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DuranOfForcena posted...
true, and i myself have said that the MAGA cult will not outlive its leader. it probably wouldn't come to a full-on civil war, but you can be damn sure that there would be a sizeable amount of MAGA cultists who would try for it, and would commit acts of political violence and domestic terrorism more dire than we have yet seen.
yeah it would definitely get worse before it stopped. the better trump losing scenario is trump losing in the election rather than losing because he was assassinated.
DuranOfForcena posted...
MAGA cultists have been screeching for years about how there will be a civil war if they don't get their way. you really think if their glorious orange god-emperor actually bit the bullet, none of them would put their money where their mouth is? it would never happen, right?

just like how Trump actually getting elected would never happen, right?

just like how a sitting president trying to incite a violent overthrow of the government instead of peacefully transferring power after he loses reelection would never happen, right?

just like how Roe vs. Wade being overturned would never happen, right?

just like how the SCOTUS passing a ruling that basically gives the President the powers of a monarch would never happen, right?

wake the fuck up.
i appreciate the idea of taking these people seriously. but in a general sense when a movement loses it's leader, the movement suffers, right? there'd be some acting out for sure, but i don't know if they could accomplish anything large scale without other political leaders stepping in. and from what i've seen there aren't other leaders that have captured these nutcases like trump has.
it's the right move. just hope jb shows support for kg, which i'm sure he will even if we don't see it. and jb didn't look phased in the video so it leads me to believe they talked it over and agreed to it.
DrizztLink posted...
Damn, she gotta Talk Tuah lawyer.
republicans. if i could thanos snap one or the other into having good opinions it would definitely be republicans.
Kitt posted...
StealThisSheen posted...
I like Like a Dragon's reasoning that Ichiban basically just got an actual job in between games and got lazy and rusty due to becoming a salaryman that could help people outside of fighting.
you don't even really need a justification with the ichiban games. he kind of larps when he fights (he's imagining the people he fights are video game enemies), so you can just say he started another video game in his head or something.
idk if he can pass doom for me, but if someone calls him the goat i wouldn't protest it. his catalog can be put next to anyone's.
going hard on the final shape so that i can get back to a point where i just need to do weeklies and stuff. beat salvation's edge which had one of the most confusing video game things ive ever had to do. it's great.
instead of dooming, vote and encourage people to do so.
you know who's more insufferable? the right.
there are things about it that i like more than any other besthesda game but it lacks what's best about them. the wandering playground.
awesome show. definitely gonna rewatch.
do you think cider should be banned from ce

no hornsby's posting lol
ads on demonetized videos too.
totally. show is fun.
DuranOfForcena posted...
sounds like you've just never had a really good breakfast burrito
i live in cali so i doubt it, but it's more my feelings on the egg/sausage/bacon combo. it's good but i don't even want that when i'm in a burrito mood. like almost never. sounds boring when i think of getting a burrito.
breakfast burritos are good but are kind of basic in flavor compared to a really good standard burrito imo. and i pretty much only crave a breakfast burrito during breakfast. i'll crave a burrito lunch or dinner.

burrito reigns supreme.
not normal needle situations. needles to the eye or face or any other crazy spot i'd probably be scared though.
nah i have to filter it. tap water here tastes nasty.

Kai_Laguna posted...
If it's good enough to bathe in, it's good enough to drink.
do you eat lotion and soap too?
Hexenherz posted...
Same, but substitute Legion with bad guy and Fallout NV with any game
bad guy mass effect is basically good guy but an asshole about it
ItsNotA2Mer posted...
Real shit take there, kid. Might as well say Muhammad Ali can't be the GOAT because he lost to Trevor Berbick.
it's more that lebron quit, not lost. and when you're debating the goat, shouldn't you be nitpicky about this stuff? it's the time when you should be splitting hairs in my opinion.
my wife has watched it twice and some of my friends are starting to get into it. seems really good from what i've heard. i can't place why i'm not interested in watching though. urge just isn't there. maybe it will be someday.
NoxObscuras posted...
We already knew that though. Like that guy who made a song with Ben Shapiro
tom mcdonald. worst rapper i've ever heard.
you tryna make it more popular or something? why remind us?
pepsi solely because of gatorade.
alternate between soundbar, pc speakers, and headset.
closest i've gotten to buying a gift for somebody i just met is after dating my wife for a month. got her a 100 dollar gift for her birthday.
chrono trigger. 20 years off and on.
9, tactics, 11. my favorite depends on the day. all goats.
obviously, just make more consoles. and if they want to try to get places to have a one per person policy, i'm cool with that. idk if i want them targeting scalpers, as much as i hate them.
when i got in the first time it was just a normal wait
all 5 of my siblings are half siblings.
8bitdo ultimate is almost perfect. almost perfect for 50 bucks isn't a bad deal. if it had switch's exact form factor and flatter face buttons like playstation, i'd never need another pc controller. integrates seamlessly, turns off and on with no issue (xbox and dual sense gave me issues), good battery. could be improved with feel, but i have no real complaints aside from that.
illegal to not have a place to live. best country in the world.
fuck kanye west
bugs for sure
using all the tools is the regular mode of the game. that's why they're in there. not using stuff in the game is a self imposed hard mode.

also that thing people like to say about how people can beat the game no hit with a ddr pad are players that play the game as a job/career.
bowie did some statutory rape didn't he?
wonder what kind of person you gotta be and the prep it takes to have all these bad jokes/memes at the ready
ff7 rebirth most recently. i could beat it in one more session but i just don't care anymore.
bro what the fuck
MAR10_KarT posted...
Yes because girls look good when they wear socks!
i got a thing for thigh high socks myself. if you got a good partner, just let them know.
is wearing socks at home a topic worth discussing?
never catch me - flying lotus
new millenium cyanide christ - meshuggah
loyalty ft rihanna - kendrick lamar
the dream - thee oh sees
sunday's slave - nick cave and the bad seeds
dancing_cactuar posted...
I mean he basically said that right here yet the complaints didn't stop, so evidently not.
what he said leaves the door open imo
SwayM posted...
Change your entire design philosophy because people I know dont like it.
my first post itt is me wanting miyazaki to straight up tell people he doesn't want to do it. maybe i'm living in an idealized world with this, but from would wipe their hands clean of this discussion if they just said some form of "we're not going to do it, we don't want to, so stop asking." after that it's entirely on the easy mode askers and you wouldn't have to entertain those conversations anymore.
Solar_Crimson posted...
Imagine a FromSoft Shin Megami Tensei game.
maybe down the line after they had multiple turn based rpgs under their belt. but if this were to happen for his first (?) turn based rpg i'd massively disappointed. we already have smt. make your own thing.
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