I have Gears 2 with all DLC as well.
@LeetCheet that achievement is back with Gears Ultimate. Maybe I'll go for it once I get XBL Gold. :P

DiScOrD tHe LuNaTiC posted...
TC, to each their own with what they consider fun, but you are legit the first person I've ever seen say they preferred PDZ to Gears.

I was a HUGE fan of the original Perfect Dark and PDZ was one of the three games I bought the day I got my 360 (the other two were Gears and Prey). I don't think I could have been any more disappointed in PDZ, it was just so meh.

I totally understand the disappointment for fans of the original Perfect Dark. At least Rare was still trying to be creative with it though. I want something that isn't just fighting in corridors all the time, game modes other than deathmatch, big maps. Perfect Dark Zero still had all of that. Back then people would say Timesplitters Future Perfect was better than PDZ (and it was) because it had even more of that stuff along with map editor on console. Gears wasn't even close to that level of variety and creativity though.

ultra magnus13 posted...
Judgment was super mediocre. The new overrun mode where one side could play as a variety of locust monsters to destroy cog bases was very cool though.

I'm starting to think based on the posts about Judgment, and my opinions, that I may actually like this one the best, lol.
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